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  1. Is the holder broken or the wiring harness damaged? Sensor clean? Had bugs once splatter on sensor and caused it to malfunction. Cleaned and it came back. Inspect the terminals carefully and make sure nothing is touching the center piezo section.
  2. I’d try to get the OEM part and not a Dorman. If it does not have the exact mounting holes and such it may not install correctly.
  3. I’ve got a set like this on my 2000. 35s and it made it a new truck! Agree a good deal.
  4. Likely a fool not oiling the gasket prior to application. Never install them dry. Never had one leak in 30 years doing it properly.
  5. Will have to check that out. I know of a dealer not far from me. Amsoil is always good stuff. Problem is the truck sits 90% of the time with working from home! Just not putting the miles on it.
  6. I don’t think the 2020 versions allow for WiFi CarPlay so consider yourself lucky! I bet the issue is your phone is connected to Verizon when you hop into the truck. Does it find and connect to the WiFi OK? I’d fully expect if the phone is on the internal WiFi it should connect. The only gotcha is if you plugged in the phone to charge. I believe CarPlay will always default to a cable connection. See if there are any CarPlay options to select order of connectivity.
  7. While some builders may have skimped nearly every home I’ve been in in the last 30 years down here have insulated walls and ceilings. Yes they do stupid things like run water pipes in outer walls and in attics. I’ve got a water heater in my attic (yeah dumbest idea I’ve ever seen) that was part of the original plan. All the pipes are insulated and I had no problems, but my heat didn’t go out! BTW nice and warm this week.
  8. No leaks here in my 2020 but I’m looking closely at the spoiler mounting holes and the inadequately sealed mounting holes. I’m surprised GM allowed holes at all. The biggest eye opener has been GMs reluctance to properly address this design flaw.
  9. Agree this is a great upgrade that’s easy to install. Or if your up to some soldering you can wire it in without the Putco harness.
  10. Anyone find an aftermarket cup holder to supplant the fold down center seat option? The cup holder barely fits a kid drink yet alone a decent sized cup of coffee. Wish I had the center console as this center seat is nearly worthless. If anyone runs across anything that goes between that seat and the dash let me know. I’d be very interested. I could always install the full console but trying to avoid that if I can. Love the truck but inadequate space for larger drinks for sure.
  11. 500 is the lowest. Your doing about 750.
  12. Here is my dirty 2020 Silverado! And the front portion of the rear
  13. I doubt it can maintain even running at such a low RPM. May be your tach. I’d get it checked out.
  14. 2000 with the 5.3L. And 239K miles. Ticks on cold start due to a lifter but it goes away within 30 seconds. When or if it blows I’ll put a 5.3 back in and run it till the wheels fall off.
  15. If your vehicle has been garaged and not subject to lots of warm/cold swings the oil can go longer than a year. Their just trying to keep condensation from diluting the oil.
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