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  1. Which wireless charger is that? Looking for one that I can just plug into the USB port and not hardwire in.
  2. Even plugged into the smaller USB-C outlet? I thought those charge faster.
  3. Hard wiring is an option, but would prefer to avoid having to tear apart center console. I am wondering if getting a USB C to USB C cable would work. The plug on the charger is a UBC C but the other end of the cable is the old, larger USB connector. I see cables with USB C on both ends available. I wonder if there is more power supply using the USB C jack in the console?
  4. I just ordered this wireless charger which others on this forum have installed (I think...) in the center console lid. CHOETECH Dual Fast Wireless Charger, 5 Coils Qi Certified Double Wireless Charging Pad here is the issue: the charger works when I plug into the wall outlet. When I plug into the USB in the center console the light comes on but does not charge when a phone is placed on it. I tried a regular charging cord plugged directly into the phone and it charges, so it is not the USB outlet in the truck. I did this without mounting it, just loose on the center console, so it is not the thickness of the lid and cover on the phone that prevent charging. any suggestions? thanks for the help!
  5. Yes! I just noticed this on my LT TB last week. 2 of the 4 wheels have chips already. 31k miles. Made me start to think about getting them refinished when the chips become too noticeable...
  6. 2019 LT TB with 31K. Other than a blown oil cooler line this truck has been great. Best GM truck I have had. This is the fourth. I had an 01,04,07 and now a 19.
  7. I have an LT TrailBoss with Safety 1 and had no issues.
  8. I have a 19 LT Trail Boss and I do not have the rear door locks.
  9. I do not think so, I got off the road immediately but I figure better safe than sorry and the dealer was willing to submit the claim to GM (after multiple follow up calls). I plan to keep the truck for 5-7 years so it was important to me.
  10. 2019 TB LT. 25k and only issue was the oil cooler line at 22k. Dealer extended the warranty on the engine and no further issues. Build date of 12/15/19 and picked up 1/12/19.
  11. Thank you! You are correct. Installed myself in less than an hour. The dealer tech either saw the large unused plug when he took down the console or saw the plug behind the black plastic cover on the windshield. I am not sure what that is, but everything fit under the cover when I put everything back together. Hardest part was getting the plug unstuck and cleaning glue off so it could plug into the mirror.
  12. I ordered that mirror and was told by the dealer it was the wrong connector. Truck was at the dealership for an oil change so I thought i would just have them install it. Did you just plug it in or did you have to modify the harness? I think tech just did not want to mess with it. I think I will just do it myself.
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