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  1. I read the bulletin on the bad valve springs and recall seeing a statement that a tick is normal due to AFM ...
  2. If you lease, let whoever do the oil changes. If you own and want it done right, do it yourself.
  3. Exactly. I remember getting a $500 coupon for a new vehicle purchase that expired within 6 months or something ridiculous .... Only ones who win are the lawyers.
  4. GM is an absolute joke at updates. Take it to the dealer. This last one for the 2020's is needed. Had my truck die due to dead battery. This update was the fix.
  5. Definitely make them buy that sucker back. GM needs some hits to the bottom line to convince the idiot at the top to improve quality.
  6. Maybe 2500lbs total towing .. nothing in the bed. Here's the trailer on my 6.2
  7. Here ya go.. I do a regular trip every weekend. 250 miles round trip. 8x12 enclosed trailer. Not heavy but Very tall though, so it’s serious drag. with the 6.2, I’d have to fill up at the 200 mile mark with 50 miles to go. same trip with the 3L, there and back and usually 1/4 tank left. Depending on headwinds... So, I think the 6.2 would max out at 240-250 miles on a tank towing. The 3.0 would probably make it to 330-350 miles.
  8. 2 different ... one was Xpel (dont know the "grade") and dont know the other brand. Unfortunately, both ended up with the same results. I'm not knocking it, there are serious benefits. But for me, spending ~$800 for something like didnt pay off
  9. Sorry guys, I mentioned this early on, I've owned both 2019 6.2 and a 2020 3.0 both 4x4. I'm telling you straight up 30 - 40% better mileage on the 3.0 including towing. 6.2 is a beast. You still young and want to holes hot from red lights and don't mind buying premium all the time. Get one. If those days are over and your wallet is sick of paying for fuel, the 3.0 is the way to go. It's 90% of what the 6.2 is performance wise. Meaning you'll only notice a difference when flooring it.
  10. Got to say I was a fan of PPF .... till it actually got beat up by debris. Cannot beat it for bugs (FL is hell). However, on many occasions (on 2 different vehicles), it did it's job but the film was damaged and as time went by, the damaged film was just as bad as damaged paint. On the 20, I didn't bother.
  11. Tough question. 90% of my driving is towing a trailer. So, Im not a good reference. Again though, its not crazy use. I dont think its ever been much below half when Ive filled it back up. you get mileage notices on the info screen and there's a gauge. Certainly not a disqualifier for the benefits of the 3.0 2 tank refills probably covers the cost of DEF compared to a 6.2 using premium. (mileage + fuel cost savings).
  12. True story... Drove my truck 300 miles on Sat. Went out in garage on Tuesday, dead. I mean DEAD. 2 hrs on a charger and not even a light would come on. Towed it to dealer. one week later (today) I picked it up. Cause. Open circuit due to radio. Fix? This update. Unbelievable
  13. DUDE ... perfectly fine. I tow a boat 8,800 lbs. with no issue whatsoever. Same tongue weight ~ 900lbs.
  14. Frequent fuel filter changes? Im 9,000 miles in and it still says 83% remaining .... DEF, cant argue that. But, its use is not obscene ....
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