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  1. Not when someone pushes a Lowes cart up to your front passenger tire and you enter the vehicle from the drivers rear and don't see it. Fortunate for me it only struck this piece when I moved forward and didnt hit sheet metal.
  2. Just replaced this exact part (you can find the number on the under side of the part when you take it off. The number is the same for passenger front and drivers rear). Part number 84173417, $27.55 plus shipping of around $8 from firstchoicegmparts.com. I removed and replaced my boards with a set of N-fab Podium steps and had been trying to sell the originals on Craigslist. Seems folks weren't interested at all with them having the cracked part so I figured what the heck, if I can spend $30 and eventually sell them, why not.
  3. I can't say enough good things about Xpel. Had it installed on my 2016 AT (wish I'd done it on my 2014 AT) and have it on my 2019 AT4 and my wifes Rubicon. On the 2016 which was black it held up well for me for nearly 3 years in the Texas sun. Like others have said, worth every penny.
  4. I went with the 13" black version. Seems to work great. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00SLMH7MS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Photo of it installed below.
  5. Removed the factory steps and added a set of N-Fab Podiums.
  6. I'm on my forth new GMC (plus my wife had a 2015 Yukon) since 2010 and I'm just about sick of GM's cheap tactics. The current 2019 AT4 I have had s sticker price 11K over my 2016 All Terrain and they've removed the adjustable peddles, sun glasses holder, adjustable seatbelts, storage compartment in the front doors, the OH Sh!t handles and turning signals in the mirrors. Granted, they have added a HUD, heated rear seats and rear A/C vents but really? 11K more then nickel and dime me on remote start on an app? What gives GM, are you really hurting that bad that you can't throw this small perk in for more than a month? What a kick in the nuts!!!
  7. I too think the aluminum look looks cheap on my AT4 and prefer the look of the rubberized ones the Silverados have. I pulled out the left side panel which has the headlight and transfer case controls and got the part numbers off to check prices and found one for $38 and the other for $31 online. I have not pulled the center stack yet to get the numbers off of the radio and climate switch so I don't know the costs of those but then again I have no way to cross reference the numbers with the corresponding ones used on the Silverado. Give the prices of the others I can't the center stack controls costing more that a total of $200 so I'm guessing for $200 - $300 you could swap them out if you just had the cross reference info.
  8. These look great and I want a set for my AT4. Where did you find them? I can't find anyone with them in stock and N-Fab has them listed as out of stock until June.
  9. Got a chuckle out of this one!! Thanks!!
  10. Never has worked on my AT4. Before or after the version 803 update. I did finally find out that turn info from the Nav would show up so I guess it's not a total bust. If I remember correctly the GMC site was listing the tach as being part of the HUD at one point. Don't know if thats still listed on the site or not.
  11. iPhone XS here with the same issue. Deleted and paired mine today for the 4th time since purchasing it Jan 26th.
  12. Although I do miss most of the items listed above (maybe not the adjustable peddles though) but I think the thing I miss the most is the storage compartment just under the door armrest. Used that little compartment a lot in my 14 and 16. That being said I do think the list of new items off-set the losing of most of the other things although now that I think of it I did kinda like having an "OH SH!T" handle to grab onto on occasion.
  13. Had this same issue with my AT4 and iPhone XS and found that if you go into the settings on the iPhone under Sounds & Haptics and turn off the "Change with Buttons" option the ringer volume will stay put. In my case doing so doesn't bother me since I like my ringer volume on the phone at high all the time anyway but I can see where if someone wanted easy access to change the volume on the phone this isn't the best solution.
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