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  1. I always use a WDH with Sway control and turn off my electronic sway assist.
  2. Any major WDH will work. Just make sure you know your tongue weight ( go to a CAT scale preferably ) or estimate 12-15% of total loaded trailer weight for tongue weight. Just be careful of your payload and understand how that works (usually you run out of payload before towing capacity). 6000lbs seems like you could be pushing that truck depending on what you have loaded down in the tow vehicle. (Not that the engine couldn't do it, just close to your GVWR) I personally have the R3 1000 WDH. I like it because there are no chains, the sway control is built in not on a side bar, and its quiet, like zero squeaking or creaking.
  3. What Power Steering Fluid are you guys running in your 6.0 Gassers? I was wanting to flush and run a good synthetic. See below on the compatibility responses from Amsoil and Redline. Amsoil: "Unfortunately, we do not offer a power steering fluid for this vehicle. Our Power Steering Fluid (PSF) will not satisfy the specification requirements that GM wants for this truck" Redline: Thank you for contacting Red Line Oil, the PowerSteering fluid would be compatible with those fluids, though they are ATF based and our D4ATF would be the recommended replacement. I read the Royal Purple is a good one and it says its compatible with all OEM fluids. I am not against the OEM just was wanting a higher quality fluid. Is GM # 19329450/ AC Delco# 10-5074 the current P/N? When I looked up the AC Delco # on their website, my year is not on the vehicle list. Very strange.
  4. Wow that is some beautiful scenery. I can't wait. Wife and I have a couple places already booked besides the weekender's.
  5. I don't have a picture of the Chevy towing it yet so I made an edit to the pic lol. The TT is in winter storage, Indiana isn't fun for winter camping.
  6. Hey guys got a couple of questions. I currently have a PFL 47060/57060xp on my 6.0 gasser. I chose this filter for the build quality and also the bypass was very close to the AC Delco's the manual calls for. I just bought 3.5 gal of Amsoil ATF (after Grumpy Bear knowledge bombed me) and I have decided I will use Amsoil on my next oil change. So questions being, the Amsoil EA15K50-EA filter has a bypass of nearly double (18-24lbs) that of the NAPA/WIX/OEM (12lbs) filter. Less time in bypass means more filtration.......is there a negative to running that higher pressure bypass valve setting in the filter? I have always changed my own oil when I owned my F150's but always used oem everything. I never though about all the aftermarket products being so varied. Apologies if this is a dumb question.
  7. Thanks for the info. I am definitely going to do a full drain/full exchange and filter service on the Tranny once it warms up around March. I am treating all the maintenance like it was severe service since I don't know the history. I am on the fence about Amsoil, Redline or AC Delco for the ATF. I'll need to read up more on it. I hear mixed things/ opinions and I'm sure that's all I'll ever get. I think the coolant, power steering, and brake fluid are due @ 5yrs (since I'm way under the mileage). I may put that off until next year. I think my truck has a born date of June 17'. Other than oil changed I have never really done much maintenance on my vehicles, I am actually enjoying it quite a bit plus the piece of mind.
  8. I have to say, these Capri Sun bags are awesome. Super easy to squeeze right in under the truck. I wished I had the ATF I used in my transfer case instead of the pump. Would have been much easier/ quicker, thankfully I don't have to for another 45k miles.
  9. I bought my truck a month ago with 45K miles on it. Working through all the fluid maintenance needs right now but its cold as hell in the Midwest. Changed out the Transfer case with some AC Delco ATF and did the front and rear diff with Amsoil severe gear. Barely any sludge on any of the magnets. All looked really good. Rear diff looked slightly dark but not bad at all, front looked like chocolate milk, you can see the difference in the two fluids. Its my understanding that since the front diff isn't used as much it doesn't heat up like the rear hence the chocolate milk color. Any truth to that? I know the dealership changed the oil but they not only put the wrong tires ( not E rated) they also put the wrong filter on. So I don't trust any of their work lol. I bought a Napa Platinum filter and Valvoline 5-30 full syn was on sale for $27 for 6 qts. Figured its good enough until I figure out what I will run in this truck.
  10. My 1st two cars were an 85' S10 Blazer and a 90' K5 Blazer. I got them both 98/99. Only had them a couple of years they were poorly maintained and were great 1st vehicles, learned a lot. Since then I have owned several Fords ( I know). Two years ago we really got into camping and bought a 25' TT. I had a 2018 F150 Lariat w/ 3.5L ecoboost and it towed that 8k trailer like it was nothing, however I was maxed out on payload. I wanted a used F250 Gasser but I came across my current truck and could not turn it down. 2017 Z71 LT 2500 HD 6.0L Midnight edition w/ a cap already on it. It had 45k mi and no accidents and no rust. Man I love this truck, big difference from my previous truck, at 1st I wasn't sure because it is just soo different but the more I have gotten used to it the more I love it. Can't wait to load this bad boy down and tow away! The F150 is sold now. Wife said I didn't need 2 trucks lol.
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