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  1. Call GM customer care.
  2. If the AFE Y-pipe is in the way, then it would have to come off to get the transmission pan out. Crawl under and take a look for yourself.
  3. Question about afm

    210K!! Don't touch it! Be happy and drive it.. One question.. Does it have a catch can?
  4. What method did you use to change the transmission oil? Pan splash or complete flush?
  5. If there are no codes and the engine is running normal without the Range, what can the dealer do? Bad lifters should make noise or cause a misfire.
  6. Foglights On With High Beams

    There are a lot of mods that are illegal.. Our country and states make laws, with no way to enforce them.. Don't let the laws stop you.
  7. A/C Condenser

    I would get a second opinion.. Only the SUV with rear air has 2 cores.. How many people here have had an evaporator leak? Ask to show you where it is leaking and take pictures.
  8. Are you sure that it's not the tires? Too many possibilities. You might need to have it on a hoist and listen to isolate it. If the noise varies with the throttle, then it might be gears. If the noise just varies with speed, I would look at the tires.
  9. That should do the trick.. You can mount that anywhere.. Where are you going to put it?
  10. When it comes to cooling. I see light bars covering transmission coolers.. Wouldn't this have an affect?
  11. Cheep stuff? Anything but Amsoil is ?
  12. If the transmission has the thermostat on it, then you will need to bypass it for line flushing.
  13. That might work if you don't have a cooler thermostat.

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