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  1. They are near me, but I assume they would do it if you sent them the pieces. It took them like 2 days to do it and cost about $120 total. Ask for Omar if you call them. He was really nice. Let him know you heard about them from Pete with the Silverado. He was interested because he is looking at getting a Trail Boss and checked out mine when I picked up the pieces.
  2. ACI Dynamixin Seymour Ct. not sure exactly which vinyl they used. I just told them carbon fiber and this is what they had.
  3. I used plastic trim removal tools. The radio bezel popped right off. Start at the bottom corner and work around. The door and console trim took a little more force, but still not difficult. Start at the front of each piece because there is a tab that holds the back in place that will not allow it to pop out until you loosen the front. Overall took about 10 minutes to remove them all.
  4. Does anyone know if the silver steering wheel trim can be taken off with pry tools or does the airbag need to be removed to get it off. I looked at an exploded diagram and it was not clear. Do not want to break anything, especially something as visible as something on the steering wheel. I wrapped the interior trim pieces and would like to get rid of the silver trim on the wheel. It matched the radio bezel, which is now carbon fiber. Thanks!
  5. Finally got all the trim pieces back from getting wrapped. I think it came out great. Totally transforms the interior.
  6. I have noticed the same thing except it happens right after an oil change and it is reset. I always set it up to toggle between the home screen and Trip A (I like to see mpg and how far i went on a tank of gas). Right after an oil change no matter how I set up the screens it goes to a different screen for like a month and then seems to “remember” how I like it and allows me to toggle back and forth between home and Trip A. As of right now I have not found a solution. I tried removing some screens from being visible, but that did not work. Hopefully someone has a solution.
  7. Just got my trim pieces wrapped. I think it came out great. They said they could not get the wrap to lay down correctly on the radio bezel (I think the carbon fiber print looked wavy on the bends and curves), so still trying to come up with an alternative for that one. I don’t like the silver....Thinking to have a bodyshop paint it either gloss or matte black. overall, $25 well spent. I was surprised at the low cost...
  8. I have the cupholderhero ones from Amazon. They are pretty good. The ones for the center console side pockets were actually a pleasant surprise to me. Those, the door-handle ones and the cupholder inserts all look good. What is not so great is the center armrest one (has to be taped on. Cleaning will be an issue)and the ones for the storage below the center stack (they just sit on top and are always moving around). I ended up not using those ones, but overall happy with the set. I have a 19 TB LT so the red trim goes well with the other red accents on the truck (Satin Steel).
  9. I had this exact problem about 2 weeks ago. I entered the wifi password and no go. I then entered my password for GM.com/chevrolet.com password and it accepted it and have not seen it since. i hope this helps.
  10. I have a 19 TB. I ended up using this wireless charger: CHOETECH Wireless Charger, 3 Coils Qi Certified 10W Max Fast Wireless Charging Pad, Compatible iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/Xs Max/XR/X/XS/8/8 Plus, Galaxy Note 10/S20/S20+/S10/S10E, AirPods Pro https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D2CWBS1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_zp2KEbMZYJ09C i took the top off and epoxied it to the underside of the center console. The inside of the center console pops right off and i ran the wire out by the hinge. I hid the wire and plugged it into the USB in the center console. I tested it and it works perfectly. Strong connection even if you slide the phone around in the center pocket on the armrest (I have an iPhone 10 Max). Phone gets slightly warm when in there for an extended amount of time. I had to drive 1.5 hours yesterday and it was in there and charging the entire time even when using Waze. All in I spent $20 and about an hour (once I found a wireless charger that the USB port in the truck could power). I assume that buying the factory parts would be way more expensive and do not know if the wiring is already there.
  11. Which wireless charger is that? Looking for one that I can just plug into the USB port and not hardwire in.
  12. Even plugged into the smaller USB-C outlet? I thought those charge faster.
  13. Hard wiring is an option, but would prefer to avoid having to tear apart center console. I am wondering if getting a USB C to USB C cable would work. The plug on the charger is a UBC C but the other end of the cable is the old, larger USB connector. I see cables with USB C on both ends available. I wonder if there is more power supply using the USB C jack in the console?
  14. I just ordered this wireless charger which others on this forum have installed (I think...) in the center console lid. CHOETECH Dual Fast Wireless Charger, 5 Coils Qi Certified Double Wireless Charging Pad here is the issue: the charger works when I plug into the wall outlet. When I plug into the USB in the center console the light comes on but does not charge when a phone is placed on it. I tried a regular charging cord plugged directly into the phone and it charges, so it is not the USB outlet in the truck. I did this without mounting it, just loose on the center console, so it is not the thickness of the lid and cover on the phone that prevent charging. any suggestions? thanks for the help!
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