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  1. Sorry to open old topic. Just curious as to what fuel octane you current owners of the 6.2 are using? Any issues using anything lower than the “highly recommended” 93 octane? Thanks, Gerry
  2. Does anyone do build sheets here? If so, can someone provide the build sheet for this VIN: 3GTU9DEL8KG208580 Thanks in advance, Gerry
  3. There's Method #2, but there's a boat load of things you gotta do.
  4. 15-20 min??? ppphhhttt! I was in the waiting room for almost 1.5 hours
  5. here's mine on my sold 2012 GMC Sierra SLT CC All Terrain. Very easy install. Sounded better after I installed a Borla catback system.
  6. Funny you say that because sometimes I forget it's back there until I look in the inside rearview mirror. I have a brief moment when I think the Tasmanian Devil is chasing me.
  7. If you're looking for a reason to upgrade, don't do it. If you need a new truck because your current one isn't doing the job for you, then upgrade. The new 2014s/2015s are all nice looking trucks with nice bells and whistles, but it's the first year for change and the bugs (if any) have not been worked out...yet. Just my two cents and stuff I keep telling myself when I have the "I need to upgrade" bug.
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