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  1. Even if it's still under warranty you're taking a risk. They will almost assuredly half-ass caulk the window for the first attempt. And possibly make an ugly mess in the process. If that "fix" holds long enough for them to run out the warranty clock, you're replacing your own back window out of pocket when it inevitably leaks again. After the crap I went through with mine, I would never buy a used 2019. Sure, it was sorted out by the time I moved on, but who knows where this 2019 is on the timeline of failures and dealer visits. Get a 2020 or 2021.
  2. To get back on topic, I plan on keeping my current truck through at least the next twenty variants.
  3. Another good one. Insert a Tesla Plaid in this commercial instead. It would be as dull as dishwater.
  4. https://youtu.be/msUdk08Nhe8 ?t=00m42s I mean, c’mon.
  5. Anyone here younger than me? Did I get called a boomer at 33? So I guess it’s a bad time to say I would 100% take a 4.3 truck and the cash difference over this Silverado EV? EVs have the straight line acceleration but are missing the X factor. The feel, the noise, the experience. I don’t dispute the Tesla is quicker than a Demon, but we know which one most enthusiasts would choose. I didn’t make whooshing noises when I played with toy cars. I made screaming bald eagle V8 sounds. My adult life is the same.
  6. Can’t remove depreciation in real life, and it’ll be a huge factor. Even if you “keep it forever”, 10-15 years into ownership, you will have 100k into an antiquated, undesirable vehicle that needs a $20,000 battery put into it. A truck full of obsolete tech and styling that went from trendy to dated. What would you do?
  7. ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. GM delivered all of 26 EVs in Q4 2021, but this is the future apparently. Another $100,000 toy truck for rich people. Totally redundant to the Hummer.
  8. What trim level? SLT, AT4 and Denali already have LED reverse lights that aren’t replaceable.
  9. Ford might have a better formula, making the Lightning look more like a normal F-150. Then again, everyone who buys an EV feels the need to be seen and worshipped. This very aggressive design may work out fine.
  10. I was bone stock. Been lots of people here with a similar experience over the last 3 years. Aim and glare are not always in a cause and effect relationship. And aiming them down on a stock truck just creates a different safety issue.
  11. Maybe more modern, but not sure LED reflector is necessarily better. The mid-level Rams have LED reflector, the top trims get adaptive LED projector. My 16 Sierra had HID projectors, and the 19 Silverado had LED reflectors. Got flashed in both. The Silverado was definitely better for my own vision but seemed to get flashed more. Country roads mostly. Will be interesting to see if GM improved them for the refresh.
  12. Yes, and the glare is horrible actually. Never realized it until I got the Ram. Bigger taller truck, still never get flashed. My 19 Silverado got flashed regularly. Actually kinda feel bad for getting pissed and X-raying those guys back. They must have been onto something.
  13. This is my dad’s old bike that I inherited years ago. 1972 Triumph Tiger Daytona. Fun little bike, but haven’t tinkered with (or ridden) it much. Feel like my 9 lives on two wheels were used up in my teens and early 20s. Nothing wrong with walking away and putting the money elsewhere.
  14. A look into the future… https://nypost.com/2021/12/24/tesla-explodes-after-mechanics-charge-man-23k-for-new-battery/amp/
  15. Too many miles for that money. You’re damn near out of the bumper to bumper already. Unless you need a truck right away, find a dealer that will order at MSRP. You’ll be way ahead.
  16. No, a therapeutic is just great for everyone because stopping the spread is impossible. My eyes aren’t lying to me. NFL…96.4% players vaccinated, ~100% staff vaccinated. Games still getting postponed. Every team, every week has several players and coaches out with Covid. No, they are not getting sick, but the virus is being hosted and spread just fine amongst the vaccinated. I always try to view the facts for what they are, and not what I want them to be. I believe the data at this point shows the vaccines are very very good at preventing serious infection, and basically useless at preventing transmission. As a footnote. My mom got her Moderna booster a few weeks ago at my urging. I am not an anti-vaxxer. They have a place. But I am still a realist. And not a ghoul that celebrates the death of people making personal health decisions.
  17. Why dismiss a therapeutic when nothing is stopping the spread? Seems like it would be good news. But I guess people just can’t be happy unless they are laughing at an unvaccinated person dying. Funny how the people who think they are the smartest and most moral are actually the most rotten and close-minded.
  18. Normal would be great ASAP. Wife needs something in the next year or two. When I was at the dealer, they had a 2022 LD Silverado LTZ. Looked just like mine but it was a total Covid mule. Forget heated rear seats, it didn’t even have heated fronts. Just blanks over the holes. MSRP at 60k just like mine was, but half the truck. 5.3 8 speed, no tech package, no heated or vented seats, etc. Yikes. Feel legitimately bad for whoever pays that much for so little. Price going up is one thing. Equipment going down at the same time is a tough pill to swallow. Hopefully the refresh trucks are designed around what the supply chain can support, or this is gonna get bad.
  19. Timely topic. Flippin squirrels got my Ram last week. They left the walnuts in there to prove it. $25 harness, but $600 labor because of course it’s in the valley where no human could reach. Maybe it’s true about the trash because I never had this problem with my GMs. Just hung a bunch of moth balls and will spray with peppermint oil regularly. Hope that’s the end of it.
  20. ZR2 price isn’t too surprising. Or obscene. I mean it comes as a full load out at that price. Compared to a base Raptor or TRX it should be much better equipped in addition to being a little cheaper. And probably a little easier to live with on the day to day. It is what it is. Everything is more expensive. Not the consumer’s fault. And not GM’s fault. Wholesale prices were up damn near 10% in November year over year. They can’t absorb that themselves. Stop printing money maybe.
  21. I don’t mind paying for services that actually offer a service. If you’re using a company’s satellites, towers, servers, etc…you should have to pay for that. This ain’t that. Toyota is attempting to charge you to not lose a feature that was already built into the car.
  22. This does strike me as greed. And/or utter stupidity. Pay to use a fob you already paid for. Not like it’s a phone app or anything. https://arstechnica.com/cars/2021/12/toyota-owners-have-to-pay-8-mo-to-keep-using-their-key-fob-for-remote-start/
  23. We simply don’t know the long term impact on switching to EVs. So far everyone is just doing what feels good on the front end, ignoring the serious environmental concerns on the back end. Cart before the horse. It’s all been said before. Power. Grid. Batteries. Tech. Know anyone using a 10 year old laptop? 10 year old cell phone? No, because the batteries are long dead and so is the tech driving the device. When you make cars into computers, the same thing will happen. They won’t be worth the investment to keep going when the big bad battery bites the dust. Gets even worse if you barely own the thing anyway. No independent repair and subscriptions for everything. See Toyota wants you to pay monthly to use the key fob you paid for when you bought the car?!? Just an RF communication directly from the remote and the car, but they want to be in-between it now. I guess it’s easy to understand why the automakers are excited for the future. Consumers probably shouldn’t be.
  24. Was the Chevy Bolt on fire when you saw it, or not yet?
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