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  1. Cant hurt to visit dealer .. I remember reading somewhere about that complaint and a possible software update to address it.
  2. Its all about taste ... my AT4 came with the 1" kit. Looks perfect to me. Raising it higher just eats into mileage even more than the 1" plus + the duratracs ... Good looking ride period.
  3. Bad batteries happen. Could also be an open circuit somewhere. Warranty ... that puppy should visit the dealer and let them figure it out.
  4. I have a 19 and just got a second one .... a 2022 both with 2.8L ... Great engine. It's a slouch, but mileage, towing make up for it. 19 has been perfect. Only trip to the dealer was a recall. Other than GM phoning in the interior, I have nothing bad to say about these trucks.
  5. Congrats on the new ride. I think it would get very pricey ... Id just get used to Android auto or Apple car play. Picking my 2022 up tomorrow if all goes well.
  6. For the record, I just settled a buyback after the 4th repair failed. Good luck!
  7. I towed my 6800lb boat with my wife's Canyon 2.8 4x4. It did just fine. Occasionally on some bridge washboard like areas it would give you a mild sway from the back but nothing overly scary. I'd try sumo springs first ... look easy to install and reasonably priced ... for long hauls.
  8. Got my rig weighed today... 6800lbs. If I was close to 6000 maybe, but I'm stuck going without ZR2
  9. I've been trying to track down a Chevy or GMC with a 2.8L Duramax ... not the easiest thing to find right now. I have a deal available on a ZR2 that really has my attention. BUT ..... My main use is towing mostly an enclosed trailer roughly 2,000lbs .. .I know the ZR2 max is 5,000lbs. However, I have boat that totals close to 6,000 - 6,500lbs. The deal with this is going over the limit for reasonably short hauls (never more than 20 miles roughly weekly). Thoughts on going over the towing capacity?
  10. AFAIK ... Intellibeam has never been offered in the Canyons
  11. Until GM shifts its focus from solely bottom line profit, it will continue. Just look at all the various issues going on that are public ... and Id bet at the root is they earned an extra penny by shifting to supplier X from Y and quality falls off a cliff.
  12. 18,000++ miles ... 95% towing with my 3.0. Zero powertrain issues.
  13. Tailgate ... Denali: I personally HATE the multipro gate. Totally useless for me. Prefer the GMCs exterior. High Country: Tailgate... Power down and Power UP. This was gold and truly missed.
  14. FOB batteries are easy to replace .... or it may need a program update.
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