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  1. I don't know about other people, but I'll only trade up if I'm not happy with my current truck in some specific way. For example, I have a 2016 K2 double cab in silver. I love the truck, but I have a growing family and I want a crew cab. I also want a truck that's an actual color (not black, silver or white). Therefore, at some point I'm going to upgrade, likely when the T1 gets a refresh, and I'll get the truck I want/need and I'll probably keep that one forever, unless I discover that it has some fatal flaw that I can't live with. That said, there is no perfect vehicle so I figure if I own a truck in the right configuration for me, and it has no game breaking mechanical issues then I'm going to keep that truck for a long time. I actually tried to find a leftover 2018 in a crew cab, deep ocean metallic thinking I could get the things I wanted for a nice price. Except all the trucks leftover in a 500 mile radius around me are either "e-assist" models (no interest in that) or don't have a factory bed liner (a must for me). Literally not a single truck left that I would buy. So, I"m kind of forced into waiting for 2019's to come down in price and get kinks worked out. I'm kind of pissed because I really love my K2 truck and I also like that it DOESN'T have stop/start and has a real key ignition! In my opinion, the K2 is the last "old school" truck. But the T1 is cool and I'd be happy to drive one. Owning a full size truck is a privilege most in the world do not have, if you find one you like hold on to it. It's fun to have a relationship with a truck that ages with you and becomes truly "yours". Upgrading every 2-3 years, I think you lose out on that...
  2. The high country is supposed to be for people who don't want a ton of chrome, and it STILL has a lot Very nice looking. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  3. I think 43k for this truck is a rip off, considering it has none of the LT features many of which I view as necessary such as telescoping wheel, etc. The custom trim is just too stripped to be attractive. It would be excusable if they were priced in the 32-35k range.
  4. Just noticed today while cruising autotrader that there are many 2019 LT Silverados with a leather appointed front bench seat (not bucket). At first I was like "awesome!" because I was hoping they would allow that at some point. But, unfortunately you have to have the "package" of course, with virtually every option available, to get the leather, whether you choose bucket or bench seats. Super lame. Also, you CANNOT get the leather bench seat in a Trail Boss. Again super lame as I was looking at getting a trail boss and was momentarily psyched about spec'ing one with leather bench seats. What are you thinking GM? Let me guess: "Let's add the ability to do a leather bench seat on the LT, but force the customer to get every option there is to do it, that way we'll make more money."
  5. I only have one question after reading this thread. Who calls someone "grasshopper"? I enjoy the frame wax on my 16 silverado. It does its job well. It seems cost effective and I wouldn't want the price of the truck to be jacked up by a few thousand dollars just because some people out there want a powder coated frame.
  6. I honestly don't understand all the fury over this issue. With the payload and towing capacity of the 1500, the 5.3 is plenty of engine for virtually anything. If you are towing near the max capacity of the truck regularly and find yourself needing the 6.2L, you shoulda got a 2500. Towing around huge trailers with a 1500 is dangerous and not advisable, especially as these trucks get lighter and lighter. Get the truck you need with enough power to do the job. If that's towing gigantic trailers then get a 2500. Please don't let GM upsell you to a higher trim level just because you want moar power that you don't really need.
  7. Skimped on interior

    It all looks great to me. I don't really care about a fancy interior. I don't like the swoosh on the side though. It looks so feminine and I think it was totally the wrong design move.
  8. Yes going fast is fun, but not in a 1500 chassis full size pickup. Have you ever whipped around a bend in the mountains in a Silverado or Sierra and felt like things might get out of control real fast? Yea. It's not a sports car, it's a pickup truck with a high center of gravity and a suspension tuned for towing and hauling not cornering and acceleration. If you want to go fast get a Camaro.
  9. Which GM powertrain to go with? Howabout the one that fits with how you use the truck. Daily driver, not towing, get a V6. Some towing/hauling, get the 5.3 Heavy duty towing/hauling, get a 2500. I honestly don't know why anyone gets a 6.2 in a 1500 truck. Doesn't make sense to me. If you need that power and are towing that much, you should probably be driving a 2500. It's safer and all around better towing and hauling vehicle. The 6.2 in a 1500...I just don't get it. The 5.3 makes great power, I've never talked to a single person who complained that they needed more power from the 5.3. Not one. But you come on these boards and magically here are all these people who are like die-hard "got to be a 6.2L" people. My personal opinion is, "I don't get it."
  10. Tundra gets horrible mileage. Too big and heavy (tundras are heavier than most all other full size trucks), and the engine is too much of a guzzler. Most people with Tundras and the I-force never tow, and never have anything in the bed. It's too much truck for the vast majority of people buying them. Go for the Sierra with the 5.3. The size and power are "just right" for your purposes. Nobody really needs the gigantic cab of the Tundra (unless you are 8 ft tall). And I think most people will agree, the Sierras interior will be much nicer than the Tundra. Don't let people talk you out of the 5.3 it's a great engine, makes great power all across the band, tows really well. I've never once wished I had more power and I use my truck like a truck.
  11. 2019 Silverado

    Not entirely convinced its a chevy.
  12. Nice looking truck! Why are you leveling it, btw?
  13. New Truck Fever.

    There are a lot of good reasons to upgrade from a 2012 to the new generation. Doesn't really make a difference if it's a 16, or a 17. If you see a truck on the lot you like for the right price I'd go for it. If you don't, you can easily wait until next year, and probably have more selection to choose from. But the price might be a little higher. Do you use your max tow w/ 6.2 for towing? If not, you will save a bunch of money going with a 5.3. I'm completely happy with my 5.3 with the 6 speed and I can see myself driving this truck until the end of it's life span. There's no rush, you have a really nice truck and still under warranty. But if you see a nice one, in the color you like, sitting on the lot with a 20% off deal going, you can bet someone will pick it up very soon so honestly, if I found the right truck I'd jump on it if I were you.
  14. Very interesting discussion so far, and I'm sorry you are having this problem. But... "old man silverado"? I realize you live in Texas where people measure their manhood by inches of lift, but to come on a Silverado forum and state that the truck most of us drive from the factory is an "old man" vehicle...thats just rude. And the part about how your truck has never seen mud ("too new"), thats just icing on the cake. OP, I can guarantee you, most people you tell this story to, are going to get a small bit of quiet satisfaction and perhaps a good laugh over your airbags deploying. Not that I don't feel for you, it sucks. And I hope GM helps you resolve the issue. But you kind of got what you asked for when you performed a very extreme modification on a completely modern vehicle that you know darn well is full of computer sensors, software, and safety features. Do you really think GM would program the airbags to go off with light off-road use? You think they would waste millions of man hours, hassles at dealerships, thousands of appointments with disgruntled customers. No, no I think your modification caused it. Does that mean GM shouldn't help you fix it? No. I actually think they should. You bought a GM product and deserve customer service for choosing GM. Even if not under warranty, if GM wants to keep you as a customer, they should help you get the problem resolved.
  15. The 8 speed is providing plenty of issues to many people, you are not alone. The symptoms you describe do sound worrisome. I.E it doesn't sound like normal transmission break in period hiccups. And you have 2000 miles already, so you should be through the worst already.

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