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  1. I didn't see a new member intro thread, so... Hi. Not today, but this week I traded in and got new to me 2017 Silverado 1500 LT Z71 - crew cab/standard bed. 14xxx miles and the price was far less than 'worse' trucks. Only things I didn't like were color (Iridescent Pearl) and the color match bumpers instead of chrome. Live in city, and parallel parking won't bode well for painted bumpers. I'd have preferred something like Graphite Metallic but if that's the worst thing to complain about, I'm well off. It was originally Canadian so it has metric gauges I can live with for now. Also has some more rust underneath than I care for; understandable since it spent 3 years in harsher winters than I get. Appears to be just superficial, I'll be getting that treated then undercoated shortly. Has soft tonneau cover that I'll be switching to some form of hard (folding?) cover. Today I did order some new console trays, rear under seat storage, K&N 77 series intake. Seen mixed reviews for that now but had it & liked it on my old truck (02 Silverado LS ECSB), so it was reflexive decision.
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