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  1. Man so where do I start. I needed four tires for my 32 ft camper and two new tires for my 2006 GMC Sierra 2500 HD LBZ. I dropped off my equipment at a Local Tire Shop. I dropped the truck and trailer off attached. When I returned the next day I was happy that I got a great deal on some LT tires. Truck was in the same spot like nothing moved, but it had 6 new tires on it. Awesome. The wife realized the L shape pin that holds the sway bar of the Camper in place was exactly in the same position she left it at obviously not on right. . So that was one indication that they did not detach my trailer from my truck. Okay no problem. Got on the wife for putting it on backwards in the first place. She flicked me off and told me trust the process. LOL!! As I was making my first right hand turn on the highway i felt my trailer swaying bad, so first thought was oh ****** these idiots put my tire pressure at 55 in the rear when it is suppose to be 80 when you tow. Well got home went to the nearest gas station and checked tire pressure everything was all good. Drove the truck with out the camper and noticed it was my truck that felt that way it had nothing to do with the load of a 32ft with three slide outs, to do with the issue. I called the shop back they drove it and they did acknowledge the problem. I dropped off truck and was told the changed my tires to a more stiff wall tire. Sure no problem took it for a test drive it still felt the same just a lil better but it also felt that my truck was pulling right more this time. I asked the owner to drive it, I dont know what he did but the truck drove fine with him, its hard to feel the sway because I was not doing the steering. I think he was driving with his knee, Well okay took the guys word on it, left for a 9 hour drive up mountains to the blue ridge, lets say i thought i was driving off the mountain at times had to correct my steering every sweeping turn, rear end still felt like it wanted to steer along with me. Felt like my 03 GMC Sierra 4WS. called the guy back and we talked.... come to find out he never detached my truck from the camper and jacked my ****** up to change the Tires on my truck on the rear tires. He is telling me that he has done this for 30yrs and that jacking my truck up with a camper attached will not do harm to the truck.....as well as vice versa jacking the camper with truck attached............. Let me get some feed back please has any one run into this issue before? Is it normal to jack a truck up with a 32ft camper attached to it. Now remember the camper was also jacked up with my truck attached. Thoughts comments would be appreciated.
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