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  1. Yep, avoiding the 8 speed is a great reason to go with the 6.2 I agree, mate the 10 speed to the 5.3 and I think people wouldn't have such an issue with it. I have the 5.3 with the old 6 speed...its rock solid. As far as throttle response, there is a thread from a long time ago talking about flex in the gas pedal bracket on K2 trucks. I installed a 1cm deep piece of wooden dowel behind the gas pedal bracket and it solved the issue completely for me. I really do wonder how much of the better throttle response seen on the 6.2 is due to inherent engine properties, vs transmission and other little mechanical things like that.
  2. 5.3 is not underpowered for 99% of people buying a 1500 pickup. 380 lb/ft of torque is not anemic and the truck tows small to medium size loads without difficulty. As has been said many times, if you are one of the few people looking at 1500 trucks, but thinking that you need more torque because you are regularly towing heavy loads, why are you not looking at a 2500 truck? I guess some people like hooking up a 10,000lb trailer to a 1500 truck with a 6.2, I don't. It feels wrong. The truck, especially now in 2019, is too light to tow that much. Yes "technically" it can. Okay. Now, if the only reason you want the 6.2 is just so the truck feels quick like a sports car, sure, I get it.
  3. its true, the A8 has been one of the most temperamental transmissions in recent time. Not that it fails or requires significant maintenance, but it just isn't very smooth and is very prone to torque converter issues. There are TONS of people with the harsh downshift problem, far after learning has completed. It's something most people just live with, but with the new 19's coming out you'd think they would've fixed it. I personally think they looked at the problem, realized it would take a complete re-design to fix, and just said "screw it". Keep selling them for a couple more year then go to the A10. No sense in pouring money into it.
  4. Silverado/Sierra vs. Tahoe/Yukon

    Unless you regularly use a 3rd row, go with the full size PU. If you get the bench seat option, you can put a kid next to you in the front, wife in passenger seat, and then have 3 places across in the back for car seats or passengers. Thats enough for a lot of families. Then you get a bed to put anything you want. Throw a canopy on it and you have a versatile ride that can basically do anything including haul dirty stuff to the dump. That's the one thing you can't really do with the Tahoe. If you have more space and want to have a little trailer to do those types of jobs, it makes sense to get the SUV. Basically, the full size pickup is the most efficient, do-it-all with one vehicle option, but if you have more than 2 kids you may want to consider the tahoe. The other option is to have a crossover for family trips, etc, And then just have a double cab standard bed pickup for truck duty. With those two vehicles in the driveway you can pretty much do anything. We take the crossover on road trips where we want to get better mileage. Camping, adventures, where we are hauling dirty gear like boats, kayaks, we take the truck. Kids fit fine in the back of the double cab, even car seats. If I was going to have one vehicle it would be a crew cab long bed, or short bed if not enough space. Two vehicles enables a crossover and a double cab standard bed if you don't use the truck as your "daily" vehicle. IT works for us and the main benefit is you get a truck that is overall shorter but still has a standard bed and thus is much more useful than any short bed truck.
  5. that sounds like a terrible idea if you just want a little more sound you should get a CAI instead
  6. Yet another reason to wait 1-2 years after a new model comes out. That said, this is getting blown out of proportion. I won't make any judgement until I actually see a picture of a dented, punctured, or bent frame. If this is indeed a big problem, then it basically shows the trade off we are getting for the high MPG.
  7. I wouldn't have paid $1500 out of my own pocket for the V8. I think your employer would have paid that had they felt it was necessary for the truck to do what it needs to do, no?
  8. actually I don't think this is true. I looked at a T1 and a K2 truck today side by side at the dealer, and while the upper part of the bed is higher, the actual bumper and load floor of the bed are in fact lower on the 2019, which should make it easier to step up into the bed and load things into it.
  9. Has nothing to do with appearance. If you are just going to trash it and use it for work, of course get the custom. But, you lose out on all the creature comforts--power seats, leather wrapped wheel, tilt/telescoping column, etc. To me, its not that much more for the LT and I would miss all of those things, therefore, why spend 5-10 years wondering why I didn't get what I wanted. It's not that much more. You're already spending 40k on a truck what's 45k to get all that stuff.
  10. Wheel well liners

    at first, everyone thinks stuff is going to build up on the felt liners but it doesn't
  11. Front Wheel Well Liners

    resurrecting this because its been a few years and I had some input on this question. I have the soft GM factory wheel well liners on my K2 silverado, and I love them. They are one of the things I "scoffed" at when I got my new truck but over the past 2 years, I've noticed that they are extremely low maintenance. Nothing sticks to them, except a little dirt, and that washes instantly off with just water and soap.
  12. This option is in the online "Build and Price" but it is under #7 Accessories under the "performance" tab. It's kind of confusing since the other "GM performance" options like Cold air intake, and performance exhaust, are selectable in the regular "packages" section of the builder, but the lift kit doesn't appear there, that I can see.
  13. I don't know about other people, but I'll only trade up if I'm not happy with my current truck in some specific way. For example, I have a 2016 K2 double cab in silver. I love the truck, but I have a growing family and I want a crew cab. I also want a truck that's an actual color (not black, silver or white). Therefore, at some point I'm going to upgrade, likely when the T1 gets a refresh, and I'll get the truck I want/need and I'll probably keep that one forever, unless I discover that it has some fatal flaw that I can't live with. That said, there is no perfect vehicle so I figure if I own a truck in the right configuration for me, and it has no game breaking mechanical issues then I'm going to keep that truck for a long time. I actually tried to find a leftover 2018 in a crew cab, deep ocean metallic thinking I could get the things I wanted for a nice price. Except all the trucks leftover in a 500 mile radius around me are either "e-assist" models (no interest in that) or don't have a factory bed liner (a must for me). Literally not a single truck left that I would buy. So, I"m kind of forced into waiting for 2019's to come down in price and get kinks worked out. I'm kind of pissed because I really love my K2 truck and I also like that it DOESN'T have stop/start and has a real key ignition! In my opinion, the K2 is the last "old school" truck. But the T1 is cool and I'd be happy to drive one. Owning a full size truck is a privilege most in the world do not have, if you find one you like hold on to it. It's fun to have a relationship with a truck that ages with you and becomes truly "yours". Upgrading every 2-3 years, I think you lose out on that...
  14. The high country is supposed to be for people who don't want a ton of chrome, and it STILL has a lot Very nice looking. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  15. I think 43k for this truck is a rip off, considering it has none of the LT features many of which I view as necessary such as telescoping wheel, etc. The custom trim is just too stripped to be attractive. It would be excusable if they were priced in the 32-35k range.

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