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  1. I was upset when they added doors to the stage coach too .... Plus they have to justify $65,000 for their high end truck
  2. I cannot stand the stock lights. I just ordered white LEDs. Im not really sure why they'd warn against it. https://www.diodedynamics.com/ They have great videos on installs with an actual Canyon not some other truck. And they do offer amber or yellow (not sure what color its referred to).
  3. I run 87 and pull a trailer consistently .. no issues noted. I just use name brand and busy stations (so no old fuel).
  4. They have made intellibeam almost useless. Wont come on below 20 mph. WTH? Sensitivity sucks.
  5. 1. And not with a lease? Come on man. 2. Leasing requires 100/300 min. Which is not needed in most states. Far cheaper. 3. BS .. I traded my 4 year old chevy truck in and still had 50% value. Ended up $10K on the plus side ... but, I will agree not in all cases. 4. No guarantee of payment amount. 5. Can you predict anything in life 1-2 years out? If so, post those lotto numbers for me.
  6. IMO ... always Buy. Only lease is you have a business that allows the write off. Otherwise ... 1. You are stuck with the vehicle. If for some reason you need/want to get rid of it, you can't - or you pay a substantial penalty. 2. Costlier insurance. 3. Zero equity at the end of lease. 4. If you like it, you'd have to buy it at end of lease. 5. Mileage penalty if you go over.
  7. It drives me crazy they cant offer release notes
  8. Mine does the same ... another post references some kind of louvers on certain trucks. Mine goes from about 190 to 230 ... So, it must be normal.
  9. Back when the reverse cams first started appearing many years ago, you'd put it in reverse, be all the way backed out before the image would appear. This must be the updated version.
  10. And the final, best advice. Dont let chicks drive your vehicle EVER.
  11. Again, I hope you all are filing complaints at NHTSA ... I was poking around there and didnt see any filings
  12. You'll be just fine. I was in a similar position. Had a 2500 diesel .... towed like a dream, hated everything else about it. 1500 will do you just fine. The mileage is gonna be ugly though. Really ugly.
  13. If it happens again, take video. Im sure something wasn't put back in and is shorting out or whatever. That totally sucks.
  14. DUDE ... you have no worries. I tow a boat 9,000lbs with my high country, no problem. 6.2L 4x4 You dont need that max towing crap. Especially if its got a ratio that will make mileage worse.
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