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  1. Top pic is the old setup Falken wildpeak m/t's 305/55/20 rims were DWG 20x12 -44 offset slight trimming was done to clear these wheels Second pic is the new setup Milestar Patagonia 35x12.5x18 on some Raceline wheels 18x9 -12 offset wheels and tires clear no rubbing Truck has a RC 3.5" knuckle lift kit
  2. Thanks for the help, im looking at the 4.10s do you have these gears or anyone else running them? im on 35's now and I think 4.10s with the 8spd will do well.
  3. So I walked into my local offroad shop to pick up some things and while I was there I asked about re-gearing the front and rear of the truck and a e-locker installed and I asked for 4,10s so he looks it all up and lets me know there no front locker available. I wasn't surprised but what did surprise me was that my 2018 CC std bed z71 with the 6.2 only has a option up to 3.73's He then says its because the rear end in my particular truck has different axle than the 5.3 trucks. Has anyone found gears for this axle? Thanks in advance and sorry for the newb question
  4. I did no trimming to make these fit, maybe its what I did to clear the old setup with the 12 wides
  5. Got a new wheel and tire setup so new pic new wheel is 18x9 and tires are 35x12.5
  6. Yea I went down in wheel size and up in tire size
  7. So I just checked my vin and it says secondary fuel is E85 can my truck run E85? I thought the 6.2 cannot
  8. Hey all this is what im looking for #14 https://www.mygmwholesaleparts.com/p/GMC__Sierra-1500/Powertrain-Skid-Plate/54021485/22847943.html?partner=googlebase_adwords&kwd=&origin=pla&partnerDevice=c&userLocation=9031905 LOWER.bmp
  9. not that front piece its the one that goes underneath the truck
  10. Hey all I am looking for the OEM skid plate that goes from the front bumer to the front cross member. Mine was beat and I want to replace it with an OEM one for now just to hold me off until I get a bigger lift kit and better skid plate. Im located in CA
  11. Ive got the stock running boards but I want to change them to the retractable RBP power steps
  12. you make me think about this bracket kit again. I was leaning more towards the fabtech 6in lift since it keeps the stock track width so they say
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