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  1. So I spent a bunch of time researching tuners on this forum and few others and finally decided to get the Diablo i3, I talked to Lew who was going to do a custom tune for my truck. Package comes, first off, super disappointed with the quality of the tuner itself, the touchscreen is fuc$$$ and won't respond 90% of the time, I do all the updates including paying MORE money for the 2017+ update, plug it into the truck and it doesn't work, says it needs more updates. Plug it back into my computer which says the updates are done, and I can't diagnose the device itself because it's practically being unresponsive and honestly with how cheap this thing is I don't even want to use it on my truck because its probably just going to fu$$$ that up too. So now this expensive worthless piece of plastic is going in the trash where it belongs and I am going to look for a custom tune somewhere else. Just a heads up for anyone looking at diablo, there are a couple of good reviews online but I would recommend it's not worth the risk. Also looking at comments from the diablo customer service they're just as useless as the product. 0/10 would not recommend
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