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  1. Vehicle Info:: Model: CK10543-2019 SILVERADO 1500 High Country 4WD CREW CAB Build Date: 08/27/2018 Build Plant: Z Fort Wayne, IN Mine leaked on the rear passenger side, there was water drops on the rear slider window frame track. You can see the water sitting on the bottom window track. Mine had no headliner staining.
  2. Just because you have water inside doesn't necessarily mean it's the rear window leaking. In my case it was the 3rd brake light housing that needed resealed. It is going on 4 months since they resealed mine and still no more leaking.
  3. Wait, come to think of it, my SS's were on the front side too!
  4. Lol...how old was your last truck?! My 03' Silverado SS had them.
  5. The more complaints they receive, the quicker they'll come up with a "Final Fix".
  6. I know it's frustrating, and I'm going through it with my front diff jingle too, but problems happen to all manufacturers. We had a Ford Crown Vic Police car. It had a problem with losing power...(and a Ford can't afford to lose any power lol)...we had it to the dealer about 4 times, and finally after about $5k in repairs they finally fixed it. So it can and does happen to all manufacturers.
  7. Taken right after installing my Roll-N-Lock retractable tonneau cover. Sunny Eastern Washington.
  8. Had mine done last Friday and Tuesday I took a longer trip and the noise was back within 50 miles. I've notified my dealer and they're going to contact gm.
  9. The more complaints....the quicker the "correct" fix will come.
  10. This is not an issue GM can sweep under the carpet and hope people quit complaining. I'm old, hearing not so good, and I can hear it above my stereo. Eventually they'll come up with a "fix" that will actually fix it! Take yours in and give them the bulletin number and let them research it, the more complaints, the faster the "correct fix" will come.
  11. BAD NEWS! Today was my first longer drive since the "fix", unfortunately the "Jingle jingle" was back in less than 50 miles. Will be calling my service writer tomorrow.
  12. I just picked up my High Country from having bulletin PIP5653B Jingle Jingle "fix" completed. Now it's a wait and see if it returns.
  13. Can you pm me your dealers name and service writer's phone number and your work order number? Mine is scheduled for the jingle fix on Friday and I'll tell them it didn't fix yours, I'd like to give them the name and phone number in case they'd like to call them. I'd rather not have them do it if it doesn't fix it.
  14. I'm not sure you can install it yourself manually, I believe it is pushed via OTA from gm, and if you read the post right above yours, it looks like your Blazer most likely did not come with the app since they're not making it available anymore.
  15. I'm going on 3 months with mine being resealed. Been through touchless car wash a few times, and many hand washes, and I shoot jet of water into all the cracks around the 3rd brake light every time I wash it...So far no more leaking.
  16. I stopped in today and talked to Mark, my service writer, and gave him the PIP5653A/B bulletin number and he looked it up and it had the part numbers to fix it. He ordered the parts and he'll contact me when they get them in and schedule my pickup in for the repair. I don't have a list of what parts are needed for the repair, but they did mention one being an Axle Shaft.
  17. Do you have the bulletin number or some "key words" ie, jingle, clang, etc, that will assist my service writer in finding this bulletin?
  18. Mine has been making the noise as well and today I had my HC in for its first oil change and mentioned the problem to my service writer. I also gave him a copy of the PIP that was posted here. They were unable to find anything about the fix in their system. Please keep us posted on yours, and if possible any TSB, or other bulletin that would apply to the fix for it. Thanks!
  19. Pillar post inside the drivers door. Scan it with a QR code reader app.
  20. Last Saturday I listened to the ringing bell for about 6.5 hrs on my trip, and to say the least....it was very annoying!! I just checked my build sheet and I have the SU4 - AXLE FRT! From what I've read here, it starts happening after it has warmed up good, so today I'll take it for an extended drive and see if I can get it to do it. If I can then I'll swing by my dealer and give them this info and see if I can take a tech for a ride. ================= Info from my Build Sheet: Model: CK10543-2019 SILVERADO 1500 4WD CREW CAB Build Date: 08/27/2018 Build Plant: Z SU4 - AXLE FRT L87 - ENGINE, 6.2L ECOTEC3 V8 WITH DYNAMIC FUEL MANAGEMENT
  21. They look great, mind telling what wheels those are?
  22. What are you towing...maybe you need a weight distribution hitch?
  23. Yeah mine comes up every -2-3 weeks too. Wonder if it is triggered by number of days or by number of times pickup is started.
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