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  1. If you think the computer running the power steering is scary, the one doing the braking system is even worse. My neighbor’s fence almost learned that the hard way. I’m sure they will pull codes and check for updates, don’t ever remember getting one for steering on my 2019 though. Unfortunately/ fortunately a lot of these glitches come and then go just as quickly. And usually never appear again.
  2. The most “modern” vehicle I’ve ran the miles up on is a 2003 Jetta GLI with the 24v VR6. It’s definitely a complex engine design and electronics heavy, but still simple in comparison to my truck. Sold it to my buddy last year and he still drives it every day. It’s probably one of the highest mileage examples around, sitting at roughly 215k currently. Original engine, trans and clutch. And it ain’t even rusty somehow. I never went overboard on maintenance nor did the previous owner. Ditched the pink VW coolant for the normal green stuff. Mobil 1 every 5-6k. Mann filters. I did the tie rods and ball joints a few years ago. Steering rack started leaking shortly after because the inner tie rods broke the seals when I spun ‘em. Had to have that replaced rather than DIY because the subframe needed to be dropped. That’s about it.
  3. Scanning still doesn’t give a complete list. Not even close. Build sheet is 3 full pages and this all that comes up when I scan mine. CK10543,10,18,01,WGNC44, AXK AY0 A2X A50 A7K CF5 CJ2 C6A DEZ DRZ EF7 E63 FE9 FJW FWI F48 GBA GU6 G80 H1Y IOT I19 J61 KW5 L87 MAH MQB NP5 NTB N10 QAB QAQ RD2 RM7 UHS UQA UV6 U2K V8D WMK X88 Z60 Z82 1LZ 4AA 6LM 7LM 8X2 9X2,8555,,,,
  4. Every QR scanner I’ve tried gives a really short, incomplete list. The build sheet gives the build date, all RPOs and descriptions of them. Can’t beat it.
  5. Pretty much how mine is now. You can stick some towels down there to absorb it. Since the headliner isn’t getting wet I’m just leaving it. No point in taking it back for another failed repair.
  6. Avalanche doesn’t have IRS. Does have coil springs though, like the Suburban it was based off of. And the last two generations of Ram for that matter.
  7. My ma just got the first shot of Moderna. Walgreens. Very quick process, maybe 15 minutes total. They had her hang out for 5 minutes to make sure everything was fine so she did some shopping. She got really hot and then really tired briefly afterwards. All that seems to have subsided now. Arm still very sore but otherwise no issues.
  8. Yes, depression is a very serious issue surrounding our response to the pandemic. My work hasn’t been heavily impacted so I am fortunate to have finances and my sanity mostly intact. My wife continues to struggle because she’s the only person working in office. Everyone else is working from home and using it as an opportunity to sleep in, drink on the job, and just generally be less productive. Constant issues with the tech, computers, VPNs, phones. Microsoft Teams calls with kids screaming in the background, etc. I am shocked they continue to allow it but she works for a “woke” company that’s afraid to force anyone back to work. Some have even said they won’t come back until they get a pay increase for commuting! Look at the monster they created. I imagine those who are retired have lost most contact with the outside world. That is depressing for sure. Those who are lucky to still have a job find themselves doing nothing but working, with little recreation available. And the ones that lost their jobs are getting it from both ends. I just review the numbers daily and struggle to find any justification for what we are doing.
  9. I’d have a different stance if the 2021s were perfect and bug free, but they aren’t. Better than a 19 or 20, of course. Is there still room to improve, of course. Unless you absolutely need a truck right this second, I don’t see any harm in at least waiting until the 2022 is unveiled. 1) Inventory on 2021s is pretty tight right now anyway, so there aren’t great deals here in March. Especially not on a hot seller like an AT4. 2) If you see the 2022 design a few months from now and like it, you save a lot of money buying the wrong truck and then trading it soon after for the 2022. 3) If you see the 2022 design a few months from now and hate it, you save a lot of money buying a 2021 when it’s considered a lame duck and everyone else is holding out for the 2022. 2022 marks the shift to the GM Global B electronic architecture, which is currently in the T1 SUVs, Corvette and some Cadillacs since 2020 model year. Seems like there’s been a fair amount of time to debug it, and the rest of the T1 platform will be unchanged. Clean sheet platform designs are much riskier. Learned that the hard way on my 19 having had every common issue and some uncommon ones as well.
  10. Hehe, you can also fold them in by pressing and holding the “lock” button on the keyless remote. And then unfold by holding “unlock”.
  11. Apparently allowing people to regain their freedom after a 90% decrease in cases is “Neanderthal thinking”. What an ass. This is how we never move on from this.
  12. No. Rancho shocks on a normal Z71 / X31 are twin tube, and they are junk.
  13. I’m not lifted, but swapping my stock rear shocks for Bilstein 5100s definitely reduced the tail happy rear end behavior over bumps. Worth noting though, the stock Ranchos on the AT4 and Trail Boss are monotube. They supposedly much better than the ones that come with a normal height Z71 / X31 truck.
  14. That’s everything I wish for. Imagine a 700hp engine that doesn’t have to move a lifted truck on 35s.
  15. The 2019s were known to not ride the greatest in the first place, GM “retuned” the suspension (changed the springs) for 2020. And I doubt any of the aftermarket additions on your truck are helping matters. Drone...if you have a hacked up pieced-together exhaust, not surprising. You really might want to consider getting a catback from GM Performance, Borla or Corsa. They are expensive sure, but they are also engineered to avoid drone.
  16. Not gonna get into how they will fix it but it’s not a fix. Just saying it might be wise for the OP to wait and see rather than go through the same BS myself and many others went through. 204 page thread now spanning 3 model years with an unresolved problem. It is what it is.
  17. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/216705-rear-window-leak/page/200/#comments Give it time. There’s a few 2021 leakers on that page alone.
  18. Moot point. The 19-21 trucks aren’t exactly a model of simplicity. Even compared to a 2018 they are significantly more complex and much less DIY friendly. They have brake by wire and literally electronic everything. Also see the thread about how you don’t even get a transmission dipstick anymore. ? Another 2022 advantage...maybe they will finally solve the rear window leak...
  19. IMO...wait. There’s nothing “wrong” with the current interior but it’s really boring and sort of dated looking compared to the competition. Last thing you want to do is have regret when the new one is revealed in just a few months from now, and you just bought the old one.
  20. Not to mention the logistics of stocking two different filters for each vehicle, both having the same exact part number, but one being somehow cheaper built than the other? Next thing you know, each dealer will have a special tech fresh out of McDonalds who is restricted to only doing the free oil changes. ?
  21. I used up my free ones on the last truck and my one on this truck. The only leak I’ve ever had was from faulty oil cooler lines. Can’t blame the dealer for that. People like to be dramatic about the “risk” of letting a dealer do an oil change. All I know is that the vast majority of people don’t change their own oil, and the average vehicle on a US road is ~12 years old. You tell me how that’s evidence of a widespread oil change problem.
  22. I did the double gasket boo-boo once. You definitely only do it once. Shot about a quart onto my driveway within few seconds. I always look down there after starting the first time so I caught it right away. Anywho, there’s no way the leak in question was a doubled up gasket. Wouldn’t make it 2000 feet let alone 2000 miles.
  23. Yup, I agree. Just playing devil’s advocate. Plus, I’m sure GM views the Hummer as a competitor to the TRX. And I do think there will be some crossover between buyers of those $100,000+ pickups.
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