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  1. Anyone remove your Colorado emblems? If so, any recommended tips for best practices? ALSO: How about removing the ZR2 decal too? I imagine with a hair blow dryer and floss for the emblems, but not sure about the decal. Thank you!
  2. Thanks for everyone’s help! I’ve since learned there are two compatible covers: Premier Roll-Up by Advantage (Part #: 19355365) https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/2017/Chevrolet/Colorado/short-box-premier-roll-up-tonneau-cover-by-advantage®---associated-accessories-19355365?categoryId=98027 and Truxedo Lo Pro (Part #: 549901) https://truxedo.com/product-detail/549901 Can anyone comment on the differences between the two? One better quality than the other? One look better than the other? Thank you very much!
  3. That's awesome that you haven't had any water issues. I'm hearing that all of the soft roll-up covers leak a bit. While great looking, such a downside of having the Off-Road Sport Bar. Argh.
  4. Thanks so much! Do you have any experience with those particular covers? Do they do a good job of keeping the weather out so the bed doesn't get wet when it rains? And they're lockage / secure such that when the tailgate is locked, the cover can't be opened, yes? Thanks again!
  5. Hi everyone! Hope all is well. I’m a new 2019 Colorado Crew Cab, Short Box owner with the OEMOff-Road Sport Bar and would like to know which Tonneau Covers are compatiblewith the Sport Bar without need for modification. Part numbers and where I can find the best pricing (any OEM accessoryretailers online?) would be greatly appreciated. On the Build Your Own site I see the following, but I don’tsee any part numbers listed for same: Soft-folding tonneau cover: $595 Soft-roll up tonneau cover with integrated support bows: $535 Tonneau Cover (Cargo Box): $570 Tonneau Cover (Hard Roll-Up): $999 Tonneau Cover (Hard Tri-Folding): $999 Tonneau Cover (One-Piece Hard In Primer): $999 Tonneau Cover (One-Piece Hard): $1,349 Tonneau Cover (Premier Roll-Up): $499 Tonneau Cover (Quad-Fold Hard): $1,030 Tonneau Cover (Roll-Up): $329 Tonneau Cover (Soft Tri-Fold): $399 Are these good quality? Is installation easy? Any drilling /special tools needed? Also, do any ‘flap’ / ‘buffer’ when driving, creating anannoying sound in cab? And any recommended running boards? Suggestions for same aswell would be great. Much thanks and happy trucking! My best.

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