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  1. Mine did the same thing when accelerating and the whistle would go away when I let off the gas. It was the flapper valve in the exhaust. I wired it open and the noise went away and hasn't came back.
  2. Have you tried asking the parts counter at your local dealer? They should be able to get you them. Good luck!
  3. I would not do that. You are asking for trouble using those as an anchor point for a winch.
  4. You have to play around with your phone settings. It took me forgetting my phone and repairing it multiple times to get it right and to work. I honestly couldnt tell you exactly what I did just kept messing with stuff. I've had to re do it twice when my phone did updates, very frustrating.
  5. I looked into mine today and found that it is easily accessible to clean out a spray some fluid film in to protect the fender. All you have to do is open the door. Lol I was spraying the fluid film through the drain hole underneath and that's when I noticed it was open from the back side.
  6. I got a similar letter from bank of america and like you I have an excellent credit score in the high 700's. There reason was because although high I had limited credit.
  7. Mine whistled everytime I accelerated. I wired the exhaust flapper in front of the muffler to the open position just for the heck of it and the whistle completely disappeared. I had originally thought it was a squeaky belt as well.
  8. I wired the flapper open on my 19 5.3l single exhaust and there is no drone. Actually I cant even tell a difference in sound at all. Reason I wired it open was because it was causing the exhaust to whistle, now it doesnt whistle. I havent done anything with the screens.
  9. Yes, I've notice that it is fairly quiet as well. Never really considered it a problem though just chocked it up to crappy hearing. My dads 2016 3500 is the same way.
  10. I keep my p320 carry iwb at 3 oclock. Doesnt seem to get in the way of anything.
  11. My 19 elevation is a double cab and like I mentioned above I have them on all 4 doors.
  12. I didn't notice any difference after I got a mx4 tonneau, but I mostly drive backroads so maybe highway it may be a little different.
  13. I appreciate the help, I got the splash guards in today and mocked them up. I just didnt like how they bulged out, think I will be returning them. I may look into the weathertechs a little more.
  14. Truck looks good! I know what you mean about a black truck only looking that clean for a couple days. It's a battle keeping my black 86 k10 dust free and it lives Inside all the time. Lol I appreciate all the pictures from you guys. I think I'm gonna mock up the gm ones when they come in and see how i like them and decide from there. Thanks
  15. Have you tried turning on the cargo lamps when backing up at night in an area with no surrounding light? I know what you mean about the image being distorted and bright. I have found that turning the cargo lamps on helps to clear up the image a little bit in areas with no surrounding light.
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