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  1. Yeah, is the crimp a clamp or something that can be proactively addressed?
  2. As long as you state an issue, they will look for an update. Hint: cameras not reverting back to preferred view.
  3. GM needs a black eye. Good for Dodge. This redo without the interior being changed is a true example of cutting corners to maximize income. The interior team should be fired or the management that said ... "hey, just move buttons around and call it a day"
  4. Brake Monitor in DIC

    Im sure its weighted heavily to support their dealer service/parts network ....
  5. Mine was in the shop recently and they did software update for "eboost control" to update braking system... cant hurt to call dealer and have them run your VIN.
  6. I ran mine down to low fuel ... then 25 miles was the last stated range. I can confirm, it made it 24 miles. Engine literally stalled pulling up to the pump.
  7. 8” screen black

    Now thats gonna require a visit to the dealer ...
  8. I find that statement hilarious .. Exactly why mine stays in all the time. If someone rear ends you, it's their fault. If the receiver is there and it protects your vehicle from additional damage (many times ZERO damage) .... why should I be worried about their cost when its the other person's lack of attention or failure to use due care?
  9. Pffffffttt ... that's nothing! LOL I just dropped mine off ... 7 recalls/campaigns. Service writer even said ... "never seen that many"
  10. Rear Camera Fish Eye Look

    A common complaint .. the default selection doesnt always default.
  11. Rear window leak

    Im certain that's mostly in a controlled (lab) type setting .... You'd need a fleet of trucks and people to accomplish that in the course of final build beta testing
  12. Rear window leak

    I think it goes more toward "lab" or simulated testing vs real world testing .... As these companies try to develop and put new products out cheaper by avoiding real world testing, they are going to pay a price. Im sure someone at GM will look back and see what was paid out in warranty repairs and crap themselves.
  13. Over the Air Update

    I got it Friday ... and as usual no release notes. What a joke.
  14. 2019 Denali Heads up Display

    GM Customer service is the worst ... Well, maybe Dell is worse. You get nice people on the phone who have no idea about anything. They read their script, placate you and stroke your ego with zero power, zero effort and zero help. Last time I called (or responded to the clowns that appear here from GM), I wondered how I could ever get those minutes back I had just wasted.

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