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  1. Is that the AMP Sport or the Max? How was the install?
  2. I am looking at these for my TB. Anyone have anything to say about these? Looking at the HD Max vs the HD Sport?
  3. Chrome nowadays chips and flakes off anyways. No difference
  4. Wondering the same thing they look nice. Following
  5. McCoy7


  6. Productive weekend. N Fab Podium Bars & New Shoes then all cleaned up.
  7. There is a video on there website
  8. There was a thread on this I believe. Someone put some some kind of risers under the seat mounts. Maybe someone will chime in about it.
  9. Added new leds for the plates and reverse. I use VLEDS excellent quality I have used them for years. Also added new 13” antenna.
  10. I did mine this weekend. Definitely a tight fit. I have used VLeds for years. Excellent quality
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