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  1. They use some tough materials and the fit is awesome.
  2. Try Headwater Seatcovers. Mine are 9 years old and look great..
  3. Disappointed with 2019

    If you get a chance try to drive both and feel the difference. For my driving habits and budget I felt the 5.3 with 8 speed was plenty quick and strong enough. I even drove an F150 5.0 with 10 speed but it did not excite me. I think the 2019 us very nice and some great pricing available. I really like the “standard bed”.
  4. Disappointed with 2019

    After 382 miles I LOVE my truck.
  5. I like my 2019 RST just fine.
  6. Thanks! It does make for a sharp truck!
  7. I know it is not a Denali thought I would chime in and vote for Satin Steel Metallic. I also like the Dark Atmosphere interior very much.
  8. Congratulations and welcome! I hope you enjoy the new ride! It is a beauty 👌
  9. Thanks! Go check it out - I think you will like it. For the Texas Heat it is better than black.
  10. They call it dark atmosphere on their website. The dash and doors are brown and the seats are a lighter brown/gray. Definitely not a plain light gray like others I have seen. Have you looked at one?
  11. I love the brown interior - so glad I ordered what I wanted😃
  12. I love the fact that my new 2019 RST z71 Crew Cab w/Standard Bed fits in the garage😃
  13. Go to Walmart and buy her a little booster! - lol 😂 I keep one in my Polaris for the grandkids! My wife is 5’2” so I feel you.
  14. Picking up my new 2019 RST Crew z71 this week. Planning on putting KO2’s. Stock size is 275/60r20. Has anyone upgraded to 275/65r20 without leveling or lifting? I like the thought of an additional 1/2” sidewalk for ride quality. Thx!

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