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  1. An early review mentioned that the exhaust brake was more show than slow ... I presume due to the smaller engine.
  2. Cant speak directly. But I just had mine in for another ECU reprogram due to CEL ...
  3. This is based on my 2020.. Calibration History for: Operating system Part Number CVN Bulletin # Description 84989870 0000D788 - Updated Software to Support v17.09 84940651 000023C4 - Updated Software to Support v17.08 84758789 00006411 - New Software to address reduced braking concern - MY19-20 Addresses Bulletin N192268090 and N202294820 84853711 0000FD92 - Updated Software to address a variety of fixes for v17.07. 84719244 0000EA4C - Operating system 84701709 00002496 - New Software to improve leak detection. 84678461 00009705 - Updated Software to improve diagnostics for DTCs C05B0 and C058E. 84600206 00009F6E - New software for start of production. 84586316 0000B66B - New software for start of production. 84539986 0000D235 - Operating system 84515830 0000F98F - Operating system Calibration History for: Electronic brake Part Number CVN Bulletin # Description 84690692 00004B56 - New Calibration to address reduced braking concern. MY19 and addresses Bulletin N192268090. 84678463 00001046 - Updated Calibration to improve diagnostics for DTCs C05B0 and C058E. 84459716 N/A - Caliper Assist Calibration
  4. If you saw the update history on the brake system, you’d be scared to drive your truck... Me and the service manager would be having a nice chat if they told me there was a cost to do anything under warranty.
  5. There’s a software update that addresses many issues... could solve yours. Problem is, since it’s GM, you may end up having to visit dealer. Their OTA is beyond a joke.
  6. If you want someone to tell you how sorry they are and know exactly how you feel, then talk to those clowns. Otherwise, just work with the service people and get it fixed. GM Customer service is totally useless. A case number means nothing. I doubt the dealership gives a rats butt either ...
  7. 2019 leaked ... 2020 just started ?
  8. Yeah, Im gonna call BS on the comparison.... I own both trucks. My Denali maxed 36mpg on a road trip. My Canyon made it to 46mpg. Either way terrific numbers, but no way better than the Canyon diesel.
  9. Make sure you have the latest software in the infotainment system ... Mine was deader than a doornail .... cause: open circuit. Fix ... software update
  10. I read the bulletin on the bad valve springs and recall seeing a statement that a tick is normal due to AFM ...
  11. If you lease, let whoever do the oil changes. If you own and want it done right, do it yourself.
  12. Exactly. I remember getting a $500 coupon for a new vehicle purchase that expired within 6 months or something ridiculous .... Only ones who win are the lawyers.
  13. GM is an absolute joke at updates. Take it to the dealer. This last one for the 2020's is needed. Had my truck die due to dead battery. This update was the fix.
  14. Definitely make them buy that sucker back. GM needs some hits to the bottom line to convince the idiot at the top to improve quality.
  15. Maybe 2500lbs total towing .. nothing in the bed. Here's the trailer on my 6.2
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