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  1. Thanks for the review. I've been eyeballing these for a while now.
  2. I ended up using the OEM fluid. Bought a few quarts and got a good flush
  3. Oil change today. Truck has 50k miles on it now so this OCI is just under 5k miles. Ditched the "full syn" Valvoline and Napa Platinum filter for Amsoil SS and Amsoil filter( was cheaper than the Napa). I am interested in the extended OCIs. I used the flush prior to the oil change and was surprised at all the little bits at the bottom of the drain pan! The truck seems to idle quieter but could be my imagination. I have only driven 25 miles but I am getting about 1.25 MPG better which is great if this keeps up because I was averaging 10.8 MPG. Time will tell.
  4. This year's maiden voyage. Let's go little 6.0!
  5. I am not particularly loyal. If there is a new product and I'm interested I'll get it. I do seem to have mostly Maguire's & Chemical Guys stuff.
  6. Flushed out my Power Steering fluid today with OEM. Took about 5 "flushes" After I would pump all I could out and refill, I would back out of the driveway and go wheel lock to wheel lock then drive down the block and hit the brakes real hard and go back in the garage. Neighbors must have thought I was an idiot. After a week of driving I'll flush about another QT out. Brake and coolant flush to come later this year. Now if I could just fix this damn squeak, Thinking it may be my U-joint that I just had replaced. Perhaps it was binding a bit.....can't wait
  7. I know, I know....my truck needs a bath.
  8. Did a Transmission oil and filter change today. OEM filter and gasket with Amsoil ATF. I flushed a little over 12 qts out of there and added 12 qts back in. I 1st disconnected the cooler return line and ran the truck to pump out the old fluid and drain the pan. I got about 5.5 qts that way. I dropped the pan and had about another 1/2 qt or so in the pan. It was actually cleaner than I was expecting. I cleaned out the pan and magnet and the gasket surfaces, installed the new filter, and put the pan back on and torqued it to 80in lbs. I refilled about 5.5qts and continued to flush o
  9. I always use a WDH with Sway control and turn off my electronic sway assist.
  10. Any major WDH will work. Just make sure you know your tongue weight ( go to a CAT scale preferably ) or estimate 12-15% of total loaded trailer weight for tongue weight. Just be careful of your payload and understand how that works (usually you run out of payload before towing capacity). 6000lbs seems like you could be pushing that truck depending on what you have loaded down in the tow vehicle. (Not that the engine couldn't do it, just close to your GVWR) I personally have the R3 1000 WDH. I like it because there are no chains, the sway control is built in not on a side bar, and its quiet, l
  11. What Power Steering Fluid are you guys running in your 6.0 Gassers? I was wanting to flush and run a good synthetic. See below on the compatibility responses from Amsoil and Redline. Amsoil: "Unfortunately, we do not offer a power steering fluid for this vehicle. Our Power Steering Fluid (PSF) will not satisfy the specification requirements that GM wants for this truck" Redline: Thank you for contacting Red Line Oil, the PowerSteering fluid would be compatible with those fluids, though they are ATF based and our D4ATF would be the recommended replacement.
  12. Wow that is some beautiful scenery. I can't wait. Wife and I have a couple places already booked besides the weekender's.
  13. I don't have a picture of the Chevy towing it yet so I made an edit to the pic lol. The TT is in winter storage, Indiana isn't fun for winter camping.
  14. Hey guys got a couple of questions. I currently have a PFL 47060/57060xp on my 6.0 gasser. I chose this filter for the build quality and also the bypass was very close to the AC Delco's the manual calls for. I just bought 3.5 gal of Amsoil ATF (after Grumpy Bear knowledge bombed me) and I have decided I will use Amsoil on my next oil change. So questions being, the Amsoil EA15K50-EA filter has a bypass of nearly double (18-24lbs) that of the NAPA/WIX/OEM (12lbs) filter. Less time in bypass means more filtration.......is there a negative to running that higher pressure bypass valve setting in t
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