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  1. Get you a rubber vacuum cap or something similar to cover the end of the Fumoto valve and nothing will drain out if the valve gets hit. You can also tighten it to where the handle is up out of the way so nothing can hit it. I've got a section of tygon tubing I slip over the end of the valve and drop into my drain pan when I pull into the garage when it's time to change oil. Open the valve and walk in the house. Come back out the next morning and I know I have drained the oil while it was hot, no splashes, no mess and easy as can be.
  2. Your transmission will have much lower temperatures. I took my truck on 300 mile round trip last Thursday to pick up a rear axle for my DD. 150 miles ups the interstate running 70-75 MPH. Temp never got above 145.
  3. I backed into my parking spot at work on cold and rainy morning. I could see a small cloud of steam coming from the front of my truck. I walked around front and could smell the antifreeze. I was still just inside my warranty and they replaced mine. It might have been by the TSB mentioned above. It's been several years back now.
  4. Look on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Or you could put a wanted ad and probably get a set cheaper. I sold my heated, power mirrors for $50 last summer.
  5. Why would it make me mad? I have never had a vehicle that provides a MPG readout to be correct. Get an app and keep up with it. You can see in my sig what my lifetime MPG is with my truck.
  6. Congrats on getting to the top. You are braver than I would be.
  7. Crud. Did the oil pressure just go away? How many miles on the truck? My 2014 is right at 117k.
  8. When you got no resistance reading, you got 0 ohms. That is good. It should be 0. Now, do a voltage drop test on the positive and negative cables. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/245910-how-to-strange-electrical-issues-with-14-18-sierrayukon-do-this-test-first/
  9. Should easily go past 3500 RPM. It should easily rev to redline in drive. If it's still ONLY 3500 RPM, something is still amiss.
  10. Eli, give this thread a look. Try measuring the voltage drop across your negative battery cable. Also, give a look to the positive cable. Hopefully this will shed some light for you.
  11. Go to the junkyard and find you one that does not have the wire wrapped on the mast. Cut it down to your preferred height and put a small vacuum cap on it to finish it. I did this to my 02 Z06 years ago. I cut mine down to 6 inch height. Did not affect the radio reception in that car. The radio reception is so poor in these trucks to begin with, I don't know if you would know the difference.
  12. Continue to enjoy not having payments on a truck!! I'm still hoping for at least a few more years out of it. I'm at 113k miles.
  13. Sounds like the throttle body is not getting the signal to open to 100% from the actual throttle in the cab. Is there a procedure to get these two in sync. Is there a way to see if the pedal is demanding 100%? We know the throttle body is only opening 38%. To me, something is out of sync. Maybe when you cleaned the throttle body they got out of sync.
  14. If I were close to them, I would use them. He seems to be very knowledgeable.
  15. Just hypothesizing, maybe the slid the upper hose into place and didn't get the clamp tightened/released in the correct place letting coolant seep while driving. Once shut down, the heat soak, temperature rise from no coolant flowing built pressure in the system and blew the upper hose off. I think you are safe. I would check the look of my oil and if it looks fine, let it be. If it doesn't pass the eye test, change it for comfort.
  16. Glad to hear that helped clear the light. The brake fluid does not go away unless you have a leak somewhere. The main reason fluid level goes down is brake pad wear. You might wan to give the brake pads a peek and see how they look or you could wait on the tell tale to hit the disc and make noise.
  17. My 2014 radiator developed a leak. I had bought an extended 100k mile warranty when I bought the truck. They replaced the radiator. My thoughts were like you, to replace it myself if they had not covered it. The stock radiator was on back order also and this has been probably 3 years ago. I just told them to put an aftermarket in the truck and I would take it from there. So far it has been good and no more issues with the radiator.
  18. The first and easiest thing to check would be the brake fluid. After that I would start looking at checking and cleaning grounds.
  19. Let us know if this is the fix for your issue. I hope it is.
  20. I bought the ones pictured at Rockauto. I feel pretty confident they are legit. However, it was said, that you can feel pretty darn confident that the plugs that come from the dealer or one of the local big box parts places are also legit. You could also ask the dealer if they could match Autozone price of $8.99. It can't hurt.
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