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  1. FWIW ... did the dealer mention anything about software updates? I had (have) a similar issue where the IC says trailer disconnected meanwhile the lights still are on ... then magically comes back to life. They did an update (did not solve the issue).
  2. Mine was replaced ... at one point because Id get notifications on the display... Only thing COULD be to make sure the card isnt "write locked" .. usually with the tab moved in one direction or the other.
  3. If it seized ... thank your service tech. With my 3.0, I made the mistake of allowing dealer to do the first free oil change. After, I looked at the paperwork. Wrong oil and 1 qt short. I'll never allow anyone to do my oil again.
  4. THIS! I've wondered if there was an adjustment. Multi Pro feels old school needing a serious lift ... I miss my electric up/down Chevy tailgate.
  5. If time isnt an issue ... New interior 22 with a diesel would be my choice.
  6. Welcome to the new GM quality and programming capabilities....
  7. I have a brother that does that kind of crap ... Paintless dent repair can do magic .... try that. Scratch likely will remain but ....
  8. Hypermiling I managed 24. My usual real world was 16. Towing 8-11. the diesel I’ve hit 28, real world 21, towing 11-14. To me those are real improvements.
  9. I'll never go back to gas after having this motor ....
  10. Pffft ... I was excited about OTA updates on my 19. On my 20, I've still got the original release from Sep 2019. Absolute joke.
  11. And for the CEL, welcome to the world of GM and poor software programming and the total inability to deliver OTA fixes (Sadly - like most OEM's). GM lives by the motto - "If no one complains, it works just fine" Chances are, you'll have several software updates needing to be applied to your vehicle. Visit the dealer.
  12. What version are you showing for the infotainment system? Mine is still the original from Sep 2019. WTF?
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