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  1. Or just turn on the fog lamps.
  2. Expect about 8-10 mpg ... I tow a 2000lb trailer (very tall) .. It gets about 9-11 ... and a flats boat around 2000lbs ... it gets 11-13.
  3. Thanks for the tip ... Previously I tried deleting the icon rather than moving to another screen.
  4. I’d love that too! Heck, how’d you do step one?
  5. Infotainment system

    Yeah .. you gotta re enter your Onstar password.
  6. https://tis2web.service.gm.com/tis2web/
  7. GM is still working on software .. you should pass by the dealer and see if they have a software update. I know on the 10 speed there is ....
  8. WiFi

    I dont believe so ... Tesla is so far ahead in this arena. GM has update after update .... spend a day at the dealer. And most dont want to be bothered unless you can specifically identify a problem. Irritating as hell.
  9. 2019 tonneau and splash gaurds

    The straight ones .. https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/2019/Chevrolet/Silverado 1500/rear-molded-splash-guard-package-84109906?categoryId=98018 You can find better deals online. Fairly simple install. Some clips to pull out. No drilling needed (although there are some for the rear I left out).
  10. 2019 tonneau and splash gaurds

    The GM splash guards are nice. I added them. Look good and decent fit.
  11. WiFi

    Go to the settings area and you'll find wifi menus ... it's in there. There is an assumption that you've already setup wifi (as in entered a password for your network).
  12. WiFi

    It does Connect automatically. Assuming the signal is decent.
  13. 2019 6.2L MPG

    With all the gimmicks added to this motor + 10 speed tranny, I was shocked it was no better than my 14 6.2L mileage.
  14. On models with the upgraded instrument cluster: When you choose Tow/Haul mode, the transmission temp gauge appears on the right side.
  15. I still haven’t pulled the trigger... but, can anyone confirm it’s the same filter as used in the 6.2L? Sure looks the same.

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