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  1. Ive got the stock running boards but I want to change them to the retractable RBP power steps
  2. you make me think about this bracket kit again. I was leaning more towards the fabtech 6in lift since it keeps the stock track width so they say
  3. Here are a few pics of the OEM damaged part and the new fabtech uni-ball a-arm. Rides nice no complaints. These seem way stronger and make me feel better about going out on trails again. I rather have this closer to home rather when we go to moab in February.
  4. Not these but I have the N2 version and they are alright but im going to try and save my pennies to get some coilovers
  5. So no surprise the dealer doesn't want warranty the truck because the a arms are bent. I then asked him if they wernt bent then you could warranty this? He said yes. Why the hell do I need warranty on a part that's not broken. I already ordered some new fabtech upper control arms and hopefully I will be installing these this weekend.
  6. Ok so the dealer took the truck in today and it will get looked at tomorrow and the service manager says once they get it on a lift he will take pictures of it all and let me know. As of right now he doesn't know if its covered yet but doesn't think that it shouldn't so that's a good thing. The upper a-arm in question is a OEM part and its the stamped steel upper. The lift kit is the 3.5" knuckle lift. I am debating on changing my whole setup next year, maybe going with a fabtech 6in or go way out of my budget and get a BDS 6in with coilovers and rear leaf springs. Then down sizing again from the 20's to a 18in rim with 35's
  7. So this weekend we went out on some trails again and on the way home I had a ball joint come loose from the upper a-arm and it bent the upper a-arm. Im gonna call the dealer to see if they will warranty the truck since its only a year old. The truck is a 2018 LTZ z71 with a RC 3.5in lift and 20x12's with 33s heres a clip showing how bad it is https://youtu.be/GN4T4xFgA20
  8. Your tires don't stick out that bad, I have a -44 offset so my wheels stick out a bit but I think I will be going with flares with the fake bolts
  9. I think someone on the forum has 305's on stock wheels but had a lift kit. I think you should be able to clear it
  10. Ive got 33's (305/55/20) with a 3.5in lift and I had to make clearance. 35's might be and issue
  11. The paint doesn't bother me as I have a lot of access to fix things like that. I do however get a lot of wheel hop with these bigger wheels and tires, its either full wheel spin when I hit it or I get a fair amount of wheel hop. I was looking at the BDS one but I haven't heard anyone running those either yet. One of my biggest concerns is that when im out on the trail the bars would keep the axle where it should be if im up against some rocks or what not. Like you I have the 6.2 with a Corsa exhaust and AFE intake and tuned on a hypertech for now
  12. Let me know what you think of them when you get it, build quality and strength types of things and a pic of them once installed please! Thanks I will look into that, its not out of my skill level
  13. So Ive been looking at the rough country traction bars to help keep the axle where it should be. My question is who has these or other brands? Right now just looking at RC or BDS
  14. So Ive got 2 numbers for you and that's as follows.. 3M 8463 Felixible Foam 3M 8458 Pillar Foam (Rigid) adds strength to pillar
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