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  1. GM 1500 is not "#3 truck" Combine sierra and silverado sales and they are firmly 2nd place, very near to Ford. And both far ahead of Ram.
  2. Both great looking trucks. Personally I prefer the gas mileage and traditional looks of the stock truck, but to each their own!
  3. Hmm. I can feel it. But I'm extremely sensitive to small variations in sensory stimuli. I can hear the tiniest rattle, sense the smallest change in power, etc. If I change tires and they are a few pounds heavier on each wheel, it is obvious to me. It feels heavier and my brain tells me that I have to press the gas pedal just that tiny 3 millimeters more to get the same acceleration. This, of course, is only if I own the car and have driven it for a while.
  4. its rather straightforward. There is a lot more friction inside a new motor than an old one, not to mention the axles, transmission, differential, bearings, etc. As they say, an engine runs best the day before it dies. There is usually a point at which you "notice" the decrease in friction, for me typically around 10-12k miles. It's a nice feeling because you look back and remember what it felt like driving off the lot, and now it feels better. It's part of what creates a bond with a particular vehicle. If you've "broken it in" then I find it hard to let go of.
  5. K2 looks more proportional. Every T1 truck I've seen looks a little "bloated" to me. The cab is a lot bigger, and it makes everything else, especially the wheels, look small. So you get more interior cab space, but its an overall larger volume vehicle now, and it looks it. That said, I do like the T1 overall design. I like the front end and also the rear. It has grown on me. It also seems to look really good with a canopy. The only thing I don't like on the T1 is that swoopy line down the front quarter panel going into the door. Very Mazda, and very un-Silverado like, in my opinion. I wouldn't let it stop me from buying one, but I wouldn't be happy about it either.
  6. less o2, less chance of early combustion, so they can get away with lower octane up high but fuel efficiency will suffer
  7. If you are looking at getting a new bed cover, I have a Trifecta tri-folding cover and its never leaked once in 4 years, and thats in the PNW olympic peninsula with extremely heavy rain. And it was only $300. The problem with the Rev is there are seams going across the cover. Never get anything with seams. My Trifecta still folds in 3 sections but the material just bends with it.
  8. no one would actually tow that trailer up that hill with a gas 2500. Expecting it to somehow breeze up that mountain is fantasy thinking, and imagining the 10 speed would somehow solve the "problem" is also fantasy thinking. The TFL guys rag on the truck like it somehow should've done it faster, but again, fantasy thinking. This is a small block gas V8 pulling a 6600lb truck and a 16,000lb trailer, at high elevation. It's exactly the expected result, and it does not mean the 6 speed is not a good transmission, in any way. Sheesh. Apply some critical thinking! Everyone knows you don't pull extreme loads at high elevation in a naturally aspirated engine. It's essentially a clickbait video--"watch the poor naturally aspirated V8 suffer up the Ike gauntlet!" I mean, is anyone surprised?
  9. I can't figure out how people suddenly decided 6 gears isn't enough. The final drive ratio is similar, and so highway fuel economy is also similar. tractor trailers have 18 gears because the torque requirement is so high, and diesels make huge low end torque so it makes sense to keep the engine down low in the max torque band, especially when taking away from a stop. However in a gas 2500 truck, huge numbers of gears just aren't necessary, or even desirable. The 10 speed may "drive better", but its still a newer transmission, and not necessarily stronger. It also depends on how you define "drive better". I'm okay with varying my speed to stay in the power band, which on a 6 speed transmission, barely needs much speed adjustment. On a 4 speed yes, it isn't enough. But 6 gears is totally enough in a pickup truck. Getting off soap box now :)
  10. remember that the 6 speed is not a handicap at all, its a great transmission. There is no reason for 10 gears in a gas pickup truck. They'll probably put the 10 speed in it at some point, but until then the 6 speed is bulletproof and I'd actually recommend getting one before they go to the 10 speed.
  11. https://www.autostopeliminator.com/collections/autostop-eliminators-for-gm-vehicles
  12. to be fair, there isn't a huge amount of difference in the actual tailgate height if you put them side by side. It looks exaggerated in the photo because the 1500 is further away. Many cell phone camera lens's these days really exaggerate the perspective of scenes and objects. Things close to the camera look gigantic, even just a few feet away they look tiny. In person yea the 2500s are bigger, but not by a gigantic margin. The cab is basically the same size and the interior dimensions are all exactly the same.
  13. its looking like people are able to get 16-17mpg out of it, which is not bad and definitely better than the 6.0. Might even improve by 1mpg after 10,000 miles or so.
  14. Here's the thing though, it's really easy to max out the payload on my 1500. One yard of dirt will do it, especially if its wet. If you are also towing, its even easier to max out. It may tow the travel trailer just fine but then all of a sudden you are beyond maxed on payload because you also have a load of firewood in the bed, all your gear, and 4-5 people in the truck, and the rear bumper is nearly on the ground. Times like this cause me to wonder why I didn't just get a 2500. I don't daily drive my truck, I use it when I need it, so for me it seems to make sense to have more truck for when I need it. Also, as the OP mentioned, no AFM/DFM/auto-stop-start in the HD trucks is very appealing. Every engine on the T1 1500s has auto stop start.
  15. I'm contemplating the same thing, moving from a 1500 to a 2500, hate all the AFM/DFM auto stop start nonsense, I'll never tow more than about 8k but I'm still thinking of going 2500 just to have a real truck again.
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