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  1. I was at my dealer today and he pulled up my order for the hell of it and he is now seeing build dates. My TB was ordered on 2/21 and never had a build date. My build date is now 7/13/20. I not really expecting it to be fulfilled now. I thought they would start build 2021's in July. I do know it is coming from Ft Wayne and I believe they are starting back into production on the 18th.
  2. It is my money. Why do you need to be a jerk about it.
  3. Good question. I miss my red truck!!
  4. Wow, this is going to be my first post. I'm doing the same. I traded a 2016 LTZ for a 2019 LTZ last October. At the time I was debating the TrailBoss over the LTZ and finally opted for the LTZ but I think it may have been more about not finding the options I wanted on the TrailBoss. I cannot believe the number of TrailBoss' in dealer inventories that lack the Safety package. I'm going to miss some of the features I have now on the LTZ but I'll get by. Anyways I ended up ordering a TB in March with all of the features I wanted. Unfortunately the plant is shutdown until probably the first week of May and probably won't see it before the end of May at the earliest.
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