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  1. If they fit a 2019, you could keep the old ones & change the illuminated ones out in the fall before snow with the old plates. That being said, I'd be worried the little tabs that hold the plates into the plastic trim would eventually wear & snap off - the only other alternative would be to have 2 sets of plastic pieces so you don't have to remove the metal inserts. Probably a bit more $$$ but might be worth it in the long run.
  2. Wow - they can't even get the reference images right in the work instruction - every one of them are backwards & upside down. ?
  3. Got the v807 update one morning during the past week as I was parking. I let the update run but a few days later the Passive Door Lock reset to OFF. It's done this one other time (randomly & not after the last update) so I'm not sure if the update had anything to do with it or not. Kind of ticks me off since there's no warning of any kind that a setting has changed & it's a security thing. I get used to just exiting the vehicle & it locking on its own. So much for conveniences, I guess. No other issues that I've noticed yet.
  4. Sound like some sort of bad bearing sound? If so it probably needs a new vent motor. Mine did the same thing. Make sure you turn it on & have it running & then get in the back & listen - the sound may be located lower than you think while sitting up front. Once you know from where it’s coming, call the dealership.
  5. Sorry, haven’t heard anything as of yet. I’ve been off on holiday/vacation since 12/19 & not returning until the 13th. Will talk to my engineering chief to see if anything has been discussed. I’m not going to hold my breath over much.
  6. Just don't use CarPlay for play selection - use the default GM audio app. It might take a minute or so for it to load your full music library, but it doesn't lock you out while driving like CarPlay does.
  7. Mine were as low as they could go & rattled at every position from the time I took delivery until the tech spread the bars apart. Haven’t had an issue with them since. They shouldn’t rattle regardless of the position.
  8. ...or if the strike lasts longer (LOL), they may have enough of a wait on transmissions in Mexico & other parts elsewhere that they could do it in 2021 but I doubt that will happen then. Check my PM to you (in a few).
  9. If that's directed at me for whatever reason - 3 years with this truck meaning 3 years with this design (19 thru 21). A mid-cycle refresh (GM's words not mine) would exclude "this" truck and start with 2022 MY. If T1XX runs through 2025 model year, 2022 would be about half way since there are obviously no half year builds (2022 1/2). Mountains out of molehills, really - point being when the refresh is potentially coming. GM typically runs a bit longer than 2 years (2019, 2020) before diving into a refresh on the FST, particularly if they're going to work on the interior in a major way.
  10. 2022 MY would be the halfway point of the T1 and a highly likely candidate for a new interior. 3 years with this truck, 3+ years with mid-cycle refresh (unlikely any new sheet metal/aluminum - think front end change like K2XX along with a possible new interior).
  11. The stub shaft is available, just not through Customer Care Aftersales (CC&A, formerly GM Service Parts Organization). Read right above that - it tells how to order the stub shaft (in red box below). All that "This PI will be updated...." part means is the Parts Information section (parts list) will be updated with the correct part number once GM has settled on which stub shaft is actually going to fix the issue & when there are enough in inventory where they don't have to be special ordered. Granted, this document isn't worded in a manner that is perfectly clear either, I
  12. No clue unless it just takes time to get databases up to date on the vendor sites or GM is doing it intentionally in hopes it drums up more visits to dealership service departments.
  13. I’d find the VIN from a 2019 HC & then call a dealer parts dept. & give them the VIN from the HC. Most dealership sites list the VINs in their listings. Can’t hurt to give it a shot.
  14. No clue - this is the T1 area (2019-2025). Try asking in the K2 section of the forums.
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