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  1. Good info .. Too bad GM solves problems few people actively complain about.
  2. Powertrain Limited Warranty Expiration Mileage: 100,034
  3. Dont laugh, but they really need to add a reboot feature. All Tesla's allow you to reboot the computers. Simplest thing to do sometimes to solve an issue.
  4. 150,000 minimum service life? I'll never see those miles .... next, next, next guys problem.
  5. Buy off the lot ... Years ago I ordered a truck. Came in, picked it up. Driver door color was mismatched. Turns out it was damaged in transit and they repainted the door. Needless to say it was nightmare that ended up involving a total repaint of the truck. So now, I give it a major inspection before I sign paperwork. ALSO ... incentives. You only have access to deals at delivery.
  6. I have done the math compared to the 6.2L I had previously and the 3.0L D comes out way ahead. Diesel in my area is ~ $2.60 a gallon vs $2.90 for premium. 6 months ago, the prices were closer - but still in favor of diesel. DEF is pennies on a fill up and with as much as 40+% better mileage ... 3.0L wins hands down.
  7. Anti Ignorant Rule #1. Put diesel in it. (Dont laugh, when you're trained to head to the pump, diesel isnt on you mind) Mine is used for weekend hauls and very short trips occasionally during the week (otherwise I use my car). So far, totally content. tow a boat 9000lbs and and enclosed trailer around 2500lbs. 1500 miles and I still have not noticed a regen - although Im sure its happened. I guess that is a good thing.
  8. Uh oh ..... Please let us know what service finds/does to repair.
  9. I have the 3.0 . although I've never floored it ... wouldnt that sound be the turbo whine?
  10. Except common sense and the directions in the box.
  11. 2020 Denali has USB ports in the center console storage.
  12. I havent really found that to be an issue... Orange peel. Now thats an issue.
  13. I jumped on the diesel bandwagon and cant say enough. Insane mileage for a big truck. The deals like they have now dont come often .... so....
  14. What version is listed in "About" ?
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