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  1. I tow a 6000 Jayco and Polaris Ranger on occasion and Mine does not squat at all. I measured the distance from ground to wheel wells (front and rear) before and after and found less than a 1/4” difference. Sounds like you have too much tongue weight? My truck is a 2019 crew cab z71 4 wheel drive with regular cab. After 10,000 miles I changed all shocks to Eibach and love them.
  2. Above is Backing into my spot at the deer lease. We are blessed with a steel pole barn that is 40’x160’ that is 59 years old. Below is in the driveway.
  3. My 2019 RST Z71 - best truck I have had since 1973.
  4. After driving trucks for over 45 years I can honestly say my 2019 is the best truck I have owned and the AMP steps I added are my favorite of all time.
  5. I can not wear IWB - tried some and could not get comfortable. I have 5 pancake Style holsters from Simply Rugged and a heavy duty belt. I highly recommend them. The website is easy and you can call Rob with questions. If you get the right Belt and Holster you will love it. I carry cross draw on my left side so it does not hit my seat belt or my rifle when over my shoulder. Feels real natural to me. Good luck.
  6. When I am on the way to my deer lease down south I wear OWB the entire weekend. When driving around town if not carrying I keep mine exactly where you do. I think it is very convenient!
  7. In the end - if you carefully select your options the RST can be just as plush as the LTZ. It boils downs to chrome vs color match. I ordered my RST with buckets, full console, 6.5 bed, Bose, etc. Just take your time and order what you want. You can print your specs and go visit dealers or even call them and tell them they have 30 minutes to give you there best price. Good luck!
  8. I bought all 4 shocks for $435 and my mechanic charged $200. I got tired of waiting on the 4600 as I never wanted the 5100. Bilstein told me the 4600 is the best shock for stock height and for towing. I set the Eibach’s on stock height and it worked out great. Same height as stock and I only have 1/4” rake on my truck. The Eibach’s killed the chevy hop in the rear end and the truck drives much more planted.
  9. I bought Eibach’s and I am very pleased.
  10. I bought one from my dealer and used my points. It is a custom fit made by cover craft I believe. Fits great.
  11. I use Wamsutta Ultra Soft bath rugs from bed bath and beyond. They are 17”x24” and work great. I have them in both front seats and console. You can find a color that matches your interior nice. I get very hot and sweaty at the ranch and these protect my truck very well.
  12. Mine has 22,000 miles and has been great. I replaced the shocks but I had already budgeted for that change based on reviews and previous experience with rancho. The 5.3/8 speed has been smooth and has all of the power I need. The most common problem is with the TMJ dues to constant wide grin every time I start it and take off ?
  13. Congrats and good luck! I think you will love it. I love mine and after 21,000 I have no complaints. I am 67 and retired so I did NOT mess with lift or level. My rear end only sits 1/2” higher than front and with 20” KO2’s it sits plenty high off the ground. I added AMP steps, tool box, GMC tail gate handle, and Eibach shocks. The 5.3 / 8 speed has been good to me.
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