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  1. I averaged 36 and some change for 25 miles going 55 thru Tennessee. BFG All terrains and the AT4 lift on my 5.3 X31 SLT.
  2. I pulled my Duellers off at 8500 miles and upgraded to BFG KO2s. Moved up to 34” tires while I was at it. I’ve got an SLT with the AT4 lift. They’re quiet and good in the snow too.
  3. I live in SC but the pic was taken at Nubble Lighthouse in Maine. I’ve had the truck since May and it’s already taken me thru over 30 states.
  4. Nothing in the seat storage, but under the seat in the factory box....lies an AR15 pistol ?
  5. That’s what I was looking at, I was wondering how you attach the door part since we don’t have an overhead grab handle. Mine are on the pillar
  6. I’ve tried searching and couldn’t find anything, what are you guys doing as far as seat covers for dogs and such to ride? My dog loves to ride but I’m a bit hesitant to throw her in my SLT and end up with scratched up interior and leather. I’ve seen some on Amazon that would pretty much cover everything in the back seat, but I wanted to hear your opinions. Thanks!
  7. I don’t know, but I’ve put almost 18k on my 2020 since the beginning of June. That includes a trip cross country and also all the way up to Maine though lol
  8. I have it on my 2020 Sierra SLT. Rides same as oem. If I could go back, I’d have just done a larger aftermarket lift for the same cost. 2” isn’t very noticeable.
  9. Sometimes mine will go off for the weird sized concrete barriers used for construction
  10. So that’s same ride height as a 6” lift for a regular Sierra right? I’ve got an SLT with the AT4 lift installed but I wanted to go bigger so I’m assuming this is the kit I need.
  11. Honestly man, I’ve got an X31 SLT and I went with the AT4 lift. If I could go back, I’d do the rough country 6” for the same cost. It’s not that big a difference honestly.
  12. I’ve got 275/65R20 K02’s on my Sierra with no rubbing. I’m running the AT4 lift though. Your 2” level should have same effect though as far as tire fitment
  13. It took them 2 days to do the factory lift on my SLT. Same story, first time they’d ever done it. Still only charged me for what was quoted though.
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