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  1. Know someone else with a phone you could try the app on? If you can log into account on computer is has to be an issue with the phone/app combo (something on the phone is corrupt). I have had to wipe/reinstall everything on my iPhone a couple of times for issues like this. Make sure you have a good back up before wiping the phone if you decide to try that. Also look at anything installed on the phone recently. Another app could be causing some conflict with the GMC app. Jay
  2. Can you log into your On Star/My GMC account on a computer? The answer may help lead to the problem. Jay
  3. Is this for the factory Nav? If so you will likely find the disk write protected. Just slide the switch to remove the write protect. Jay
  4. Cutoff for which ones got the new fluid is based on the VIN (should be around March 1st). Dealers should have that info.
  5. Sort of there is an 8L45 and an 8L90 but the Silverado as only had the 8L90. When was your truck built? Starting in March they had the new fluid from the factory and that may be why it doesn't apply. Jay
  6. It's the 8 speed transmissions that are getting new fluid to deal with a shutter issue, not the 6 speed. Hopefully yours is fixed. Jay
  7. Have you tried the new Andriod auto? It's a big improvement. Also the new Apple car play in ios 13 is much better than the old version. I have both an iPhone X and a Galaxy S10E and I like the iPhone/Apple car play better. Open the Android Auto app on your phone. Tap the three line menu icon in the top left corner. Tap Settings. Tap Try the new Android Auto to toggle it on.
  8. There are owners of the Colorado/Canyon with the 8 speed that have reported the harsh 1 to 2 shift was fixed with the Blue label MobilOne trans fluid specified in the two TSBs (one TSB for the T1s and one for everything else). Jay
  9. There is an updated fluid for the 8 speed. Seems that the original fluid was absorbing moisture and causing shuttering and some shifting issues. Being a 19 the production date would tell which fluid it had from the factory (I think they switched in March). Here is the TSB -> TSB 18-NA-355. It was updated in July to eliminate the need for testing. Jay
  10. If you want to tow tandem, no way I would do that with any 1500 (brakes). You should be able to stop whatever you are towing going down hill with only the truck brakes (if trailer brakes fail). 2500/3500s are also a lot more stable towing. While a light 5th wheel may seem within the tow limits you will likely exceed the weight carrying capacity of the 1500 due to pin weight. With a 5th wheel you will have around 20% to 25% of the trailer weight on the 5th wheel hitch. You will also need a 6.5' bed to safely tow a 5th wheel. I have popped the rear window out of a truck backing a 5th wheel and it's loud and a mess (thought I could get away without using the slide on the hitch). I just went from a 2500 High Country Diesel to a 1500 Denali because we sold our 5th wheel. You can actually get a better deal on a 3500 SRW that a 2500 with the same trim level. Jay
  11. Normal. It's the A/C pulling moisture out of the air. Jay
  12. The tpms sensor read absolute pressure and the guage reads pressure above atmospheric. Since it looks like you are in Colorado elevation will make it read lower than actual pressure (the higher in elevation the lower the atmospheric pressure). The sensors are inside the tire so no way for them to know outside air pressure. I live at 7000' so mine are off also. Jay
  13. Regens are shorter in duration than my LML was. Mine goes into regen between 650 & 800 miles (I have an Edge CTS2 to tell me). This is about the same as my LML was. If you don't have something to tell you it's in regen it's very hard to tell except the hot exhaust. Like others have said this is Gov/EPA mandated crap that all diesels have and have had since the 2007 LMM. Jay
  14. I have one and it works on my 2017. Jay
  15. It works on my 2017 High Country so yours should work also. Do they fold from the button on the door? When you say upgraded did your truck come with the tow mirrors? If you added the tow mirrors did you change the harness in the doors? It may also require a programing update to work. My 2015 didn't require a programing update but things may have changed for 2017. Jay
  16. Depending on the year of the truck, the app for your phone will still work without an active Onstar account. It 3 to 5 years I think. Jay
  17. Anything is possible. The mounting it is probably the easiest part. You would either need a stand alone controllers/wiring for the engine and transmission or all the wiring/ecm/tcm including the dash (and maybe the BCM) from a donor truck. I have seen a duramax/allison in a late 90s pickup and Suburban. Probably not cheap. The duramax pickups do not have a body lift, they are the same as the gas 2500/3500 trucks. It actually might be cheaper to mount the Suburban body on a Duramax pickup frame (if the wheelbase is right). Jay
  18. The DEF fill has always been under the hood on GM 2500/3500 diesel pickups. Jay
  19. The only time I feel any vibration is on concrete parts of I25 between Denver and Colorado Springs. When I cross from concrete to blacktop it goes away. On the same stretch of road in my car or my wifes Touareg I feel like I'm on a smooth road. Jay
  20. Concrete or Blacktop? Concrete roads can be real bad if the expansion joints are uneven in a 3/4 or 1 ton truck. Jay
  21. I popped the rear window out of a 2004 2500HD because I didn't use the slider hitch I had when backing the trailer up. The 5th wheel has an extended pin box. The price of the slider is cheap compared to the cost of repairing your truck. Jay
  22. The 2500HD and 3500 have not had auto 4wd since at least 2001. The Light duty 2500 & 1500HD did have it. The auto 4wd is a 1/2 ton transfer case and wouldn't stand up very well.
  23. Nope, at this point only the 8 speed in the 1500 is a jointly developed transmission. The 6 speed in the trucks is not. I have seen rumors that the 6 liter 6 speed will be replaced with the 10 speed in the in the 2500/3500 trucks in the next redesign along with a new gas engine.
  24. InvertedAerials, on 01 Mar 2017 - 4:42 PM, said: Agrnmtnboy, on 04 Mar 2017 - 12:10 PM, said: GM & Ford have jointly developed 6 speed, 8 speed & 10 speed autos. Here is an article on the 10 speed. http://www.autonews.com/article/20160426/OEM01/160429878/ford-to-invest-$1.4-billion-to-build-10-speed-transmissions-for-2017
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