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  1. Tubes work, but the key is in how you cut them and where you place them as the leaf springs not only move up/down, but side to side as well. This movement could push them out, but when they stay in it fully cuts out the clunking noise.
  2. https://www.coloradofans.com/threads/leaf-spring-slap.409855/ and And it seems to be all models of Chevy/GMC trucks from small to large engines/suspension.
  3. The problem is, the grease collects dirt and the problem comes back. Had the dealer do it a few times. Seems like if they improved the rubber pads, problem may be solved. Take note, cover the screwdriver or pry bar with a shop rag to reduce leaf damage.
  4. Hopefully they can for you, but like me and many others, so far and for years there is no GM fix. At least there isn’t a TSB that is public. I asked again on my rig this week and the answer is still....nothing. Some people are going after market, some do what I have done (20 minutes of your time), others have dealers clean and lube and others have their leaf springs replaced. The first two seem to resolve the issue and the the latter two seem to always result in the noise coming back. But don’t let that stop you. I want a fix from GM as well.
  5. Sounds like leaf spring slap. The sound likely travels the frame making it seems like a weird sound for leaf springs. I placed a piece of dirt motorcycle tubing between the leaf springs and the noise went away. pics previously posted.
  6. Rickety rackety camera mount noise didn’t help. Clean and superlube your leaf springs, all of it and between leaf springs. Show me how you mounted that Gopro.
  7. My stock bottoms rubbers are round like that first pic, and the others are square as in your pics. If the leaf spring replacements are the same and the rubber is actually different, that’s just stupid for them to replace all of it and not just the rubber spacer. My truck didn’t make noise until after 5k. I think yours will be noisy again, but you can tell us if I am wrong.
  8. Post your receipt write up from the tech so we can see what they did and codes.
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