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  1. Can anyone help give some advise if I wanted to add the multi pro satin steel metallic to my elevation
  2. The problem with taking them to get painted is that the oem ones are textured. The painted flares are smooth. I have satin steel and gm doesn't offer that color on the flares. They only offer the white, red, black and dark sky metallic. So I had to buy primer ones and pay for a paint. Almost double the cost. But imo it helps the look tremendously
  3. Incase in the future you decide the bass is a little too strong like I did you can swap out the 2 front dash speakers to help. I added audio frog 2.5 upfront and it helped with the clarity a ton. I did not amplify them just ran them off of the factory bose amp.
  4. Can someone confirm or deny if the UCA are the same between the gm 2" lift that is on the TB or AT4 and the standard UCA that would be on a LT or Elevation etc.. I think it would be helpful for some of the guys that would like the gm 2" lift and the guys who swap out that lift for a larger lift when it comes selling these parts. Thanks guys
  5. I could be wrong but 1 advantage you do get with Bose is the processing. time alignment etc. like someone mentioned before, if your only using fm or xm then you wont tell because the incoming signal sucks. I purposely looked for a bose system and swapped my dash speakers, rear doors, and added 1 amp ( to power my 10" sub) and a sub. sounds clear and can get loud if need be. its definitely not rattling doors but you can feel it.
  6. I thought I'd throw this out there since I looked alot prior to matching my satin steel metallic fender flares and found nothing.
  7. anyone with the stage 1 experience. My elevation needs the oem 2" lift and for the price of the oem kit i was looking at Icon vs Bilstein. I was told Bilstein is great but a little harsh. considering it will never off road just a daily driver
  8. boost just came out with kit with super easy install. i think it was 130$ looks awesome
  9. I believe your right. and since i have not seen a metallic steel with matching fender flares i guess mine will stand out. hopefully it helps "fill" in that gap in the front wheel well.
  10. Hey guys, has anyone been able to color match their fender flares. i cant seem to find any pics much less oem fender flares in satin silver. I've seen them in white, red, even dark sky metallic but nothing in silver satin. if anyone has pics please share.
  11. What tire size are on those 22"? Any modifications to not rub?. I assume its leveled. Nice set up. Any more pics?
  12. i think so. i am looking for some that are already gloss back. I find that the oem finish holds up better. i had my last sierra for 12 years and plan to have this just as long. so something that last is high on my list
  13. got it. i am looking at acquiring some of the snowflake 22. i currently have the black ones you are looking for. GL
  14. any pics from the side of your truck. i am really interested in the 22" wheel

    1. mafd2


      I'll post a pic on the thread.  Please comment or like the post.  Thank you, Chris

  15. another question for those more knowledgeable. do you need a data plan to use wireless car play? i can connect via bluetooth
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