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  1. Ive got 33's (305/55/20) with a 3.5in lift and I had to make clearance. 35's might be and issue
  2. The paint doesn't bother me as I have a lot of access to fix things like that. I do however get a lot of wheel hop with these bigger wheels and tires, its either full wheel spin when I hit it or I get a fair amount of wheel hop. I was looking at the BDS one but I haven't heard anyone running those either yet. One of my biggest concerns is that when im out on the trail the bars would keep the axle where it should be if im up against some rocks or what not. Like you I have the 6.2 with a Corsa exhaust and AFE intake and tuned on a hypertech for now
  3. Let me know what you think of them when you get it, build quality and strength types of things and a pic of them once installed please! Thanks I will look into that, its not out of my skill level
  4. So Ive been looking at the rough country traction bars to help keep the axle where it should be. My question is who has these or other brands? Right now just looking at RC or BDS
  5. So Ive got 2 numbers for you and that's as follows.. 3M 8463 Felixible Foam 3M 8458 Pillar Foam (Rigid) adds strength to pillar
  6. Nice lights, ive got the squadron pros with the flood/spot combo and they are bright!
  7. Ill see what I find on the chart at work tomorrow
  8. I know what you mean but at the time the hypertech was a deal and I knew I was going to change out the tuner at some point and I still want to add a procharger so a tune would definitely be needed
  9. I feel that I accomplished the same but a few dollars cheaper... Corsa Exhaust $1000 on sale AFE Intake $380 HyperTech tuner $300 I did feel a really good difference with all these parts installed. Dealer says warranty is still good also.
  10. It measure 41in to the top of the wheel wells.
  11. Ive got the Corsa sport exhaust and its made the truck exactly how i wanted it. Loud when i get in it and quite when im rolling down the highway
  12. I did a fair amount but i took my time and im happy with it and i put some undercoating on it now since i cut the liner but its been perfect since i did it and ill snap a few pics for you tomorrow
  13. I will let you and everyone else know since im sure ill post up here. I had taken these pics on our last trip to bowman lake
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