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  1. https://www.autostopeliminator.com/collections/autostop-eliminators-for-gm-vehicles
  2. to be fair, there isn't a huge amount of difference in the actual tailgate height if you put them side by side. It looks exaggerated in the photo because the 1500 is further away. Many cell phone camera lens's these days really exaggerate the perspective of scenes and objects. Things close to the camera look gigantic, even just a few feet away they look tiny. In person yea the 2500s are bigger, but not by a gigantic margin. The cab is basically the same size and the interior dimensions are all exactly the same.
  3. its looking like people are able to get 16-17mpg out of it, which is not bad and definitely better than the 6.0. Might even improve by 1mpg after 10,000 miles or so.
  4. Here's the thing though, it's really easy to max out the payload on my 1500. One yard of dirt will do it, especially if its wet. If you are also towing, its even easier to max out. It may tow the travel trailer just fine but then all of a sudden you are beyond maxed on payload because you also have a load of firewood in the bed, all your gear, and 4-5 people in the truck, and the rear bumper is nearly on the ground. Times like this cause me to wonder why I didn't just get a 2500. I don't daily drive my truck, I use it when I need it, so for me it seems to make sense to have more truck for when I need it. Also, as the OP mentioned, no AFM/DFM/auto-stop-start in the HD trucks is very appealing. Every engine on the T1 1500s has auto stop start.
  5. I'm contemplating the same thing, moving from a 1500 to a 2500, hate all the AFM/DFM auto stop start nonsense, I'll never tow more than about 8k but I'm still thinking of going 2500 just to have a real truck again.
  6. I think it looks super. The custom is the best looking trim, with the body color bar through the grill. Are the black bumpers metal or plastic?
  7. any idea what the optional 18" steel painted rims weigh? They are charging extra for them, typically I see the steel wheels are the base option with the smallest tire But here the 18" steel rims are an upgrade and you also get a 275 70R18 all terrain tire on them It seems like a good option but what do they weigh compared to the aluminum wheels? Is there any disadvantage? I haven't seen one picture of them yet, every single truck at dealers have one of several aluminum rims, not the steel.
  8. agreed, it isn't a speed demon, but then again its the question of expectations. 0-60 in under 7 seconds is actually pretty good for a full size pickup, actually incredible, in fact. Also, since you had a 2014, I wonder if the transmission tuning got better over the years. My 2016 is great, but I feel like there are more complaints about the 14-15 trucks. About the tow/haul mode, you are right, it isn't good for daily driving. The one complaint i have about my trucks power train is exactly as you describe--at highway speeds, if you want it to kick down and drop a gear to accelerate, there is often a long wait, several seconds even. I've found that if you press on the gas too quickly, it's worse. The transmission prefers that you slowly and smoothly engage the throttle. When you do that, it actually seems to respond quicker, paradoxically. Also, are you familiar with the gas pedal mounting bracket flex issue in K2 trucks? The bracket its attached to flexes, and gives the impression of poor throttle response but its really just a plastic part bending and blunting your throttle inputs. Many including myself have had very positive improvement in the responsiveness of the gas pedal after applying a fix like this:
  9. I have a 16 double cab with the 5.3 and 6 speed. Here's the thing, the transmission, when not in tow/haul mode, looks for the highest possible gear and doesn't like to down shift, but it will if you insist on it. There is also a manual mode if you care to use it, that nearly solves that problem, though is a bit inconvenient. In tow haul mode the transmission feels like a completely new one--it holds gears, down shifts immediately when asked, etc. Very nice for towing. I've found the 6 speed to be bulletproof and does exactly what I want it to, if you know how to drive it. If you just jump in it and expect it to operate like any sedan automatic transmission, yes, you're going to be disappointed.
  10. what needs updating? It's been updated regularly and has all the latest tech. It makes great power, and gets great fuel economy. Perfect engine for a light duty pickup for someone who isn't doing really heavy towing. If it doesn't make enough power for you then get the 6.2.
  11. thanks everyone. I think I will go ahead and check out the gas 2500s, as I doubt I would ever recoup the 10,000 premium for the diesel. I'll probably be waiting a year or two while the kinks are worked out.
