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  1. My GM rubber floor mats seem to have a film that turns white when they get wet. I tried to wash it off, but that made it worse. Anyone ever had this?
  2. Talk me out of a Ram.

    I had a 2014 RAM Sport. At 62k miles I traded for a GMC AT4 6.2L. I don't regret it at all, but there are some trade-offs. For instance, grabbing the door handle to unlock the door. You have to push a button on the GMC. Automatic wipers were a pain at times when they came on when you didn't want them on, but when its raining and they would automatically adjust the speed, that was nice. The storage bins under the floor in the crew cab was nice. The Hemi. All in all, I love my AT4 though and don't regret getting it.
  3. I agree with you, my AT4 compares in every way to my wife's VW Touareg (which is VW's best offering). Matter of fact, the truck is better because the Touareg has very little in the way of putting space. I generally have to drive with my phone/wallet in the door.
  4. I've looked in the manual, but it only describes the button and indicator for the fog lights. I can't find a setting and I'm pretty unfamiliar with the nuances of GM vehicles. Is there a way to have the fog lights come on when the headlights come on. They were automatic in my RAM, but not in my wife's Touareg.
  5. I like that one, but I need a hardcover as I generally have tools back there. I carry a lot of phone equipment too, so waterproof is a bonus.
  6. I loved the 5.7 Hemi, but this 6.2 has some power, but a little weak in the exhaust rumble. I'm going to upgrade the exhaust soon, but first, have to settle in on a tonneau. My wife and I have made a few little trips to the neighboring town and have no complaints as far as ride or bounce. Overall I am very pleased with the AT4 and don't have any sort of buyers remorse.
  7. SD card message

    Mine did that and once I set up a user it went away.
  8. Sierra owners manual

    True enough, it does kind of sound douchy to say that. I'm going to edit it if I can.
  9. Do the owners manuals for the sierras usually come in a leather case or something? Kinda surprised such a pricey truck has an owners manual in a ziplock bag when much less expensive vehicles have nice covers.
  10. Did you install the rubber strips on the cover where it leans on the back window?
  11. From my experience they are mostly clamp on. But I could be wrong about some of them, but the Bakflip are definitely clamp on.
  12. Picked it up today.
  13. That looks really good. Were there any issues with the mounting around the handle to help you get in the bed? Also, are there any issues with the automatic tailgate?
  14. I really appreciate everyone chiming in on this. I bought a 2019 Sierra AT4 today, I’ll post pics this weekend.

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