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  1. You can remove the assembly or cut the vanes but the servo module has to stay connected to the can bus so the ECU "thinks" that they are opening and shutting. There are no limit switches on the vanes, the motor goes to its full limits in either direction. If it does not see a current overload it "thinks" the vanes are completely closed or open. You really are not going to pick up much air flow but if you want to remove them it is not going to hurt anything. I have not found anyone that can program GM or Chrysler new ECU / ECM's to write this routine out of the code. Obviously, this will void you warranty is that matters.
  2. I changes mine out when the truck had about 2500 miles, it now has 25K miles on it and I still love them. They are a stiffer than the Ranchos that came with it but worth it on and off road. I have never liked Rancho shocks, way to mushy and fade quickly. Well worth the money to upgrade if you plan on keeping the truck. I use Bilstein and Fox on all of my trucks and Jeeps but if money grew on a tree, I would buy Kings. Way out of my budget.
  3. Actually, the DEF is more harmful to people then rich diesel trucks. Folks that want to save the environment need to shut down countries like China and India not a few guys that modify their vehicles. The USA has ridiculously strict emission standards compared to most of the world and guess where all of that emissions equipment comes from, CHINA!!! Very sad that we are caught in a myth of saving the planet by choking one sector of the pollution will letting other like airlines off free of ever passing any emissions.
  4. I saw approximately 2 MPG loss on the highway with the 6.2L DFM turned off, no change in the city. I think it is all how aggressive that you drive.
  5. Mine is a bit stiffer with the Billsteins than the stock Rancho's but I thought the Rancho's were way to sloppy.
  6. You may have to update your make SD card if your have not yet. It is in the center console between the 2 USB ports.
  7. Ford but buy the extended warrantee. The turbos are not lasting even in their diesels. I had two RAM's and they are not built well. Ram has the nicest looking interior, but it will not look like that in a year, not good quality at all.
  8. Come on guys, give him a break. There are no instructions on this site where to put your comments or start a new thread until one of you whinny little girls spout off. GM has known about this lifter and cam issues since the 1970's and not done much to fix it. When you take a new vehicle to the dealer you expect them as the so called "experts" to fix it in a timely manner. I know many folks that the dealer only changed the bad lifter. For the cost of lifters verses the cost of labor why would anyone only change one lifter. Now with the government made supply chain issues, who knows when you will get parts or your vehicle back. I worked for GM and still drive primarily GM vehicles but like all manufacturers cost overrides quality. Ford and Ram are no better or worse. I would not even comment on this but this is a known problem that has not been fixed and it needs to or maybe there needs to be a class action law suit?
  9. Sadly when you are in tow mode that is about all you will see for MPG. I have the same truck with the 6.2L and it does not pull real well. It drives great when unloaded and I have seen 20MPG on the highway but to pull my cars I use my trusty old 2016 2500 with the old school 6L. I do not know if you like the looks of the new Chevy HD trucks, I do not. I do like the GMC HD trucks and my plan is to purchase a new one if production ever get caught up.
  10. I know other folks will tell you not to waste your money but I installed a JLT catch can and it does collect more oil than my other vehicles. All direct injection (or boosted) engines should have a catch can, so that oil doesn't not go back into your engine. A catch can is much cheaper than new injectors and other issues that burning oil can cause. I use Amsoil in all of my vehicles. I do not know who makes GM's oil but I have more faith in Amsoil and Mobil 1 oil for lubrication.
  11. Thank you for the detailed description and pics. That headliner looks like a real pain in the backside to drop.
  12. I think if you ask 10 people you will get 10 different answers. Mine was as you described. I have always liked Bilstein shocks and changed the Ranchos out for Bilsteins with about 5K miles on them. It made a huge difference in ride quality as well as swaying in the turns. I also added a front a rear Hellwig sway bars and am super happy with the ride as well as the handling. Money well spent.
  13. You can pull the OEM emblem off without removing the grille. I did it to put the black bowtie on. The GMC is held on like the Chevy with clips from the front. If you have an interior removal set get under it from the bottom with a clean cloth between you plastic tool and the grille so you do not scratch it. As you slide the tool to release the clip from the grille gently pull out and it comes off in like 10 seconds. With your LED install you will have to fish the wires thru to tie into a running lamp power. You can remove the grille, it is not hard but for me the entire switch took less than a minute. Now you have to add time to run you wires. Here is a youtube clip of a guy pulling his from the front on a 2021 GMC Truck Badge Removal: 2021 GMC Truck logo swap from front grill - YouTube
  14. The dealer told me that you can program 3 key FOBs to our trucks but bring the other 2 and $100.00. They let me pick which one I want to be 1, 2 and 3 but the preset interior controls will only respond to 1 and 2. 3 still works but no interior presets respond to it.
  15. GM would squish any numbers out there. I know 3 people that had lifter or cam failures but GM would not state that it was due to cylinder deactivation. I saw about a 1 maybe 2 MPG drop with it off on the freeway, no difference at all in the city. I think the start stop is more aggravating then the cylinder shut down.
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