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  1. Sounds about right to me. One word of advice though: don’t waste your time/money on brakes valve cleaning and body work.You will not recuperate that money in the sale. I personally sell at the upper end of the price range when I’m ready for a new vehicle. Lots of buyers hate negotiating and will just give asking price in my experience.
  2. Average-ish guy here...5’10” and 170. Seats are fine to me...for the first 4 hours. I start getting a serious case of butt rot after that. Back support is good though. Seats in friend’s F-150 are definitely better on long drives.
  3. 5.3 CC, 8-speed with 3.42 gears. Around town in winter ~16mpg, summer ~18mpg. Highway at 70 ~21-23. Best ever over a tank was 25mpg...and yes it was on country backroads doing 55mph.
  4. Yeah I’ve read some of the write ups and considered it but I’ll probably wait until the warranty is up and the truck is paid for before I start tinkering.
  5. My Silverado was a factory order that the guy never closed the deal on. His sticker price was $52k, but apparently $100 was too much for him and he didn’t opt for the flex fuel. Saddens me that I’m missing out on a cheap power boost over a measly hundred bucks.
  6. Well said Sir, and completely agree about doing what you’re comfortable doing maintenance and fuel wise. I would however argue that using Top Tier gas is more important in a GDI engine than in a port injection due to the higher operating pressures of the injectors. It doesn’t seem to take a lot of gunk buildup to impact the spray pattern on these types of engines.
  7. Gasoline is produced by a multitude of different refiners to meet a specification (specs vary depending on what EPA and/or local regulations require for that geographical area) at the lowest cost possible to the refiner. Once they leave the refinery they are piped to bulk storage depots and into tanks there where they are mixed with gasoline from other refiners that meet the same spec. Therefore, just because you’re buying gas at Sunoco or Shell doesn’t mean the gas was refined by those respective companies. This is not up for debate..it’s a fact. Best friend’s dad has been driving tanker trucks for over 30 years. He pulls up to storage depot, connects the transfer lines, pushes a button and depending on which button he pushes, a company specific detergent additive is mixed in automatically. The additives themselves are what distinguish the brand....not the base gasoline. At all. Not doubting that different octane ratings and ethanol content are factors that affect the mileage one gets, but just pointing out that the energy content of a gallon of 93 octane with all other things being equal (ethanol content, winter/summer blend) in one’s area are the same...whether it’s bought at the corner no-brand store or at Chevron, Shell, etc.
  8. Having been stationed in Europe and driven through most of the Western European countries, there is no way I would personally want to own a full-size truck there. Narrow roads, tiny parking spaces, a generally liberal attitude when it comes to trading paint, and gas prices that make you want to cry....that’s a hard pass for me. To each their own though. Good luck!
  9. I didn’t have the issue...but took it in anyways. Actually occurred during the technician’s test drive. Pump pressure was also out of specs.
  10. Just got mine back from having vacuum pump replaced. For the first time since I’ve owned the truck, the annoying tick from the pump is gone. Vacuum was recorded at 18psi (spec is 27). Total charge to GM was $700 for new pump, belt, and labor.
  11. 2016 5.3 now at 40k miles. No problems except torque converter shudder and weird-shifting transmission, both of which are now resolved.
  12. Took mine in for service today to have it looked at not because I had ever had the loss of braking (I have AFM disabled), but because of the annoying ticking coming from the pump. Before dropping it off, I removed the disabler. By freak coincidence, it actually did lose power during the technician’s test drive. Tech said it gave him a good scare when he almost hit a parked car. New pump will be installed next week. This should be a recall. Would have thought GM learned their lesson from the ignition switch fiasco. Nope.
  13. Do it all the time hauling green firewood. Can almost fit a half cord of red oak and I’d estimate it’s around 2200-2300lbs. I just keep the tire pressures +6 PSI each and keep the speed reasonable. Other than braking distances going up and the tail end sagging, the truck just shrugs it off.
  14. Not regretful for going with the 8-speed, but it has been the weak link in an otherwise great truck so far at 36k miles. Started with harsh downshifting which was rectified by the software update thankfully. TC shudder started by 23k miles. Had it flushed twice (no TC swap) and it cleared up for awhile before coming back. Now just waiting on my local dealer to get the tools/new fluid for the third and hopefully final fix.
  15. Happened to me the first time immediately after driving off the dealership lot. Yep. Happens all the time. At night I’m typically driving with a finger on the flasher knob to hit em back with a quickness.
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