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  1. Same here. If you switch to the radio and then back, it goes away. Weird. The other day, really hot, my parking assist switch wouldn't work. Shut off truck for about half hour, turned it back on and it worked. Electrical gremlins.
  2. Not everyone lives in Texas. I'm not running my A/C in January in the Northeast. You guys do what you want. It's just a switch.
  3. Manufacturer should've made it a toggle switch.
  4. It's kinda like a Detroit True-Trac by Eaton. If mine goes, that's what's going in to replace it. I had one in my Off-road Wrangler and it worked great.
  5. You're overthinking it. All the Eliminator does is turn the A/S/S switch into a toggle switch. It remembers the last position of the switch. Had one in an F150 for a year with no problems.
  6. That was the one thing I wanted. I didn't care about the HUD and tech pkg, but I got the Off Road Perf pkg. Don't know why they discontinued it. You can always have the dealer install it since it is a dealer installed option.
  7. Hate all those "Nanny" modes. Yes you can shut it off. Main reason I didn't get the tech pkg in my AT4 even though I would've liked the HUD. Shut mine off day one and installed Autostop Eliminator.
  8. I had Duratracs on my offload jeep and Never Again. Soft sidewalls take a beating. When mine wear out, BFG KO2's are going on. Those tires have been bulletproof for me in the past. Only reason I have them on my AT4 is because I wanted the Off Road Perf Pkg.
  9. Nope. You should drive a 2018 5.0L F150 if you want to hear whistling/whining.
  10. I have a $350 adjustable hitch. The first time I left it in all year, the locks froze and I had to drill them out. Now I just remove the hitch when I'm not using it.
  11. Since when has a first year design come out "Bug Free". I happen to like the tailgate and use it almost every time I load-up the bed. With the height of the sides, it makes things a lot easier. The first time I used the step I looked for the hinge to lock. When I realized I couldn't lock it, I thought it was odd. I totally agree. I stopped leaving the hitch ball in after banging my shins a few times and having the pin lock seize-up on me. BTW, I have the convertible twin of your vette.
  12. I have a 19 not buying a 20. I think we're talking about the 19's here.
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