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  1. autostop eliminator

    Got mine right after the recall. It's been in for about a month and no power problems.
  2. These problems seem pretty light compared to the 2018 F150. Go over to F150 Forum and take a look. I traded mine in after 8 months. Couldn't take it anymore between the crappy trans and the oil burning V8. This is my first GM truck and after almost 2K miles, my AT4 has been fine. BTW, my last 7 trucks were Fords.
  3. Yeah, really Cheesy. Too bad my real V8 burned oil. The Catback on my 6.2 sounds great.
  4. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy with the interior. It's comparable to the interior of the 18 F150 Lariat I came from. It feels roomier and the seats are more comfortable. It's just those damn chrome knobs. I know it's being picky, but they stick out like a sore thumb.
  5. OK, am I the only one that thinks that GM doesn't pay attention? All the interior trim in the AT4 has a black chrome finish. Air vents, light controls, etc. except when you get to the center stack. The climate control and radio knobs are "chrome". WTF? couldn't you match the knobs? Guess they cheeped out so that they could use the same parts in the Denali. WOuld've been nice if all the knobs on the dash matched. I know it's petty, but c'mon, it's a $65K truck. So far this is my only complaint with the truck, which is pretty damn good.
  6. Real world city MPG?

    Ahhh California! Land of Mudslides, earthquakes, forest fires, and homeless people living on the streets. Now crazy gas prices, crazy gun laws , and a crazy Gov. Not much better here in NY and NJ, but at least gas prices aren't out of control.
  7. Real world city MPG?

    6.2 with CAI and Catback & Duratracs. I get about 16 mixed. Problem is I like to hear the 6.2 growl and I can't stay under 70 on the hwy.
  8. And what's wrong with black wheels?
  9. Finally got a chance to take some decent pics.
  10. Don't have that problem.
  11. What tires and how much pressure are you running? Mine felt like that coming home from the dealer with 18" Duratracs. I set my pressure to 41psi and after 1500 miles it all seems to have settled out. They're not the best shocks, but the soft walled Duratracs don't help. Will switch to KO2's before the shock swap. For now at 41 psi, it's running pretty good.
  12. Somehow the word "Terminator" comes to mind. Where's John Connor?

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