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  1. Personally, I'd at least ask a lawyer if the city would be responsible for any damages ..... Cuz you know your insurance company is gonna low ball you. And you'll LOVE the mileage on the diesel.
  2. Yeah .. .$10 isn't out of this world. By next year it should be available in the 5qt jugs along with a lower price.
  3. NO ... that's the correct oil. MOB-125386 - Mobil 1 ESP X2 Motor Oil
  4. Exact same story here. The 19 6.2 was worse than my 16. All the fuel gimmickry is total BS
  5. Pretty much the same here ... dont believe there's any issue. I've never seen it go above 200 even towing for a distance.
  6. The bulletin floating around says to tighten the fuse box mounts in the engine bay (with green pop ups). No issues for me, but I checked anyhow. Mine were fine. While I was in there, I tightened up the battery terminals - which needed some love.
  7. My 2020 from Ft. Wayne ... apparently balancing tires is not a high priority item. Only 1 of 4 was balanced properly. Tire guy said 1 of the 3 out of balance was way out in left field.
  8. Yeah ... I'd stick to 93. I'd mix mid grade with premium from time to time. My last 6.2 ran fine on 87. The 19 did not like it at all.
  9. Do it yourself. I decided to let them do my 3.0 Diesel. After telling the service writer to make sure they use the right oil .... I get get it back - they used the wrong oil (Part # on service order) and one quart short. Never again. They didnt have the oil in stock - so I got the schlep to another dealer to pick it up and do the oil change myself.
  10. Yes, just not widely. Summitracing.com
  11. Knock on wood, no problems here. 3500 miles. I did visit the dealer for the update.
  12. So what are they going to do to remedy their fail? That's a $1,000 loss in my book. And give PDR a try. Some of those guys are miracle workers.
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