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  1. Lift? What size tires and wheels?
  2. I have had mine 2 weeks and kept hearing a rattle over certain bumps been saying I am going to take it back to service. I figured out today this is what it is. How did you remove them?
  3. Rear View MIrror Options

    I haven’t noticed what model I have. But then again my back window is so dark I can’t hardly see through it 😂
  4. Best tonneau and why?

    Does your tail still come down own it’s own? Or does seal on cover keep it up?
  5. Ceramic tint? Or did you have paint ceramic coated?
  6. leveling a trailboss

    Are y’all having to take loose at the Ball Joint?
  7. Best tonneau and why?

    Think I am going to go with the UnderCover Armor Flex.
  8. Best tonneau and why?

    Do you have any pictures? And do you know the difference in the Stealth abs their LXP model?
  9. I had the dealer order them I paid $130. It’s a little more than what I found online but there was no shipping charge. The box they came in was giant. I installed myself.
  10. Had to Install the rear inner fender liners. Can’t believe Sri’s don’t come standard.
  11. My local dealer was $150 🙄. I found them on GM Parts website for $112 they wouldn’t price match but came down to $130. They order me the inner rear fender liners so I went ahead and for stickers also.
  12. I added the vinyl over priced GM Stickers to my tailgate over the weekend. Looks good. I know I over paid but wanted them now lol.
  13. I haven’t tried yet. My wife parks in there and then the other side if full of stuff lol.
  14. I had a 2015 Silverado then went to a Toyota and now back.

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