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  1. Not my first dropped truck, this is my 6th. My last one was a 5.5/8. I really have no problem notching the frame, it actually makes that area stronger as it fully wraps around it. there is a transmission spacer that goes under rear of the tranny. Also on these trucks there is another notch that goes under a bed support to clear the drive shaft. No issues at all with vibrations or ride quality. As far as resale goes, I honestly don't even think anyone ever noticed a notch under there.
  2. My truck with a 4/6 drop on 24's.
  3. Has anyone looked at what's involved to change the battery in our trucks? Looks like there's about 6-8 different connections you have to remove. Snap off the cover that goes over the positive terminal and take a look.
  4. I notched mine. GM will void your warranty for any stupid little thing you do.
  5. The mounting pad on the back of the where it mounts to the hub. When they make the wheels they shave the pad thinner so it will pull the wheel in more. Its mostly done on custom made wheels.
  6. Intro EZ 24x9 and 24x10 . 3.5" lip on rear. Shaved pad is what will get you the lip.
  7. Have no idea about my gas mileage. Don't really care. Yes, rear flip, C-notches, cross member notch, and a bed support notch to clear the diff. I have no more pics as of now Suspension is Belltech, Wheels are Intro, tires are Toyo. (installing Saurday) No vibrations at all.
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