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  1. 2017 Canyon SLT --- Can someone tell me if there is a fuse that stays hot only when in drive, I'm installing front parking sensors. I already have them wired to hot when running, but I would like to change to drive only. THANKS
  2. Can someone direct me to a hot wire location when in drive only, Im installing front parking sensors.
  3. Does anyone know of, or has heard of any body changes to the 2020 Canyons, I am in the market for a new Denali but Im waiting on a body change. I have a 17 but do not want to buy another just like it. THANKS
  4. I have the same one as FONDUPOT on a 17 Canyon, love it.
  5. Does the 17 Canyon with Bose system have mirror link , if so , how does it work ?
  6. Where would you tie your wiring into for front floor lighting on a 17 Canyon SLT Crew ?
  7. Is there a driver side grab handle available for a 17 Canyon
  8. I was watching a video of a 16 Canyon that had red dash lighting, I have a 17 Canyon with blue lighting, I was wondering if it could be changed in the settings. Thanks
  9. I have a 2017 Canyon SLT with 265-60 R 18 stock from the factory with plenty of room to spare. I think the body style is the same for 15 -17
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