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  1. That looks great. Did it come painted or did the body shop paint it. Can you please post the part number, thanks.
  2. Give onstar a call, it should be working as soon as it is activated. Their help folks are good and I have never been sent offshore to someone you that can not understand.
  3. Congratulations that is my favorite color for these trucks. Good luck with it.
  4. I thought the same thing with mine for the first few weeks, but now I like it. The steering is much tighter than my last truck. I haven't messed with the different modes to see if sport is worse or better, but it seams all of the electric assist power steering system are real sensitive.
  5. I agree, check engine, or any doors open everything has to be OK before it allows remote starts.
  6. They are supposed to start production of the American version of the truck this month. I knew a few guys at FCA that strongly admitted that truck is junk due to where it is built. https://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2018/jan/18/donald-trump/trump-said-chrysler-leaving-mexico-it-isnt/
  7. I agree - it is a great transmissions. It was a joint venture with Ford and is basically the same trans in many GM cars. Smooth shifts and never hunts for a gear.
  8. The frame and drivetrain is the same Jim. Where I saw a huge difference is flush and gap for body parts and interior trim. Anything done in GA that is operator dependent. Their paint is not as good as north America simply from lack of maintenance. Whereever the bed lands it is tightened, no alignment. They don't care. Another thing I noticed is you never know if the employee or his wife or his brother will be on the line. They look away. They just need a body in that spot. None of the GM engineers from Michigan want to be there and from what I saw they don't want us down there either. Other car companies that have plants down there make their experienced engineers live there for the life of the program. FCA finally brought their HD trucks back to Michigan due to terrible quality in Mexico. But, the labor rate is low so GM makes way more on a truck made in Mexico compared to here. China is the same way. Companies eat up to 50% scrap because it is so cheap to make parts there but the failures are huge. GM is happy to hear folks do not see a difference or care where they are built. If upper management had their way, nothing would be made here, our labor rates are high compared to many other countries BUT, they will never buy a car or truck.
  9. Watch the Fort Wayne or Flint, then watch those 2 that you posted. No I could not find them, no I am not a UAW member, no I do not live on this site, no I did not like Mexico and yes I am extremely bias toward American made vehicles. They have been putting food on my table for over 30 years. I am far from a troll but do enjoy a good debate. That plant is by far inferior to the other 3 that build T1XX vehicles. Maybe I am just much more critical than folks that see no difference OR smarter??? I love it...
  10. Got a link to that clip dead horse. The only YouTube plant videos that I found are in Flint and Fort Wayne. I spent a month down there for the K2XX launch and hated it. I love all of the experts that never worked in the automotive business or spent a day in a plant. If you don't notice a quality difference that is great, it is your money. I most definitely will not buy one made in Mexico. I do love to stir the pot, want to talk about politics next?
  11. Not as much as Fort Wayne, Flint and Arlington (SUV's). People are cheaper than machines. Unfortunately Mexico is much like China in that respect. There is no OSHA so safety for workers is not a concern at all.
  12. II am on the opposite side with this conversation. I worked for GM and have owned many. I think you have to see the Silao plant vs Fort Wayne and Flint before stating they are all the same. Silao does not use all of the same components as north America. Many suppliers are local to that plant due to logistics and just in time inventory, so the tolerances and materials are not exactly the same. Some of the components like the powertrain and suspension are the same but interior, some body panels and paint are definitely inferior. Any assembly process that is automated up here is manual down there. Much more room for error especially in that plant. I would not buy a truck from Mexico due to quality issues as well as the fact that I am loyal to the UAW / American made products. With that said the vehicles that came out of OSHWA Canada were extremely high quality but GM stopped production up there because the CAW labor rate is higher than the UAW and Mexico. If GM had their way they would make all of them in China and ship them here. You earned your money, you have the right to spend it anyway you want, but until you go to Silao and watch how they build trucks, I will disagree that the quality is the same. I want to support the USA workers. My last 4 trucks were made in Fort Wayne.
  13. Hello Jerry, Richard is absolutely correct, there are no OEM sensors that show that the vehicles is being lifted to steal something or put on a flat bed. Worse it goes not have glass break or motion detection inside. Around here they break a window, climb in and take what they want. OEM radio / NAV systems are still a hot commodity. The McGard locks are just to keep the novice thieves away, any of the big theft rings have master keys and take them off as fast as any other lug nut. Sad that we have to worry about stuff like this but if you have a good alarm company or a high end mobile audio company in your area, they can add to the existing system. I have several vehicles that motion and glass break were installed to the OEM security system. It has been around $250.00 here in Michigan. I have not done it to my new truck yet, but I will. Paul
  14. Call me old and/or a pessimistic, if it was an option, I would opt out of any cylinder deactivation and definitely opt out of stop start. Even at best if you see 3 or 4 MPG increase any fuel savings will be eaten up in repairs down the road. I will not purchase a vehicle that does not have a stop start defeat button. In all reality if a person buys a ½ ton truck and wants good gas mileage they really should be looking at the 3L diesel. And if gas mileage is a priority possibly another vehicle than a truck. This is not about making the consumer happy, it is about making GM’s fleet average up meet the upcoming CAFÉ standards. So every 1/10 of an MPG counts more to them then us.
  15. The new SUV's will have an independent rear suspension set up. I am not convinced that it is the way to go for the pickup trucks. Does anyone currently make a pickup with rear independent suspension? https://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/12/chevrolet-silverado-gmc-sierra-may-get-new-independent-rear-suspension/
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