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  1. Until GM shifts its focus from solely bottom line profit, it will continue. Just look at all the various issues going on that are public ... and Id bet at the root is they earned an extra penny by shifting to supplier X from Y and quality falls off a cliff.
  2. 18,000++ miles ... 95% towing with my 3.0. Zero powertrain issues.
  3. Tailgate ... Denali: I personally HATE the multipro gate. Totally useless for me. Prefer the GMCs exterior. High Country: Tailgate... Power down and Power UP. This was gold and truly missed.
  4. FOB batteries are easy to replace .... or it may need a program update.
  5. Another comparison ... Tesla. First year included, then $9.99 a month for live traffic, music streaming. App connectivity is free. They are rolling out an update now to allow users to connect to their phone's hotspot and grab data from there since most plans include hotspot connectivity these days.
  6. Here www.krohnandmoss.com Dont hesitate, call them. I did. You're welcome.
  7. All I can say .... there's federal lemon laws too. Use them. GM needs to feel it in the wallet so they resume quality over max profit.
  8. No way ... over priced. App is cool. But, for that kind of money each month. F them.
  9. Love my 3.0... will never go back to gas.
  10. I was down to around 10% and oil change was due ... Just did it all at the same time. FWIW, my trucks life is 95% towing. I'd imaging that has a lot to do with it. To add a real life experience. I do a regular weekend trip towing an enclosed trailer roughly 240 round trip. On my prior 6.2, I'd have to fill up with about 50 miles remaining on the last leg. With the 3.0, I make it there and back and have, on average, 1/4 of a tank left. Again, that's real world comparison. And in my opinion, enough to settle any debate for me.
  11. I had 2 prior trucks with the 6.2L ... it wanted premium fuel and drank it like a sailor. Couldn't take it anymore. My 6.2 never saw better than 19mpg with 17 average using premium in real driving. My 3.0 has done 30mpg with 26mpg the real 75mph mileage. So average about 30% more per tank. Here diesel price is about the same as midgrade fuel. The only pain is DEF which is pennies added and a fuel filter at about 18,000 miles for $12.00 Still blows away the gas engine. Emissions problems? Who cares? it's under warranty. I've been back one
  12. I have the 3.0 .... and will never do gas again.
  13. And I am now on my 4th leak as of yesterday. Today, the lemon law attorney has been contacted.
  14. My 2020 towed my 8800lbs boat+trailer with NO issues whatsoever. Your problem is your trailer. You've got too much tongue weight. Buy a tongue weight scale or maybe someone can loan you one to test. 10% max weight should be on the tongue. Based on your numbers, 500lbs. Do not waste money on adding suspension gimmicks. They are not needed. Fix where your boat sits on the trailer and you'll be good to go.
  15. Unfortunately, that GM these days... It's all over this site. Lifter failures, broken valve springs. Embarrassing.
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