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  1. Great! You will love it. I used mine everyday it seems like. My wife is 5’2” and she loves it also.
  2. Yes - real GM parts. Sorry but I don’t think I can find me receipt. You can go to the GMC Dealer and tell them what you want. Good luck!
  3. That sucks! I am planning on an oil change next week. What did they tell you for the ETA of the part?
  4. Congratulations - I love my 2019 RST Crew Cab. The back seat room is great and when I am alone and need the storage the back floor is awesome. I added the AMP steps which are worth every penny and I added the GMC bed grab bar which is a must have. Good luck!
  5. I am not a diesel guy so my opinion is keep yours for now. I have always read that the extra cost of a diesel only makes sense if you keep it for 200,000 miles or more. I love my 2019 RST 5.3 with 8 speed and it pulls my 6000 Jayco just fine. I would keep what you have, start a savings account, and wait until you buy a trailer. It is better to have more payload and towing capacity than not enough. There are a lot of great trailer available <6,000 lbs dry. That would be a smart choice for a new 1/2 ton. Good luck!
  6. I only see 1 picture but I think I see the idea.
  7. Good Lord - somebody has what too much spare time!
  8. I love my 2019 RST z71 with standard bed and 5.3/8 speed. It is a much better truck than the prior generations. You should get 20% off of MSRP in a new one. What state are you in?
  9. I agree - I opted to NOT get the safety package. I like the mirror better and the back up camera is great.
  10. Turn it to the left if you are towing and to the right fit sport mode. You will see a trailer in orange or green rally flags.
  11. You are describing my truck but I ordered the “standard bed” with the Dark Atmosphere interior and 20” Argent Wheels. I love it!
  12. If you like chrome and leather you would be happy with LTZ. There are some things you loose with the LT such as fog lights. I love my RST Crew Cab with standard bed, z71, bucket seats, Bose, fog lights, wheel well liners, spray in bed liner, etc. Not sure what else you need in a truck unless you have to have the 6.2 and 10 speed which can be debated for years. My favorite mod are the AMP steps and GMC bed grab handle that I added. My 5.3 and 8 speed has been great for 4,000 miles and have averaged 19.2 mpg so far.
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