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  1. Just ordered a ARE Z2. I was told 15 week build time which puts me into mid October.
  2. Belltech 4/6 drop on 24's. Rides great
  3. I bought one and it worked fine until I swapped out my gauge cluster to a Denali cluster. Something in the computer doesn't like the swap. I started having problems with door locks and different things. I sent it back to Range to have it programmed again and still the same problems. They are taking it back and giving me a refund on it. Like I said, it worked great until I swapped out the gauge cluster. These trucks are very sensitive when it comes to the computer.
  4. I just installed a Corsa on my Sierra. Sounds great under acceleration, but then goes away. I didn't run the tip though, I just dumped it over the rear end. Looks cleaner to me without a pipe sticking out the side.
  5. Not my first dropped truck, this is my 6th. My last one was a 5.5/8. I really have no problem notching the frame, it actually makes that area stronger as it fully wraps around it. there is a transmission spacer that goes under rear of the tranny. Also on these trucks there is another notch that goes under a bed support to clear the drive shaft. No issues at all with vibrations or ride quality. As far as resale goes, I honestly don't even think anyone ever noticed a notch under there.
  6. Has anyone looked at what's involved to change the battery in our trucks? Looks like there's about 6-8 different connections you have to remove. Snap off the cover that goes over the positive terminal and take a look.
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