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  1. I got a 21 Canyon AT4 on Sunday. Couldn't find an off-road edition anywhere near me so I have a picture in my head of what I want but I also have a warranty that I'd like to protect... I have a decked system from my previous rig (Colorado) that I'm going to be installing on the Canyon and I would like to put in (Peak) aal to compensate for the weight (500lbs). I realize that the GM level kit gives 'warranty security', however it's only 1" & the aal is approx 1"... I feel like I would need 3" in front w/ the 1" AAL, to be truly leveled, but I'm not one for replacing/upgrading brand new parts (UCAs/shocks/struts), so 2" would be max for now. All of that being said; is it worth saving a couple bucks and getting the 2" with RC or should I stick GM 1"? Should I wait on the aal & let the suspension settle?
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