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  1. Because for less than .02, I can use foil and it’s a just as effective faraday cage. And it works. Plus it’s readily available. to be a little more clear, I generally remove the little metal door key from whatever fob, hid the metal key in a magnetic hide-a-key on the outside. Then stash the foil-wrapped fob in the cab. It works.
  2. I wrap a spare fob in aluminum foil and stash it somewhere outside. has worked in every vehicle with a proximity fob. I haven't seen any options to "turn off" a fob.
  3. do you have a link? I'm not having any lucky finding black replacement bolt onto bumper tips. Thanks!
  4. Throw the removable metal key in an old school magnetic hid-a-key box somewhere outside. Take the fob and wrap it in aluminum foil and stash anywhere inside. the foil will block the fob signal. I've done this for years and has worked the 4-5 times ive needed it. Especially for road trips where can extra key is good peace of mind when out of town.
  5. The new trucks time out and shut off after 10 or 15 minutes if in park, even with the fob in the truck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I agree with you. I came from a 14 with the basic key fob app avail for free for 5 years. Was pretty annoyed to find even the basic part of the app not avail unless you pay on the 19. That said, the 9.99 is a package, just not advertised. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. No. Only if in park. A common way to avoid the vehicle shutting off while idling is to pop the trans into neutral and keep your parking brake on. I wouldn’t do this, but it works. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. you have to ask for it, but the basic key fob part of the app is avail for 9.99 a month. i still won't pay for it, but it is an option over the cheapest advertised package.
  9. I see others have replied to you as well, But i was not referring to the "tonno" brand. I bought the "access" brand, and bought their "tonnosport" cover. it is very much for the 2019 new model, and it fits great!
  10. Access Tonnosport. $278 on amazon, part number 22020369. Amazon description is "ACCESS Covers 22020369 NEW". the listing is vague but i cross referenced the part number from Access's website where the cover is like 80 bucks more.
  11. I mentioned the tow truck because that's generally who uses that trans release button i mentioned. even without a tow truck involved, the release i mentioned could be used to shift out of park... for any situation requiring neutral with a dead battery. again though, i dont know if our trucks have that. i just know ive seen this on many automatics over the years. especially with push button acc/start.
  12. most automatics have a little transmission release button too. i didn't know about it until we had our 370z towed a few years ago. the tow driver said its there just for those situations. I'm sure our vehicles have one somewhere. not positive though.
  13. They're definitely a pain top get off. not hard, but annoying and tedious. once you figure out the angle and tools for each of the 4 top down bolts, it moves faster. for me, it was frustrating and time consuming, but once you get a method down for each bolt, it goes faster. i probably spent a little over an hour total getting them off, but a lot of that was getting back up off the ground to get tools from the garage. the combo of box end wrench, and a socket/wrench with different extensions does work though. going back on was much faster. i scuffed mine up very well with a sanding sponge and painted them with high temperature paint, but it started flaking within a few weeks. it was more of a trial to see if i liked how they looked and will be taking them back off to get powder-coated soon. this was one of the few mods that non-car guys at work commented on and complimented. I will say that even scuffed up, the brushed steel/aluminum look was more desirable than the stock chrome. at least to me.
  14. That’s exactly the picture I was looking for. Thanks for the picture and replies. I think this will Be the one I order. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. i appreciate the reply. the chevy link states they are vinyl. you mentioned yours are plastic. i prefer vinyl as i don't want a raised plastic object with visible edges. yours looks the best in my opinion so far though. love the black on black.
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