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    2017 Sierra SLT Double Cab 4x4
  1. Would be nice if other dealers would honor it. The dealer I just purchased from doesn't have it on the website and they're 4hrs away
  2. Did I get a decent deal?

    There will always be a better deal out there. I nearly drove myself crazy trying to find the best price in the nation. A lot of it has to do with your area and what your wants/needs are. Enjoy your truck!
  3. Playing videos

    Interest to hear if anyone works this out. Just purchased a 2017 Sierra SLT and not having any luck getting videos working either
  4. Price paid?

    2017 Sierra Double Cab SLT Z71 w/ premium package in Summit white. MSRP $49,255, out the door for $35,166. No trade ins and no finance through dealer (even though they insisted) .Had some very minor hail damage but doesn't bother me as it's hardly noticeable. Discount worth it. I moved here from Australia, so first time buying a GMC truck. Picking it up tomorrow
  5. Hi everyone, I've originally been searching for an SLE Double Cab, but couldn't get the colors I wanted (for a good price) so have started looking at next step up. I've found a dealer selling the SLE crew cap and the SLT Double for the same price. I'm now torn because I like the SLT trim a lot but also feel that a crew cab would be good value too. It's just my wife and I, no kids for at least another 3yrs so not sure if I'll even utilize the room. For those of you who have purchased a double and/or crew, would appreciate your thoughts.
  6. Can somebody please explain to me how the program works. My wife qualifies and has the authorization number so just wondering what price advantages it has. I see under the offer section on the site they have $4500 cashback on the 1500 Sierra Double Cabs. I've found the truck I want but still waiting on the dealership to confirm what price they can do with college rebate. Just wondering if its even worth it. Thanks!

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