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  1. So that’s same ride height as a 6” lift for a regular Sierra right? I’ve got an SLT with the AT4 lift installed but I wanted to go bigger so I’m assuming this is the kit I need.
  2. Honestly man, I’ve got an X31 SLT and I went with the AT4 lift. If I could go back, I’d do the rough country 6” for the same cost. It’s not that big a difference honestly.
  3. I’ve got 275/65R20 K02’s on my Sierra with no rubbing. I’m running the AT4 lift though. Your 2” level should have same effect though as far as tire fitment
  4. It took them 2 days to do the factory lift on my SLT. Same story, first time they’d ever done it. Still only charged me for what was quoted though.
  5. I’d buy those immediately. Just the wheels are worth way more.
  6. I have a 2020 SLT with the AT4 lift. I threw on a set of K02s 275/65R20 today and it’s got plenty of clearance. I think if I do the 1” level on top I could squeeze 35s on.
  7. I haven’t noticed any difference, ride quality wise since adding the factory lift to my 2020 SLT. It’s obviously not a big lift, just big enough for my bad knee to notice when climbing in. That being said, if I could go back, I’d have went with a 4 or 6” aftermarket lift for less money. I had about 1700 tied up in the factory lift.
  8. Where’d ya buy it? I bought my truck from Williams in Charlotte. Great experience. Got sales price down to 46k and some change from a sticker of 59k. Specs exactly like yours. After GAP and an extended bumper to bumper for another 800, I was a little under 50k out the door with fees and taxes....but it also came with a lifetime powertrain warranty.
  9. I’ve got a 2020 SLT. I just noticed today that when I start the truck, I get an AT4 logo flashing on the instrument cluster. Flashes twice then it goes to the regular menu. I’ve never noticed this before so I think it just started. Any ideas?
  10. Mine had a sticker price of 59k and the sales price ended up being a little over 46k before I was done. Mine is a premium plus, no sunroof and 5.3. I don’t think that deal sounds all that hot.....but if it’s what you want and supply is limited so it may be your only option.
  11. My 2020 Sierra SLT has the buttons on the rear doors.
  12. I had the dealer install on my 2020 SLT. It’s same as on AT4 and Trailboss so look at those if you wanna get an idea of what it looks like. Right now the parts are 20% off from gmc’s website, pretty good savings on a 1295 buck part. I’m still running the factory 33’s, looks fine.
  13. Sweet! Looks like I'm only gonna be on the hook for the 15 a month to remote start from the app. It's worth it to me for when I get off work in the mornings.
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