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  1. I have also replaced my shocks with Eibach Pro Truck Sport Shocks on all 4 wheels which helped a lot. I run 36 psi in my truck and the ride is fine. I have been driving Silverado’s since 1974 except for one f-250 from 1992-1994. I think these new trucks are the best 1/2 ton’s available. As others have said, “they are a truck”.
  2. To clarify, I started buying LT tires in 2010 because I bought a 6,000 travel trailer and I hunt in South Texas on a ranch with rocky roads, mesquite and cactus. The E and D rated LT’s might ride a little stiffer but honestly running down the highway at 80 mph I have no complaints. The piece of mind with towing and hauling and insurance against rocks and thorns is very much worth it to me. I realize that LT’s are not a must but in my case I do not feel as if I am throwing away $1,000.
  3. I do not think so. I have KO2’s LT 275/60R-20’s on mine and I love them. Mine are load range D. Ran the similar tire in 18’s on my 2011 in load E for 8 years and loved them. If you tow any the LT tire are much stronger and safer. You have a great tire!
  4. Was you truck at the ranch where you are or in a town? Most likely someone pulled in thx door handle.
  5. I really like the Trail Boss but decided on RST, z71, 20” wheels with KO2’s, Eibach Pro Truck Sport Shocks and I am very pleased after 16,000 miles. I am 67 and my Dad is 90 so I opted against the 2” lift. My wife is only 5’2” so that was a factor also. These new trucks are big and mine sits plenty high for me. I budgetEd for tires and shocks when shopping. I waited 6 months for the Bilstein 4600 but very happy with the Eibachs and their customer service. I pulled my 6,000 Jayco 250 miles and back during deer season and have pulled my Polaris Ranger at least 1,000 miles. It tows both with ease but my gas mileage is only 8 mpg with Jayco. Luckily I only tow it to the ranch is Sep and home in late Jan. Good luck shopping and hope you find one you like. I highly recommend the standard bed, bucket seats and Bose. I also like the two tone (brown/gray) interior. It looks sharper than black in my opinion.
  6. I paid $389.30 for all 4 with free shipping. The salesman that helped me was Jeren Walker. You should be able to find a shop to install them for around $300. My front end alignment cost $75.00. I would look for a suspension shop or front end alignment shop.
  7. My mechanic said the rancho was so weak he could push the piston with ease. He said the Eibach was the hard to install and took 2 people. BTW he charged $250 to install 2 shocks, 2 struts, remove plastic air dam, and install curt front receiver hitch (Part # 31088 which fits great with NO trimming required). I am smiling every time I drive my truck. Ordered mine directly from Eibach at a great price with free shipping.
  8. I drive a 2019 RST z71 with standard bed. It has the 5.3 with 8 speed. It has GM 20” wheels and KO2’s. I have driven Silverado’s since 1974 with the exception of (1) F250 in 1992 for 2 years. I am not here to bash the new trucks as I love mine still after 16,000 miles. I was not pleased with the rear end hop on washboard pavement and gravel roads. I spent over 40 days at the deer lease this year (just retired) so my truck has been used hauling feed, travel trailer and Polaris. Finally had my new shocks installed with stock springs and front end aligned. It feels much more “planted” and the new feel is hard to explain. It almost feels as if I am in “sport mode”. These shocks soak up bumps so much better and quicker than the twin tube rancho. I found some bad pavement this week to compare and I am very pleased. I was waiting for the Bilstein 4600 but decided to go with Eibach. I think they are a good investment and made in USA.
  9. Forget about it Invest in tie down straps and even a cargo carrier if you need it. The crew cabs are huge and with the rear seat folded up you can haul so much. I use my bed way too much to try a cover.
  10. Nice truck! I still love mine also after 16,000 miles.
  11. Good choice! Nitto’s are probably heavier but you can compare on discount tire website. I have those tires and love them. Be careful with offset as it can throw mud all over your truck and damage other mechanical parts.
  12. I am a big fan of the BFGoodrich KO2. I usually buy load E but bought my RST cam with 20” wheels so I bought load D and like them very much. The Nitto is a good tire also. You can go to the Discount Tire website and compare the specs, weight, price, etc.
  13. I bought Eibach for front and rear but don’t have time to install until after January 20th. The full rut is on in South Texas. They have a great reputation and made in America.
  14. Look at Eibach front adjustable struts. I bought them and rear shocks for my 2019 1500.
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