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  1. We all know that the 8 speed transmission is a problem child.. Let's hear from those who have not yet had problems and how many miles on these.. Mine so far (knock on wood) has been good and smooth in every aspect.. 3400 miles with fingers crossed!
  2. That is more than likely the issue.. The BCM monitors the resistance for flashing and DIC messages.. The manufacturer of the lights you installed should have a solution for this..
  3. What condition are the brakes in? Pads and rotors, drums and shoes? Make sure the rear shoes are adjusted right.
  4. If the VLOM filter is plugged your oil pressure would read low also. The oil goes through the screen filter before the oil pressure sensor.
  5. The 6 speed has an internal control module.. The 8 speed has an external control module..
  6. I can't speak for them! Call them with your concerns and see what they can do for you!
  7. You saying Synthetic like AINT superior.? Regular is better because it won't wash away when it leaks? What does this have to do with the internals of the gearbox?
  8. Put the old lights back in and if they work normal then the issue is with the new lights.. There might be a resistance difference causing the BCM to think there is a failure.
  9. Without pulling chassis codes, we can only guess!
  10. Take it to a shop to get diagnosed.. Then fix it yourself.. Don't waste time and money guessing.
  11. In the rear you can swap bulbs with one that works. Make sure the socket is clean. No green corrosion. Same with the front. Any green stuff is a problem. The trailer wiring uses separate fuses. Check all the fuses in the under hood fuse block.. They are labeled on the cover.
  12. If you had the right scan tool, you could pull HVAC codes, look at your actuator and sensor data. If you replace an actuator, it needs to be calibrated with a scan tool. Playing the guessing game, I would say it is a temperature actuator. If you have dual control there are 4 actuators in the system. Mode, recirculation, left temp, right temp. My advice is to get a proper diagnosis. How much time and money are you going to spend throwing parts at it?
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