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  1. Rear window leak

    Im certain that's mostly in a controlled (lab) type setting .... You'd need a fleet of trucks and people to accomplish that in the course of final build beta testing
  2. Rear window leak

    I think it goes more toward "lab" or simulated testing vs real world testing .... As these companies try to develop and put new products out cheaper by avoiding real world testing, they are going to pay a price. Im sure someone at GM will look back and see what was paid out in warranty repairs and crap themselves.
  3. Over the Air Update

    I got it Friday ... and as usual no release notes. What a joke.
  4. 2019 Denali Heads up Display

    GM Customer service is the worst ... Well, maybe Dell is worse. You get nice people on the phone who have no idea about anything. They read their script, placate you and stroke your ego with zero power, zero effort and zero help. Last time I called (or responded to the clowns that appear here from GM), I wondered how I could ever get those minutes back I had just wasted.
  5. Infotainment System

    Let me add ... on the first "home" screen, on XM, GM put the title but not the artist. All that real estate and they left out 50% of the relevant information. Boggles the mind.
  6. 2019 Denali Heads up Display

    Nav does show on the HUD ....
  7. 2019 Denali Heads up Display

    Check out that chat now button and let us know ..
  8. Geez ... I love my truck. My only disappointment is with GM and their lack of an innovation on the interior and the weight savings and fuel gimmicks that dont work.
  9. Rear window leak

    Add my 19 to this list with a leak on both sides ...
  10. FYI 3 recalls on my truck

    Most are software updates ... The reason they are not recalls is because they are not NHTSA ordered... GM doesnt actively notify customers ... (my personal belief ... because they have to pay for the work to be done).
  11. Side mounted bed storage

    Oh sweet .. How does it mount? Their video wasnt very explicit on the mounting. Also, does it stay put when driving? Dont see any mechanism to hold it in place from the video. FORGET IT ..just read the install guide. I'm not drilling my bed.
  12. Side mounted bed storage

    https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/2019/Chevrolet/Silverado 1500/swingout-toolbox-driver-side-by-undercover--associated-accessories-19417390?categoryId=12001 These popped up on the Chevy Accessory site ... Anyone see them in action? Know how the mount?
  13. How is the DFM working for you?

    Honestly, cant tell much of a difference.. I tow three trailers ... 9000lb boat, 2500lb boat and a enclosed trailer about 2000lbs.
  14. How is the DFM working for you?

    Me too ... but my last truck was the 6 speed .. ran about 2200 RPMs at 70mph. The 19 runs at around 1800 RPMs at 70mph. Everything about that metric makes you think the 19 should kill the old truck in mileage. Its simply not the case. The only other major difference is the 19 has 22" wheels vs the old one with 20"
  15. The new exterior is modern and fresh. The major fail is the interior... looks like a they repositioned the buttons and called it a day.

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