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  1. Just the all weather in mine.
  2. Iphone issue

    Had this same issue with my AT4 and iPhone XS and found that if you go into the settings on the iPhone under Sounds & Haptics and turn off the "Change with Buttons" option the ringer volume will stay put. In my case doing so doesn't bother me since I like my ringer volume on the phone at high all the time anyway but I can see where if someone wanted easy access to change the volume on the phone this isn't the best solution.
  3. My wife noticed a rattle in the rear of my 2019 (I can't hear crap anymore lol) and I had her get back there and listen closer. Come to find out the rear headrests are rattling slightly. Seems the posts are slightly smaller than the opening in the plastic grommet causing them to rattle a bit at lower speeds and driving over fairly small bumps like driving through a parking lot. Haven't yet figured out how to quiet them but was thinking of wrapping some electrical tape around them to see if that helps.
  4. I've had both a 2014 and 2016 All Terrain in black and really liked the 2019 AT4 in black but after two in a row I needed a change. I really wished they would offer the AT4 in the bright red but it was apparent they were never going to do it (although they do make the Elevation in that color). Haven't had a chance to shoot many more pics but here are a couple more.
  5. I am not a huge fan of the crappy plastic looking metallic knobs on the GMC's and see the Chevys have rubber like the last generation. I'm wondering if 1) these can be changed out by just swapping out the entire controller and not having to reprogram the truck. 2) change out just the chrome\rubber part. 3) If either 1 or 2 is possible what the part numbers might be. 4) Does anyone have experience yet in getting access to the back side of the knobs without destroying the plastic (I just haven't had mine long enough to experiment and didn't want to reinvent the wheel if someone already knows how.
  6. Picked it up over the weekend.
  7. iPhone ringer volume

    I believe I might have figured out a work around on this. I disabled the "Change with Buttons" option on the iPhone under Settings-Sounds & Haptics and tested it and the ringer volume remained where I had set it.
  8. Just picked up an AT4 this weekend and have been working through the learning process on the various "systems" on this new generation. One thing I've noticed and was wondering if anyone had experienced and if so how it might be resolved is when an iPhone is connected via bluetooth it seems the infotainment system changes the ringer volume on the iPhone. At first I though I might have turned it down but I've verified it a couple of times by starting the truck, having bluetooth connect then shut the truck off, get out and check my ringer volume. Sure enough it drops down to the last two or three bars on indicator on the iPhone. The other thing I noticed is that when you have it connected via BT and have the music app open, when you change the volume in the truck the volume indicator on the phone goes up and down. I never had this issue with my 14 or 16 All Terrains and if in-fact I'm not crazy I believe this is going to be a bit problematic for folks who experience the same and end up missing phone calls, texts and emails (at least the ones who rely on an audible indication from their phones). Anyone else seeing the same?
  9. Just curious what DFW dealerships you’re finding them at 8 K off. Most I’ve found are 5K or less, at least on the AT4’s.
  10. Wireless charging

    Tried it on my 2016 Sierra and no luck with my iPhone X. Wish I had access to an Android or anything else other than an iPhone. I’m starting to think the module I have may not be working but have no way to back that up.
  11. This happened to my 2014 and they wouldn't cover it. I ended up ordering a factory cover from one of the online dealerships and did the replacement myself. Not an easy job and I used to work in an aircraft interior shop where we worked on leather seats all the time. The replacement started to tear before I traded it on my 2016. Now the 2016 is doing the same. Still under the 3/36 warranty and the last time I was in for my last free oil change I mentioned it to the service advisor saying the last one wasn't covered but I won't stand for it not being covered on a second truck since it was the exact same problem in the exact same place. Haven't taken it back yet but I expect a fight and they should expect one from me. I can say the 2016 has been a much better truck than the 2014 warranty wise as I've not had to have any warranty work done on it but GM really needs to step up and replace these covers that have an obvious design flaw.
  12. Anyone able to get a part number off of those steps? If I remember right GM puts a sticker with the part number in one of the hollow hangers. I replaced the factory square chrome steps on my 2016 with the factory square black ones but I think I like those on the 17's better.
  13. I was poking my nose around a few websites looking at the 2017 All Terrains and noticed that it looks like GM has started offering them with color matched door handles, mirror caps, side molding along with black window molding and black round assist steps. Anyone seen this in person yet? I did notice on a couple of white trucks that the mirror caps were black though.
  14. Grade Braking

    Funny this subject came up. I purchased my 2016 in December of last year (replaced at 2014) and had never seen the "Grade Breaking Active" message until last week when I saw it three times in about as many days. In all cases I was on a flat piece of pavement slowing down from highway speeds. I suppose that's all fine and good but I just wonder why all of a sudden I'm starting to see in places where I have been braking in this truck for 7 months. It had been raining quite a bit here in North Texas and it's now dried out a bit and I haven't seen it in a few days. Wonder if there's any correlation?

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