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  1. I feel your pain. I went in for recall and ended up with a dent in my driver door and a filthy passenger seat. They'll be getting a bill for PDR guy. They wanted to fix it and I said NFW you can't even do a software update without F'n up my truck. Dealers suck. All they're good at is taking your money. On the other hand, the local Ford dealer I use for my Shelby is great. Might be time to go to a Raptor.
  2. No paint missing, just tiny scratch.
  3. Slight scratch I can live with.
  4. So I've been putting off taking my AT4 in for the recalls.Take it in yesterday finally. When I pick it up today, it's got a dent in the driver door right on the body line. Dealer doesn't think PDR can take it out and talking about respraying whole door. No F'n way for a small dent. Can PDR take this out.
  5. Get a set of these. Bought them to work on my Shelby but got the 7000 series to lift the truck too. For oil changes I just use ramps.
  6. Shhh! DOn't tell anyone. I had Mobil 1 5w-20 laying around so I used that for my first oil change. The engine didn't blow up. I usually use Amsoil and change every 5K. Will go to 0w-20 when I use up the 5w-20 I have left.
  7. Looking at the same wheels. I have an AT4 and I think the stock 18's are 8.5" with +26 offset. Gonna go with the +20 offset and they should only stick out about 1/2 more. Don't know what size you're looking at, but also the AT4 has a stock 2" lift.
  8. I was supposed to bring my AT4 in this morning for the original recalls. COVID-19 kept me away. Truck has been running great., After reading this thread, I'm afraid to bring it in.
  9. Just changed the badges and removed the Sierra from the tailgate.
  10. I bought a cheap one off ebay. It was a tight fit, but a little sandpaper and file work, and it fits perfect.
  11. Avg 15-16. 2019 6.2L AT4 with offroad perf pkg. Hate the Duratracs (friggin loud). Switching to BFG TA/KO2
  12. Happened to me in a new 2005 F150. Went right through a red light in a NYC intersection. Was very lucky. Truck had to get flat-bedded to dealer. Soon as it was fixed, it was traded.
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