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  1. There are 2 release buttons on the sides of the plastic grommets into which the headrest bars go into. Press them in at the same time and the headrest will pull up and eventually come out. You will probably have to fold the headrest down to get it out.
  2. I had very similar experience as wedwngr with my 2016 5.3 & 8 speed combo. I commute ~25 miles one way to work via a 4 lane US route with speed limits from 40 to 60 & 5 stop lights before hopping on an interstate for the last half of the trip. I also used my cruise control and tried to coast as much as possible. Never pumped a drop of anything other than 87 octane gas in it from the day I took delivery. During the summer months, I could get as much as 23mpg on a tank (roads did have some hills that would peck away at the mileage). During the winter, I'd be lucky to get 20mpg. Crosswinds also seemed to affect mileage more so than a straight on wind for some reason. I did experience the clunky transmission (hard shifting, not knowing which gear into which it wanted to downshift) as well as the fluttering (fish nibbling - feels like the engine is missing out a bit while cruising at hwy speeds - fixed with transmission fluid flush at dealership). Due to the 8 speed transmission experiences, I switched to a 6.2L in my 2019 and am getting 1-2mpg less so far on the hwy and around 17.5 in stop & go traffic (better than 5.3 did for me). Right now, I'm chasing gremlins to get fixed under warranty.
  3. My Sierra 1500 Denali has done it on start up since I bought it - thought it was just a belt or something. This morning on my way to work at just shy of 650 miles on the truck, it did it every time the engine was under load (not coasting downhill, etc.) at all speeds except maybe below 30mph. Sounds like a chimney full of baby birds - just maddening to me. NOT a happy customer right now. Driver's seat ventilation fan is also squealing. I should just load the cab with about 10 cages full of small birds - would be about the same quality of cab noise. This is ridiculous. First the K2XX 5.3L and it's clunky-a$$ed herky jerky transmission and now this.
  4. Took my Denali into the dealer for same issue & they pulled the headrest out & gently pulled the bars further apart. No issues since & something that can be done yourself. Figured it might save some time for some.
  5. I was having the "Once initialized...." message in my less than week old Denali then I found this thread and read the response about the write protection switch on the SD card. While the truck wasn’t running I removed the SD card and slid the little write protection slider on the side of the SD card and reinserted into the reader. No more "Once initialized...." message on start up. Knock on wood, no error messages or other nags. Will respond back if this doesn’t do the trick for the "Once initialized..." message.

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