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  1. I currently have a 33 in the stock location but im going try and fit a 35 but a 37 will go in the bed of the truck
  2. Its prolly due to theft, maybe a break in and things stolen. If you can wait just keep looking if it feels wrong to you but i would ask what the claim was for
  3. Well thats why im done with warranties, they want to take my money but dont want to fix anything
  4. Everytime I try to get warranty work it gets denied. Like for instance the when the ball joint failed in the upper A-arm they did not to warranty it because I took my z71 offroad so they cant warranty it.
  5. Thanks for the info and I have the tools and I'll just have to do it next weekend.
  6. I've been running Mobil1 since the free changes from the dealer stopped and I usually use k&n, mobil1, or fram filter. I am thinking of trying the Kirkland brand oil on my next change.
  7. Do you take the whole assembly or did you take off the block and do it under the truck and put it back on? And it you took it completely out did alot of fluid leak out?
  8. Yes I haven't done anything to the transmission thermostat. I am regearing soon to 4:10 gears If I do upgrade to a larger cooler I would want additional fans on the cooler.
  9. Hey all just trying to search for some trans cooler upgrades if any? Lately we have been out on trails and trans temps have been climbing and I want to address it before it gets bad. Temps currently sit around 200 degrees in 4 Hi and on a trail. If im doing more wheeling it can climb higher. The truck is a 2018 with 6.2L sitting on n35s any help will help
  10. I did some trimming you can see here. Also heres a link to another thread showing my truck at the off road park
  11. I've got a 3.5in RC lift with 35's on 18's just because later down the road i want to upgrade the brakes. Heres a pic for reference
  12. Yeah they both get alot of hate for doing what they want, they paid for their trucks and I watch it for entertainment
  13. Hes just copying what whistlindiesel does now
  14. Thanks! My friend who is spotting me for the pyramid is experienced and I have a little as well. I had to not think about it and just try it. Even the park ranger stopped while I did this to watch lol
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