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  1. The new struts come with different locking nuts than the OEM ones. I didn't realize this at first and need to change one of them to the nut that came with the struts. I have an OEM on one side and an Eibach one on the other. No issues so far.
  2. I love my 17 Silverado and since I'm working from home and not driving it much, I want to put a nice fitted cover on it. Looking for recommendations. Good price, easy to put on, stays on when windy, keeps the UV rays from destroying the paint, etc. Don't really want to spend 700 bucks but will consider it. Thanks.
  3. So are you thinking the factory headlights are possibly what we have here and they are not very good in light output? I have an 01 Silverado and the lenses are yellow but even they are better than this 02 denali and those lenses are clear. Thanks for your help. I am not against custom but if used OEM Denali style is good I will look for a set on ebay. But if we have stock OEM with clear lenses, new bulbs, and they are this bad, I am open to custom or Silverado style.
  4. My daughter's pickup headlights are terrible in terms of light output. She never complained but I testdrove it at night for the first time after replacing the brakes and I decided this is stupid. Then she tells me the tail lights are full of water. So this leads me to believe the previous owner put some aftermarket junk on the truck. Is there a good recommendation for an all corner replacement of the assemblies? This truck being a Denali, I just figured they look different than my other similar year Chevy's and GMC because of the Denali options. I did a search on gm parts direct and the
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