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  1. Check out Howard Bentley GMC in Albertville, AL. They offered free delivery up to 500 miles and delivered my 2020 SLT to me in May. I couldn't find anyone with better prices than them at the time. https://www.howardbentleyauto.com/VehicleSearchResults?model=Sierra 1500&trim=Crew Cab Short Box 4-Wheel Drive AT4
  2. That looks really good! Is the truck completely level with that kit?
  3. You are lucky then! Google it a few years ago it was plenty of threads about vibration issues and no fixes at the time. You are correct about making mountains out of mole hills though LOL. Thanks
  4. What are the most common issues with the new 2019-20 Silverados? I am in the process of a buyback from Ford on a F150 I bought in January. After this is complete I will never own another Ford. I just been doing my research on the new trucks and curious of what issues people may be having or have they been pretty flawless so far? If I buy another it will probably an LT maybe Trailboss 4wd with the 5.3. My last silverado was a 2015 and really didn't have many problems except for the slight vibration they all had. Thanks Below Is why I will never buy another Ford LOL 2015 Silverado = Traded in with 53k miles on a new 2017 Ford F250 2017 F250 = Ford bought back due to an engine issue.... since ford took care of me I bought another 2018 F250 = No problems with this truck decided to downsize to a F150 after I sold my camper. It had 35k miles 2019 F150 = Bought in Jan 2020 currently has 6k and in the process of a buyback due to rear-end problems they can't fix
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