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  1. AK_grown hats off to you my friend!!! You saved my tail big time! THANK YOU. I disconnected the half circle, and connect the yellows after ripping the joints off. Only thing left is the red cable that does god knows what. But all that matters is she fired up like a beast, and is ready to rumble. What a relief man, ive taken it to 3 mechanics and spoken to four more, nobody knows a damn thing these days! I included a picture of the clump of the wad of wires i disconnected ... anything else you notice that might be off, i reckon i should properly connect the yellow wires w something better than the electrical tape soon, and figure out where the red goes, i just took the fuse off it. ANyways, thanks again man, im happy as can be.
  2. Oh man thank you, ive been trying to figure out what that half circle is . So heres a better picture of where all the wires lead to and what connects to the half circle. The yellow and brown wires coming from the half citcle connect to themselves. The red wire that connects to the fuse leads to a big bundle of wires above the break pedal, the black wire grounds to the metal, the grey wire connects to the relay, and the white wire connects to the double pronged connector on the relay. So that explains for all the wires connected to the relay except for the 2 brown wires, so is it those two wires i should remove so that those yellows can be connected. Also I dont have any remote devices.
  3. THanks for your reply jnissen! So heres a better pic of where the wires lead too. Do you think I should disconnect the brown wires from the yellow, and connect the yellow to each other. My battery is new, also should I unplug the pos batt terminal if I do that? Also the bottom pic shows a junction of wires, the brown and the yellow just connect to each other, the gray goes into the relay, the white goes into the relay, the red meets a 10ampfuse joining it to the other red wire thats sitting on the brake release and it goes to a big bundle of wires traveling over where the brake pedal is. and then the black just goes to this trailer hitch device i dont use. So it is seems like 3 or 4 of the wires goin into that junction are useless and no need to attach to relay. This I think confirms what your saying about someone adding all this crap, so maybe i can do away with it all, and recconect the yellow wires?
  4. So my truck has been having issues turning over, and when I get it turned over you can hear the relay under the steering column clicking making an awful clicking and grinding sound , I could feel it clicking when i put my fingers on the relay and when I banged on the center part of the steering wheel it would start rattling worse. So I swapped out the relay and drove it around for a day with no sign of that awful sound but by the end of the day it didn't wanna turnover again. So I got the relay out and inspected where each of the wires was goin, it seems that two wires are headed to this part in pic C and E that looks a bit corroded on one end, so next step would obviously be replacing that except for I am not familar with what this part is, but perhaps I should buy some of these wires(that are reachable) and replace them too. So if any of you gentlemen could be so kind as to help me identify these parts i'd certainly be grateful. Thanks I've included pics of the relay and each place the wires end up. I'll go over each pic again here so hopefully something catches one of your eyes 1st pic my finger is on the brown wire that leads to the yellow joint to yellow wire that leads to the back of the fuse box 2nd pic my finger is on the other brown wire that leads to the yellow joing to white wire that leads to bottom of steering wheel 3rd pic is the junction ive mentioned with the corrosion on the far right end as you can see between the black and white parts 4th pic reveals the 3 white wires on each side of the relay, the white wire on the left leads to the corroded juntion; 1 white wire on the right is the 2nd white wire that is plugged into the corroded junction and the other wire from that plug on the relay leads to the yellow joiner at the top of the pic that forms a T when met with the top red wire that leads under the steering and to the fuse. 5th pic is the corroded junction 6th pic is the relay THANKS guys
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