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  1. If you like chrome and leather you would be happy with LTZ. There are some things you loose with the LT such as fog lights. I love my RST Crew Cab with standard bed, z71, bucket seats, Bose, fog lights, wheel well liners, spray in bed liner, etc. Not sure what else you need in a truck unless you have to have the 6.2 and 10 speed which can be debated for years. My favorite mod are the AMP steps and GMC bed grab handle that I added. My 5.3 and 8 speed has been great for 4,000 miles and have averaged 19.2 mpg so far.
  2. Totally happy with my 2019 RST z71 with 5.3/8 speed. I just don’t get what a 10 speed would do any better. My 8speed is very smooth and the combination is plenty strong. Maybe I got lucky on GM fixed the reported problems before u received my truck.
  3. Congratulations! It is a beauty! I would drive it for a while before you lift or level. I have the RST with 20” wheels and the KO2’s. I only have 1” of rake and like the way it looks and drives. You might want to hook up yo your trailer with your equalizer and see how it sits. When I tow my 6000 lb Jayco there is no squat in the rear and the front did not go up any. Like s lot of people I may change Shocks early next year.
  4. Then wait until the time is right. If you maintain your truck it will be an easy sell. I sold my 2011 with 194,000 miles for $10,000. Maybe set a goal and stick $100/month in a coffee can for 2 years and order a 2021? Good luck and enjoy the fall if it ever gets here.
  5. Wow - you opened a big can of worms. I will give you my 2cents. I am 67 and been driving 1/2 tons Chevys since 1974. I had 1 3/4 ton ford in 1992 for 2 years for a company truck. If you Tow a lot the 6.2 10 speed is nice but comes on trims with chrome and a higher price tag. I Tow a 6000lb Jayco 250 miles to my deer lease and back each year. I test drove several trucks and honestly did not feel much difference between the 5.3 and 6.2. The 6.2 requires premium fuel so keep that in mind. I had 194,000 miles on my 2011 5.3 with 6 speed and it pulled my trailer fine. I live in Texas and tow on pretty flat roads. i think the 5.3 with 8 speed is a great combination and I have had no problems with the 8 speed. It has been smooth from day 1. I ordered the RST z71 with standard bed. You can buy some Bilstein 5100 or Eibach Pro Truck Shocks and raise the front to give you the level if you want. My truck only has 1” of rake and I am going to leave it stock so when I Tow or carry a heavy load it will be pretty much level. As far as wheels, I prefer 18’s but the 2019’s look better with 20” wheels. I changed tires on day 1 to the 275/60r20 KO2’s and live then. They are D load rated so plenty for your trailer. I would at least go drive the 5.3/8 speed as the discounts on 2019’s are great. You should get at least 20% off Sticker on a 2019. Whatever you decide you will love the 2019 and I like the interior just fine. You get a lot of truck with the z71 package and convenience II package with buckets, Bose, spray in bed liner, fog lights, wheel liners, etc. Good luck and let us know what you buy!
  6. I looked at GM but opted for AMP. I have to say they are awesome. They tuck away nice and are rock solid. They are pricey but you can DIY if handy.
  7. I have the RST z71 5.3 with 5.3 and do not have a problem. I have 4,000 miles on my truck and drove 8 hours 2 days in a row. I do take my wallet out of my pocket as my sciatic nerve in my butt cheek hurts from time to time for years. I find the lumbar is great. I agree with FlatDale above. Go see a chiro or get a good deep tissue massage.
  8. Look good! My RST came with liners but will keep these in mind if the GM’s don’t last. I had my 2011 wheel wells sprayed with my bed and it lasted great also.
  9. I know some will disagree but you really should drive the 5.3. You could get a lot of truck for out the door <$45. For most drivers the 5.3 is plenty and does not require premium.
  10. I would sure think so. They are only 1” taller than the 275/69/r20 KO2’s that I have. Discount tire will fix you up and give you a 30 day return option.
  11. I love my 2019 truck and the interior is the nicest truck I have had. If it ain’t good enough for you buy a damn car. I am so tired of reading about the “crappy GM Interior”.
  12. You offer 20% below sticker for starters and if he reacts well you might ask for some extras like splash guards, floor mats (z72 are great), steps, etc. Are you a Costco member? I used the Costco program and got $1800 below real invoice plus $7500 in incentives/rebates. You should be able to buy any 2019 for 20% below Sticker. If not, go to another dealer.
  13. They won’t do anything. It is a choice that we make. You either like chrome or you don’t. No offense intended to anyone. Even though I am 67 and been driving a truck full time since 1975, I have moved away from chrome on my last 2 trucks. I like the body colored trim and bumpers. If it gets too bad I will wrap it like my 2011.
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