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  1. Dealer I spoke to today suggested next week or the week after might be seeing 2020's hit the lots for 1500's. Cant wait.
  2. I believe you have to connect it to Wifi and check for updates. However, I could be wrong.
  3. Hey. Looking at 6.2L Denali in a month or two. Compared to ford (limited) the seats in the Denali aren't that comfy. Anyone with info want to share, did they get better or worse over time? Stay the same? Are you comfy in them for long rides? I intend to borrow a truck for a day and see if I like the seats before purchasing, but thought u would ask for higher mileage experiences. Thanks
  4. Yep. Ordered a 2020. Denali ultimate No pricing yet tho. 8 weeks my truck should be in they say... Didn't have much to say in regards to changes or other items. Just that incentives will be less...and I told them if I'm not happy I will walk
  5. Hey guys. Getting close to getting my truck, but was reading the truck manual and it says you're recommended to run 93 octane. That's pretty hard to find around my area in Alberta other than husky and petro-can which I don't have by my house. Would 91 from shell be okay? What are you guys using? Am I gonna be knocking the engine with 91? What are your experiences with 91/93 octane? If people are having bad experiences with 91 octane and need 93 I might have to rethink my truck... Thanks
  6. Does anyone know when 2020 pricing will be available or when they will be updating the websites online to represent 2020's? Thanks.
  7. I sent an order in last week for a 2020. Waiting to get my # There are a ton of Denali and at4's in Alberta.
  8. Haha no way! I almost bought a 2019 from them 2 weeks ago. They were giving me a really good deal over the phone that I almost couldn't resist, but I'm waiting for the 2020 for adaptive cruise. Otherwise the deal they were giving me was like 4k better than any other dealer
  9. Where are these dealerships located so I can skip them?
  10. You already signed to stuff? I ordered a 2020 and put a fully refundable deposit down, expecting no negotiating and might have to walk
  11. I think you can contact the dealer for order # and then use gm canada to track it with them. I wish they had a better system for tracking
  12. Put a fully refundable deposit down for a fully loaded 2020 denali. Interested to see when it drops, what incentives (i get employee pricing through my work) will be given and if they will play ball with negotiating. Dont mind waiting, just wanted opportunity to get one built how i want as soon as possible
  13. Oh okay I'm looking at Denali with ultimate package and 6.2. waited specifically because of adaptive cruise.
  14. From Alberta. Couple dealers have said you can go order now. Just not sure they are being built yet but u can submit an order. Arrive in 60-90 days
  15. Anyone ordered a 2020 yet or know when they will hit lots? Dealers trying to sell me a 2019 (I want adaptive cruise) and their comments range from end of August to December.
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