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  1. 2014 i've owned since 2015. finally getting it the way i want
  2. not all today but over the last 3 months. 2'' MotoFab front & rear leveling kit Tyger Bull bar 12'' Rough country led bar GMC AT 4 18'' rims 275/65 18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers Diablo canned tune
  3. my truck currently has 20s on it. Because I plan on keeping it was just going to make a change. doing a lot of looking and research seeing what everybody else is kind of running? I just leveled it and put new shocks and struts all around. Was thinking with a slightly more aggressive look? biggest concern I have with getting the more aggressive tires is road noise.
  4. need opinions on which tire to get next. which is better overall tire in 275 65 18 Nitto Ridge Grappler Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac i do basically zero offroad. interested in ride noise tread longevity and winter driving conditions. thank you for help
  5. ok. thank you. lot cheaper than buying new rims
  6. yes please. would like to compare cost of that to getting new ones.
  7. yes. unfortunately. goes to N.Wisconsin in winter frequenting pulling sleds. was really hoping for a fix. new rims are expensive.
  8. 2014 Silverado with polished 20'' rims. all 4 rims are starting to do this. is there any fix or is just because of were i live? makes mad i wash the truck weekly in the winter months. and the truck sits in a heated garage
  9. l just purchased new KYB SR4547 front strut assembly's and KYB 55505 rear shocks. did lots of research. everything i found pointed to these? i plan on adding 2'' motofab front leveling blocks. got KYB's from Rock Auto. by far best price i could find.
  10. with your tune did you notice how much of a difference it made while pulling your camper? i understand i makes normal drivability better I’m looking for better performance while pulling also. Another question if you don’t mind, did you get a custom tune from Lew or just using the programmer?
  11. first sorry i put post it in wrong category. had it installed local place Top coverage Elgin Il
  12. here is my latest mod to my 2014 Silverado dc. I don't understand why GM couldn't do this from the factory?
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