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  1. I feel the same way I only have mine on for the winter to help keep the slop off my truck. They are probably riveted on I will take a look tommorow.
  2. Searched and did not find a topic about the Red Hot trucks so who ever has one post it up.
  3. I feel your pain on the windshield I hit a rock with mine on the way home from the dealership replaced at 81 miles.
  4. I think they are a decent shock for the price. Now is the Z71 package a rival for the raptor or Zr2? No I don't think so because they are not really a apples to apples comparison. I think the attention should be on the factory tires as they are not what I expected when I think of the "Z71" package as they should be a bit more all terrain focused. I have about 500 miles of dirt and washboard roads on my 2020 (1700 miles total) and I think they are what I expected and that is average. Would the decision be made based upon the shocks on my truck? Nope I still like the truck very much as it is very good on paved roads and decent off road just like what I use it for. Now my 81 k10 I had before was built for much tougher and harsher roads but came at a price of on road manners. Now I will say when the truck needs tires I will be buying some bilstein or fox shocks and a leveling kit.
  5. Did some light offroading found a couple of 30 degree inclines according to the gauge on my truck did ok tires are garbage in the mud though but that is to be expected. Also got the windows tinted and my cb in my truck. Me and my old mans 18 Jeep JK Rubicon Recon with a 3.5" lift 37's really trick jeep and a proper 2 door to boot.
  6. Is that a 100xr? Overall how happy are you with the shell? I have always had snugtop shells and they do not sell them around here so I am looking at Leer.
  7. I priced out a Leer 100xr with a fold down solid front window, led lights and carpet for the liner out the door installed is 2287$ is this about right? I also got a quote for the bedrug which is another 450$. 6-8 weeks for delivery due to covid... Toppers look pretty good not as good as the previous generation but they're growing on me. I will be ordering a Leer 100xr and bedrug kit sometime in the spring. Anyone have a double cab with a shell they can post?
  8. Went duck and pheasant hunting this weekend as well as some trout fishing. Duck hunting yielded no ducks but I got a awesome pheasant I am going to mount this one. Fishing was great as well. I put about 200 miles on my truck this weekend bringing it up to 600. I only drive 1 mile to work and 1 mile home so I put very little mileage on my vehicles. I cant wait for a cap to go on my truck as I fish a lot and like the covered dry storage for fishing and hunting needs. Got my limit of 6 trout this was after about 30 minutes good size and lunch for a while for me.
  9. The truck was at the point of needing some more work than I was willing to do at this point in my life. I have a 67 GMC that needs more attention and I do not have a need for two 4x4 trucks so I was offered a lot of money for it so I took it.
  10. Hello, I am new to this forum and I thought I would take the time to share my new ride a 2020 Silverado Double Cab LT Z71 5.3 8 speed in Red Hot. I recently sold my beloved 1981 Chevrolet K10 Scottsdale that I completely redid in the 12 years that I had it. Now my 81 K10 was my daily driver for years and I put a ton of miles on it in the time I had it. So after I sold my 81 k10, I looked at a new silverado and a new RAM half ton trucks. Decided on the silverado and now here I am. There are some things I liked better about my old truck but the new truck is much better in most ways (as it should be). Things I liked better about my old truck: 4x4 capability: now I know the truck was lifted with 35" tires and had lockers in the front and rear axle. For hard offroad use the solid axle with leaf springs holds up to much better punishment but with most of my off road driving is now done on forestry roads or washboard roads so the independent front suspension is a better fit for me now. old school technology: manual locking hubs, manual transfer case shifter, simple 3 speed automatic, carburetor, mechanical fuel pump, manual windows, manual locks just to name a few makes for less repairs in the long run we will see how the new truck goes. Paid for: Lets face it car payments suck. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my new truck it is quiet, refined, gets good gas mileage, tons of power 17mpg so far compared to 7-10 mpg for my old k10. I guess the old truck quirks are what makes them cool and I might catch some controversy over this but my 81 and my 2020 are not really a apples to apples comparison since they are so much different. Overall glad I bought my new truck and I will always miss my 81 hopefully this new one treats me just as well. Here are some pictures I have more miles on snow and dirt than pavement at this point so it is quite dirty at the moment safe to say this is not a mall crawler. My old k10: Future plans for my 2020 include camper shell and carpet kit, install cb radio, install holster for my pistol and tint the windows and drive it. Maybe later on install a leveling kit with a little bigger of a tire.
  11. I picked up my 2020 on November 2nd so far I really like it. Have more miles on snowy dirt roads than pavement at this point. I really like my double cab I do not need the full four door cab I am single with no kids its just me and my dog. I am a old school truck guy but decided to buy a new one and I am glad I did. I came from a 1981 Chevrolet K10 Scottsdale that I drove for 12 years so the difference is crazy.
  12. Hello this is my first post here. I bought this 2020 Silverado Double Cab LT Z71 5.3 8 speed in Red Hot on 11-2-2020. My last truck was an 1981 Chevrolet K10 that I drove for 12 years. Here is my old k10
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