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  1. Invest in Weathertech floor mats and seat protectors. The first few snippy cups will have you wondering how you got along without them. Clean up quickly and last a long time. My kids are now grown but I used them at the time in a new Odyssey. My wife’s still driving it ten years later and the seats and floors look great.
  2. Yeah I used to believe transmissions that were sealed were lifetime till I had to service one at 50K miles from slipping. Was an eye opener. Any tow rig that isn’t changing the fluid every 40K miles can expect to see an early life fail IMHO. Even if you keep the trans temp under 200F fluids still wear out. Fluid is a whole lot less costly than a rebuild. BTW I consider 300K miles or under an early life fail!
  3. Regular 0w-20 is everywhere but Dexos-D 0W-20 for the Diesel is only at certain dealers. The Diesel version oil produces less byproducts that can damage the emissions or so were told.
  4. Doesn’t hurt to call and ask your local dealer. If your a Costco member they run specials. Saved me $1000.
  5. The system has to build a database for the music it finds. If this is the first time it may take some time. I get them on an ancient iPod but I have not tried a usb stick yet. Does have to be recognized by Gracenotes to work is my understanding.
  6. For those who are replacing the diaphragms in your lawn gear, Walbro does offer an alternative but it’s a bit pricey over the standard rubber parts. https://www.walbro.com/spiraldiaphragm/
  7. Yeah I’ve got that first service free but question if I really want to use them. GM engineers knew something when they called out that oil. Now if they come back and say these alternative oils can be used then I’d be OK with that. They have to stand behind the warranty after all. BTW - perhaps they put in a 120PSI oil pressure gauge knowing bubba was going to put on 15W-40 diesel oil? I’m lucky to get 60PSI at high RPM. With a thick oil I’m guessing your close to 100 PSI!
  8. Beg to differ. Some models are made to last and even with stabilizer in the fuel the ethanol will still destroy the rubber long term. Been there tried it and same results but yes it did hold off the destruction about 6 months.
  9. Lol[emoji16] I don’t have a dog in this one and agree it’s up to individuals to make their own decisions
  10. If cost is really an issue you can take a large gallon glass jar of regular ethanol gas and toss in a couple cups of water. Mix it up really well. Now let it sit overnight. The alcohol is hydroscopic and will be attracted and bind with the water. You will see the water at the bottom of the jar after it settles out. Now take a syphon tube and syphon out the water on the bottom leaving the pure gas. No more ethanol! Now you can mix in your 2 cycle oil and be good to go. Many of my fellow 2cycle addicts do this when they can’t find ethanol free fuels.
  11. I run lots of 2 cycle race engines in RC model boats. Ethanol fuel will kill your carb in as little as 30 days. You might get lucky with a couple years but it will get the rubber flap valves and diaphragm’s of common Walbro or Zara carbs. I’ve been running 100 low lead aviation fuel with Quicksilver oil. The ratio I run in the marine race motors is 8 ounces to a gallon. Those see sustained 18,0000 RPM. In my lawn gear I reduce the oil to 4 ounces a gallon. I’ve got both an edger, trimmer, and blower pushing 15 years with carb changes at the 10 year mark. If you want long life and low maintenance use the can fuel or if you use a lot try the 100LL.
  12. Mud puddles? Are they a foot deep and filled year round? I think I would fill those puddles up real fast with something to eliminate the puddles. Unless you don’t give a [email protected]@@ about the truck and your trying to destroy it I don’t buy this.
  13. Yes sir. My dealer threw in $500 for a military discount even though I’m not a veteran. I was wearing my Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) T-Shirt. I rebuilt a 1955 M38A1 Jeep last year with my son!
  14. Texas. It’s got a special edition with the leather, bed liner, ac in bed and interior, under seat storage, mud flaps and probably a few other items. Got roughly $12K knocked off original price. Believe someone special ordered and backed out of deal. Dealer wanted to move it. Gunn Chevrolet north of SanAntonio.
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