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  1. Having been stationed in Europe and driven through most of the Western European countries, there is no way I would personally want to own a full-size truck there. Narrow roads, tiny parking spaces, a generally liberal attitude when it comes to trading paint, and gas prices that make you want to cry....that’s a hard pass for me. To each their own though. Good luck!
  2. I didn’t have the issue...but took it in anyways. Actually occurred during the technician’s test drive. Pump pressure was also out of specs.
  3. Just got mine back from having vacuum pump replaced. For the first time since I’ve owned the truck, the annoying tick from the pump is gone. Vacuum was recorded at 18psi (spec is 27). Total charge to GM was $700 for new pump, belt, and labor.
  4. 2016 5.3 now at 40k miles. No problems except torque converter shudder and weird-shifting transmission, both of which are now resolved.
  5. Took mine in for service today to have it looked at not because I had ever had the loss of braking (I have AFM disabled), but because of the annoying ticking coming from the pump. Before dropping it off, I removed the disabler. By freak coincidence, it actually did lose power during the technician’s test drive. Tech said it gave him a good scare when he almost hit a parked car. New pump will be installed next week. This should be a recall. Would have thought GM learned their lesson from the ignition switch fiasco. Nope.
  6. Do it all the time hauling green firewood. Can almost fit a half cord of red oak and I’d estimate it’s around 2200-2300lbs. I just keep the tire pressures +6 PSI each and keep the speed reasonable. Other than braking distances going up and the tail end sagging, the truck just shrugs it off.
  7. 8 speed transmission ?

    Not regretful for going with the 8-speed, but it has been the weak link in an otherwise great truck so far at 36k miles. Started with harsh downshifting which was rectified by the software update thankfully. TC shudder started by 23k miles. Had it flushed twice (no TC swap) and it cleared up for awhile before coming back. Now just waiting on my local dealer to get the tools/new fluid for the third and hopefully final fix.
  8. Happened to me the first time immediately after driving off the dealership lot. Yep. Happens all the time. At night I’m typically driving with a finger on the flasher knob to hit em back with a quickness.
  9. I completely agree with you on your points except the “hot enough to vaporize moisture” comment. I live in a humid climate, and even towing right up to my safe weight limits have never seen the fluid get above 190. Most of the time on the highway it sits in the 170-180 range...well below the boiling point of water. You’re probably right though...kick the can down the road far enough to get it past the warranty.
  10. My local dealer telling me same thing. While I’m happy that they may finally have a permanent solution, I can’t help but wonder if it is indeed water-absorbing ATF what kind of damage has been done to the clutch packs. I’m not a transmission guru but I do know water doesn’t play nice with the internals.
  11. First tow today- 12k lbs

    Yeah would have never tried that. Was mildly uncomfortable with the 5 mile trip as it were, but yes..brakes did not smell great after stopping at the house.
  12. First tow today- 12k lbs

    Damn, wish I had thought of that...it did look pretty cool.
  13. Against my better judgement decided to help a friend pick up a mini excavator and haul it over a steep bridge to his house. 5.3L with Max Tow and 8-Speed. Trailer and excavator tipped the scale at 11,900 lbs. Guy at rental place tried to talk us out of it, saying we needed a 3/4 ton. Let us take it anyway. Truck wasn't thrilled about it and front end felt ready to pop off the ground, but it never missed a beat. Quite impressed overall. And no...other than the return trip, I don't plan to make a habit out of exceeding the tow capacity.
  14. That gives me some optimism. Still I wonder if it will pop up again later.
  15. Had the update performed today. The good: The 2-1 harsh downshift is gone. Also, I didn't even know how bad the upshifting was until the update...its now buttery smooth all the way up to 8...except for..... The bad: 1-2 is worse. Not bad, but just worse than before. The ugly: On the way to the dealer, started noticing a random shudder under acceleration. Didn't mention it, but after the post service test drive, the tech told me the torque converter was going bad and it will need to be replaced and the transmission flushed and refilled. Ugh. Not good for a truck with only 20k miles.

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