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  1. I am happy to hear so people are pleased with their 5.3/8speed. I probably don’t need 6.2/10speed either. Just concerned about the negative press in 8 speed. I am sure there are a lot of happy campers out there and the unhappy tend to chime in on the forums more. Since I want the standard bed, cloth, buckets and Bose the RST z71 fits my want list fine. My dealer says he can order what I want for $10K below MSRP. I plan to drive the 5.3 and 6.2 back to back and then decide.
  2. Thanks - the standard bed is hard to find and usually not equipped like I want. You are correct that option 3 is probably the Best Buy.
  3. Was getting very close to ordering RST Crew z71 Standard bed. A little concerned with all the negative reviews on the 8 speed although some owners seem pleased. Choices (1) proceed as planned (2) jump up to 2019 LTZ with 6.2/10speed (3) wait for 2020 5.3/10speed The problem with door #3 is no incentives for quite a while? The other factor is I really prefer cloth in Texas and I plan to drive it 10 years.
  4. It has worked just fine for me! 66 years old! lol!
  5. Can someone confirm that the 2019 LTZ z71 6.2/10 speed has the auto lock differential? When I build this truck on the Chevy site it does not list it as included or show it as an option? I have read that all z71 included it. Thanks
  6. Have you called your dealer and asked? I did see the fog light kit somewhere online. This is part of why I have been looking at the RST.
  7. Is the 8 speed that bad? Do you think the 2020 8 speed will be better? Trying to decide between 2019 now or 2020 later. Probably no incentives for early 2020.
  8. So what is a man to do? I was about to order a 2019 RST Crew 5.3 with 8 speed. Then I read that the 2020 is coming soon. I read an article from Donlen that said you can order 2020 (now or soon) for Production in August. Now I am reading all the complaints and about the 8 speed lawsuit. Do we think the 2020 8 speed (MQ3) will be better? I can not afford the 6.2 and 10 speed. Dont really want to look at F150 because they are having issues with their 10 speed. Which truck to buy?
  9. Where did you read that? Is there an article in upgrades out there? Thx

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