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  1. Hey guys, My sub is installed. I bought the control knob afterwards for the sub. What are the proper steps for installing one? Ive seen power off, knob all the way to the lowest setting. How do i get the amp to have no power, just unplug everything? Thanks, sorry for the amateur questions.
  2. The head unit does not do any controlling for bass?
  3. Thanks! And what if I don't put in a control knob?
  4. When you install the kicker factory subwoofer, does it pull most of the bass to the sub or do the speakers still do the same thing as without the sub? Just wondering if most bass will come from the back or speakers as well? I'd prefer less bass in the speakers and more into the subwoofer,so just wondering how it is designed to work. Any replies would be great!
  5. Has anyone installed this system without knob control?
  6. In my 2020 6.2 Denali, going 75-80 I got 23-25 mpg over 500 miles. I'm pretty pleased with this truck on the highway. Power when u want, mileage when u need it.
  7. My buddy has a 6" lift on his high country here in Alberta. Not sure where that info is coming from
  8. Oh okay. My rattle is inside the passenger door when I play almost any type of music and the system plays some bass (anything except really low). I may let them take the entire door apart to try and find a fix. For an 80k cad truck, it shouldnt have any issues. only 2000 km's on it. been present since 500 km. I can stop the rattles if i just press slightly on the plastic panel beneath where the arm would be resting. I wonder if they can glue or find some other fix for it.
  9. Did the dealer have a fix? I have rattles in my passenger door too from certain bass. Thanks
  10. Honestly Ive been trying to find out just what exactly that does cover. Im sure it doesnt cover wear items, and unsure about rattles whether I will have to pay or not to get it looked at before its fixed.
  11. Hey guys, When I play some songs, certain bass will make my doors rattle in a way that is extremely frustrating for an expensive truck. The doors on my truck just do not seem put together tightly or well. Otherwise, no issues with the truck. I suspect its the frequency just vibrating the plastic a certain way... Would I have a case to take it into the dealer to get them to tighten everything up under warranty? I only have 1700km (1000 miles) on it and playing music is kinda irritating me that I am hearing a rattle. Is this stuff covered under warranty? Its basically brand new. Thanks.
  12. Figured, but thought I would ask in case someone more knowledgeable in the area could chime in. My 2020 Denali has it, can hear it mostly st highway speeds. Nothing crazy but it's there. Sounds like wait a bit to see if fixes are coming.
  13. Is this entire problem just a sound thing or is there potential for damage?
  14. I'll get a pic when it happens again. I also adjusted the switch on the nav card
  15. Hey guys, just got a 2020 1500 Denali. Most times when I get home, I have to accept 4 agreements. This would be fine, but I'm having to do it almost every day. Anyone know a way to fix this or what I can do to agree and accept once and for all? Anyone had this issue when you arrive home and gotta accept 4 things? Thanks
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