  12. Wow, very surprised at the results here. I don't like the GMC, and I don't really like the GMC 1500s either. In this case, I think it looks too busy with the curvy trim underneath the grill winding their way up to become the inside of the headlights, also Sierra grill is so huge and there is nothing to break it up. It's Chevrolet all the way for me. I really like how the headlamps are lower set on the Chevy, which should be nicer for oncoming traffic and it should illuminate the road in poor conditions better. The other thing I really like about the chevy, is the bar that goes through the center of the grill. It's nice to break up that big grill. Overall I think the Silverado team nailed it and my favorite is either the Custom or LT. Professional looking, under-stated, sharp. I also happen to think all the trim levels look way better in a color, as opposed to black, white, or silver. Check out these examples...it's a very handsome looking machine and, I think its one of the most cohesive designs Chevrolet has put out in many years.
  13. The marketing makes it seem like an HD truck is for people who tow around bulldozers on flatbeds, which I will never even come close to doing. I also feel like the marketing makes it seem like the 1500 is capable of "anything" but it seems the reality is far from that. I'm new to this whole truck thing...help me out! Right now I've got a 2016 Silverado 1500 double cab, which was my first truck. It's been problem free but I want to upgrade to a crew cab now that I have 2 kids, a dog, etc. I like having the standard bed and I am fairly certain the 1500 crew cab short bed would be too short for me. So I played around with building a 2020 1500 CC standard bed, but now I'm thinking maybe I should just go 2500. I use my truck as a truck but nothing extremely heavy duty. I do not commute with it, and my double cab only has 15,000 miles on it. I have a drift boat on a trailer that I tow to the river, with put-ins that can be very muddy/steep and with sharp angles into the water, so I like ground clearance and nothing hanging down low to get scraped but I also like it to be easy to get my trailer on the hitch. I might get a larger boat in the future, for in-shore salmon fishing but that is a few years away. I do regular dump runs, moving furniture for friends/family, picking up a couple yards of dirt for landscape projects, sometimes heavy rock. Camping trips with a fully loaded bed and sometimes the boat, and maybe a camper in the future. Sometimes I have to do two trips into town but I could've done it in one trip with a 2500. Also, I feel like if I tow my boat and also fill the bed with camping stuff/wood, it just feels like its overloaded, even though I'm still technically within the payload and tow rating. The 5.3 is not the issue, it has plenty of power, but braking is an issue, and the suspension just feels like it isn't happy. I probably won't ever tow more than 10,000 pounds, and most of the time, it'll be less than that. But I like to have more capability than I need, in case I do need it. And I like that the 2500 standard bed is 3 inches longer than my current bed. But, never having owned a heavy duty truck, will I be disappointed with the gas mileage? I don't drive a huge number of miles, and I can afford the gas, but I do love the fact that I can hit 23mpg on the highway in my 1500. Looking at the new 2019 1500 trucks, several things give me pause. First they are lighter than ever, yet at the same time, bigger in all dimensions. Second all the engines feature start/stop which I completely hate. Third they are pricier than ever and it really isn't that much more to step up to an HD. It seems a bit like the 1500 trucks are veering in the direction of pavement princess commuter trucks. I feel like you get a lot more truck for the money with the 2500's. I wonder if now is the time for me to step up. My gut is telling me yes, but I would like a gut check from you fine folks. I'd of course go with the 6.6 gas since I don't tow heavy. Also, my goal would be to keep this truck "forever" (I don't want to worry about buying a new truck for a very long time).
  14. Car companies, knowing that customer preferences vary and designs can be polarizing, intentionally switch up the styling, sometimes dramatically, between cycles in order to capture more customers. In each generation, there is a rush of buyers when a new model first comes out. Everyone that likes that design jumps aboard and buys one. The sales eventually fall off, and then the mid-cycle refresh arrives. They change the styling, very intentionally, to be different. All the people who didn't like the styling previously, now jump aboard and buy the refresh. And so GM has produced a truck for 6 years, with two different front fascias, and sold to all the available customer base. So for the people who don't like the 2019 T1---just wait. GM knows that there a bunch of you who don't like it. They're going to build a truck for you in 2021.
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