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  1. From my understanding and from watching this video it appears that its purpose is to quiet idle noise. I cant tell a difference in noise with it open or closed. If it has another function than I would be interested to know.
  2. Those of you that added the 2" gm lift to your elevation how does it ride compared to stock? I keep thinking about adding the 2" lift but I like how smooth the truck rides stock.
  3. Guess we are the only ones who noticed it. Lol after having it wired open for almost a week the only difference I can tell is that it doesnt whistle anymore. Doesnt seem to do anything else.
  4. Does anybody else notice a whistling noise coming from they're exhaust? Since the warmer weather I've been driving with the windows down and started noticing it everytime I accelerate. Very noticeable when something is along side the truck. I have the 5.3L with single side exit exhaust. I wired the flapper before the muffler open and the whistle completely disappeared. Only difference I notice with the flapper open is that the whistle is no longer there. Just curious if there's a problem with the flapper on my truck or if they all do it. Thank you.
  5. Got the call that the sensor came in today. I drop it off next Wednesday.
  6. That is very possible, at least it isn't a problem for me now that winter is over. And with the covid-19 issue who knows when things will get back to normal. I'm interested to see if that will fix your issue though, hopefully it does!!!! Please report back. Lol
  7. Yup that's the sensor I've been waiting on. Lol
  8. Good for you, sucks for me though mine are still supposedly on national backorder. Lol do you know which sensors they are? Maybe you are getting different sensors replaced.
  9. Good luck, hopefully the sensors come in as that would mean they are no longer on national backorder. As for dealing with them just be persistent but stay polite, they are a pain in the a**. There go to seems to be just call it a software anomaly Lol.
  10. Mine is the same code. They tried the reprogramming but that didnt work for mine either. They said it's the sensor now but it's been on national backorder since beginning of February.
  11. I think its for the backup camera. Also probably why the backup camera is so dang bright in the dark. Lol
  12. I'm starting to wonder with the gm plants shutting down for now if the sensor for mine will ever come in. Lol
  13. The paint on mine was peeling off as well. They came with the truck so are covered under the bumper to bumper warranty. The dealer said GM will replace them once. They appear to be powder coated over bare aluminum so I fully expect the replacements to do the same thing. I just figured when the new set gets bad than I will either paint them or send them out to be properly powder coated next time i have something getting that color.
  14. Have you had any issues since they replaced your tccm?
  15. That's odd, I'm still able to play amazon music as well as get notifications. Do you have contact and message access turned on? Call and audio access automatically turn on when my phone connects to the truck. Also check your android auto settings. Even though my phone wasnt plugged into android auto the app would sense I was in the truck and and put everything into silent mode. I will attach screenshots of my bluetooth settings as well as android auto settings.
  16. I had this same issue with my galaxy s9. I stopped at the dealer and there tech guy told me to forget and than re pair my phone to my truck. I also went into my phone settings and forgot the truck too. During setup my phone asks me to allow certain things or deny certain things. I just played around with those and now after doing that I get my text message notification alert through the speakers without having to be plugged into android auto. I can hit the speaker button on the steering wheel and ask it to read new text message and it will. And than it asks me if I want to reply which I can by just saying what I want and it will than ask if I want to send it. I hope it works for you as I remember it being extremely frustrating.
  17. I love the 5.3/8 speed combination in my 19 sierra elevation 7/19 build date 3900 miles. Very smooth and responsive, can hardly feel it shifting and has plenty of power. Much better combination than the 5.3l/4 speed combo in my 2001 Tahoe I came from. I definitely dont regret this combination! Sure I would have sprung for the 6.2l/10 speed in a higher trim level if I could have afforded it, but I got a good deal on this 19 at the end of the year. If I want more power that's what the 383 stroker in my 86 k10 is for although this 19 may give it a run for its money.
  18. I really like the one from GM. About 1/4" thick. Would definitely reccomend
  19. The gm off road steps where on my truck when I bought them. I like them, but not too impressed at the paint chipping off at only 3800 miles and 5 months old. Stone chips I could understand but not chunks missing. Will be talking to the dealer about if this is covered under warranty.
  20. I would prefer that they hot dip galvanized the frames. Only cost 40 cents per pound and with the volume an auto maker would do would most likely bring the price down to 10 - 15 cents per pound. But we all know that wont happen. Cant sell new trucks if the frames never rot out. Lol
  21. Dealer is going to replace the transfer case range position sensor. Said part is on National backorder right now.
  22. You would think. They've gotten the same code 4 times. Now they tell me that it is always a history code not an active code and that they cant do anything unless it's an active code. So At first I'm told they cant do anything unless there's a code. Now that there is a code I'm told it's the wrong kind of code. Seems they are trying all they can to get me to just live with it. That's not gonna happen.
  23. Starting to lose my patience with this dealer. Was told they cannot duplicate the issue so far (dropped truck off last thursday night with the service light on). Was told that if you shift the transfer case in park than it will throw that light everytime as the transfer case is not supposed to be shifted with the truck in park. I'm calling bs on that. And even if that was the case than they should be able to get an active code fairly easily than. The light has come on when driving as well as when switching out of auto when I pulled into the garage. Was also told that they need the loaner back as it has been sold. When I asked what there plan is now for the truck I was told that since they dont have another loaner available that they will let me keep it for one more day and they will try to duplicate again tomorrow.
  24. Mine is currently at the dealership and they are trying to figure out why this is happening. Dropped it off Thursday night. Will update when I have more information.
  25. Good luck hopefully that fixes yours ( although mines still driveable). They did the realern on mine last week and it still is showing up after.
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