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  1. Would not hurt to talk to your dealer but my guess is it will cost you $10K. I am lucky in that my 8 speed is fine and I do not like adaptive cruise. Too bad your 8 speed is acting up. Is it all the time or just when cold?
  2. I would call Eibach for grins. I put them on all 4 corners and love them.
  3. Check out Eibach or even call them.
  4. I think you will get used to the smaller mirror like I did. I only tow my trailer twice a year, to the ranch in September and home in late January. I had no problems this year with my 2019 RST. I used to use the snap on mirrors in my 2011 but don’t need them now.
  5. Yes - it does change in the light conditions. Looks good in the bright sun and great at night in parking lots.
  6. I really like the two tone interior of my 2019
  7. I love my satin steel metallic. It stays clean a long time.
  8. Yes - I am aware of that. I do not want to lift or level but curious if the 34” tires would work which would add a little ground clearance.
  9. I have a 2019 RST z71 with 5.3/8speed. Mine came with 20” wheels and I bought LT 275/60r20 KO2’s on the way home from the dealer. I love KO2’s and have been using them for 10 years. I am curious if anyone has tried bumping up to the 275/65r20 with stock height truck. Thanks in advance
  10. Very nice - you did good!! I have 19,000 miles on my RST z71 with the 5.3/8speed and love it. I turn the auto stop off as soon as I start my truck and hit the seat heater for my back. I left mine stock height and with 33” tires on 20” wheels it sits high enough for me. My Dad is 90 years old and my wife is 5’2” so did not want to get much higher. I added AMP steps and Eibach Shocks. These new trucks are not perfect but pretty dang nice!!! One suggestion I have is let your truck break in some before you change the exhaust. I installed the K&N air filter and KO2’s on the way home from the dealer. Good luck!
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