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  1. hey thanks for sharing the S and B intake. i also have a 2016 2500HD i'm liking the looks of it. where might i can buy one from? do you have a link? i'm running a spintech pro street 9000 muffler on my truck and love it.
  2. so i found out the issue after taking it back to the shop that i got the wheels from it's the metal backing plate behind the rotor that covers the speed sensor that was causing it to rub. so they pushed it back and grind down the rotor a little. thanks for your pointers as well.
  3. Gear_Jammer , what is the website that your purchased your headlights and foglights kit from? i have a 2016 2500 and would like to try those on it.
  4. i did crank the bars already before i put the wheels on it was cranked for a few months from dealership about 2" but the rubbing sound sounds like metal on metal but when i look under or have the installer look we didn't see anything where it looks like it could rub . i went to a mechanic shop and he said it was the metal plate behind the rotors that was touching the rotor when the truck lean in a turn but i checked that too . as far as the shocks it's not bent but i really do hope a 3.5 inch leveling(lift) kit from rough country will help it. it's getting to be annoying but mostly loud grinding when i turn left. not too much a right turn tho. i'm gonna have to figure something out. thanks everyone for the inputs and i'm sure i'll have more questions about my truck in the future and i'll let everyone know when i get it leveled and the noise whatever it is goes away. thanks
  5. i need help. i have 2016 silverado 2500HD that i just installed 20x9 wheels with 0 offset on 275/65/20 falken tires and i have the factory torsion keys turn a little up (was done before wheels installed) and after putting on the wheels when i mostly turn full turns and truck leans i hear an obnoxious scraping sound on the right side of front end of truck (while turning left). i only hear it when i turn the wheel and truck leans. if i'm on level ground and turning it i hear no sound. i thought it was my rims scraping on lower control arm but it wasn't leaving any marks anywhere. i'm not sure if it's the shocks or what it is but when i turn the wheel to full lock i don't see where anything could be scraping on metal. please let me know what issue i'm having. i'm thinking of puting the rough country 3.5" leveling kit (or lift) on it to see if it stops the scrapes. it happens on both sides but more so on the right.
  6. hey I been through that headache just 2 days ago because a company told me it would fit but when I got it the MAF sensor was different. I was pissed and still am but I hope someone puts out one for our truck soon!! sorry we have to wait I guess SMDH!
  7. I need help finding cold air intake. my mass airflow sensor is rectangular NOT circular. I had an issue with a system yesterday I bought was the wrong one. PLEASE HELP!!
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