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  1. Whats the inspection consist of? Just a quick visual between the seats to see if the seat belt is bolted to the seat or is it more extensive than that?
  2. I think I used .045 or 1/16". I recommend using stainless so it doesn't rust. If you have a welding supply store near by just stop in and ask for a piece of .045 or 1/16 stainless filler metal.
  3. Fennel coating seems to be the only thing the works around here (PA). I use the quart cans and an undercoating gun. http://ducarle.com/ I use fluid film for the inside of the frame rails and body panels with the wand kits. The fluid film will usually just get washed off the outside of frame where as the fennel coating sticks like glue. I touch up yearly although with the fennel there's not much to touch up usually.
  4. I looked at those door protectors but I don't think they will work with my double cab. Windows 17" wide and the door protector is 22"
  5. Yes they can walk around freely, and it has worked out great. When you need the cover off for people you can just unhook it from the headrests and fold everything under the seat. I have another picture showing how it attached to the bottom of the seat frame but the file size is too large. If you dm me your email I can send that to you as well.
  6. Your dealers parts department should be able to get you the paint code for it as well as the touch up paint.
  7. Might as well post the tsb in this thread as well. It is quite an improvement.
  8. I use and really like the 4knines hammock seat cover. Instead of having the hammock part attach to the front seats I tuck it under and clip it to the bottom of the seat so that can still fold the seat up when needed. Doing that makes it much easier to vaccum out the dog hair weekly and also keeps the dog hair from sticking to carpet under the seat. I've had it for a year and so far is holding up great. For the front seats i use the carhart seat covers. https://4knines.com/collections/the-best-pet-car-seat-covers-around/products/dog-seat-cover-rear-bench-seat-for-cars-trucks-and-suvs
  9. Nice trucks, I still have my 86 k10 and its funny when I switch back and forth from the 19sierra. Hit 3rd gear in the k10 and wonder why it stopped shifting. Lol sorry for the distant picture. Only one I could find that fit the file size limit.
  10. Yes, I posted in this thread about the service bulletin and how it fixed mine before and after pictures are in there as well. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/221210-rear-camera-too-bright/page/3/#comments
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