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  1. I have an 8’ bed with a Chevy OEM Bowtie tri fold hard cover. It’s great. Not a drop of water in the bed. We have had rain here in north Jersey for months. Though it weighs almost 70lbs, it mounts and dismounts with ease. Very well designed and very solid but light.
  2. I did some searching on the internet for words like "GM warranty sprayed bed liner" and stumbled across a site that looked like it is associated with GM but definitely not a GM property. There was a section to contact regarding a warranty claim. So I plugged in my info. Then I called the number and left a message but got disconnected. So I thought yet another dead end with my quest to find the actual warranty terms and remedy for the sprayed bed liner. Later that day around dinner time I get a call from some number in Texas. With all the robo calls these days I almost did not answer. Then I quickly realized this call was from the site I found. After asking me a few questions about my liner issue and to confirm it was factory installed, Yvonne said she would send me some cleaner / conditioner free of charge that should remove the spots and help prevent new ones. If this did not work to call her back. A few days later I received a spray bottle of conditioner. I will try it this weekend and report back. I believe that Ultimate Linings are the company that OEMs the spay on bed lining solution for GM for my 2018 Silverado. So it would seem there is a place to go for issues with the GM factory bed liner. Still frustrates me that my dealership knew nothing of this. Thank God for the internet and Ultimate Linings standing behind their product. www.ultimatelinings.com
  3. I have a 2018 2500HD long bed with a factory installed spray bed liner. Though the company that installed the after-market under bed rails for my 5th wheel hitch did a great job, there are some metal flakes from drilling into the bed floor that got embedded in the liner and are now rusting. or the flakes were sitting in water and stained the liner material. No big deal really. Just looks bad to me. Does anyone know if merely spraying over the affected area with an off-the-shelf bed liner spray would be OK to cover the spots? Is there an actual GM part for a bed liner touch up spray? I know there are GM repair kits. But I do not have a chip or scratch, just some discoloration from the rusted flakes..
  4. Please let us know how it goes. I have been working on this denting issue for 2 years now. I have a GM case# if the dealer does not help you. Either way, I would help my cause if you could report back to us here what the dealer did or did not do for you. Thanks
  5. Ryan, Looks like they shut you down on the class action link. Please be sure to let us know when it is back up (if they let you put it back up). Boy I hope this forum does not let us down in the 11th hour of our mutual fights (yours the dim headlights and mine the denting panels.) Feel free to message me directly. Cheers (Bill - JamGear)
  6. I had the headlight TSB done on my truck. Not at all better. Almost seems like they simply raised the focal point. They say they replaced bulbs and reprogrammed the DCM. But it still looks like a very sub-par illumination and spread. With with all the HID and LED headlights on the road today throughout the country, all vehicles need higher lumens and better spread in their headlight systems to be safe. I will happily not only join the class action but donate my time to help make it happen. (JamGear)
  7. And yet another suffer of the spontaneous denting on his GEN3 Silvy http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/165709-mysterious-small-dents-appearing-on-new-truck-weird/
  8. Here are the internal links to discussion on the subject so far. I have about 20 owners now that have or have had this issue. I will be suing them personally as well as bring a class action. 1) http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/176667-mysterious-dents-on-front-fender/ 2) http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/178912-mfg-defect-mystery-dents-crinkles-and-ripples-on-my-2014-silverado/ 3) http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/163922-mysterious-dents-crinkles-along-bed-fender/ 4) http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/182845-gms-final-say-spontaneous-denting-of-my-2014-silverado/
  9. Those of you that care to join me in a class action suit against GM for chronic rippling/denting on the bed rails panels, front quarter panels and roof on your Gen3 Silverado, Please message me (JamGear) directly. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  10. Would you mind sharing a little more detail about your story? Every occurrence of this defect I can refer to will help me in my lawsuit against GM. Once I am successful with the lawsuit it will open up the door for anyone else who has the same defect to be assured they will get proper remedy. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  11. Objectivity is always welcome. I am not out for blood, just to be made whole. The service manager has already advised GM nor the dealership will do anything if the dents reoccur post compliance with the "speculative" instructions from GM engineers. The issue remains, which will be the focus of my suit, that the engineers have incorrectly speculated the causality of this defect. It is due to improper or ineffective weld points at the bed rail. The dents increase with seasonal and or drastic changes in outside temperature and humidity and reoccur post paint less dent repair..
  12. You make a very good point. Hence, why I waited 2 years and 5 interactions with the office of the CEO before I even hinted at the word. For I never really expected to have to resort to legal remedy. I am not sure why GM would behave like this. I have been courteous and manageable throughout the entire process. Maybe they think I will not follow thru. Who knows? What I do know is they have refused to remedy a defect which I can prove is their responsibility. It's really unfortunate that I must now burden the courts of NJ with this easily resolvable matter. I will create a new thread to chronicle my lawsuit active with GM. in this forum.
  13. The quoted material came from the service manager at my local dealership. It was not from GM HQ. Plus, they are speculating. They never interviewed me. Had they done so, they would clearly have seen the hitch and towing or even the suspension modification could not be the causality.
  14. This is a great question. First of all, regardless of whether I comply or not, GM will not be accountable for the results. They have washed their hands of this matter and now have refused any further cooperation with it. This is why I will now bring a lawsuit against them for this defect. The bottom line is the dents NEVER occur when the 5th wheel hitch is installed or while towing. There recommendation is a copout and completely inaccurate as a causality of the dents. The dents have NOTHING to do with payload or towing or suspension modifications. They are caused by the sparse and inadequate weld points along the bed rail. When there are extreme changes in temperature, they come and go. Mostly, they appear. I have never had them reduce on their own. Though some owners have.
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