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  1. most automatics have a little transmission release button too. i didn't know about it until we had our 370z towed a few years ago. the tow driver said its there just for those situations. I'm sure our vehicles have one somewhere. not positive though.
  2. In-bumper exhaust tips

    They're definitely a pain top get off. not hard, but annoying and tedious. once you figure out the angle and tools for each of the 4 top down bolts, it moves faster. for me, it was frustrating and time consuming, but once you get a method down for each bolt, it goes faster. i probably spent a little over an hour total getting them off, but a lot of that was getting back up off the ground to get tools from the garage. the combo of box end wrench, and a socket/wrench with different extensions does work though. going back on was much faster. i scuffed mine up very well with a sanding sponge and painted them with high temperature paint, but it started flaking within a few weeks. it was more of a trial to see if i liked how they looked and will be taking them back off to get powder-coated soon. this was one of the few mods that non-car guys at work commented on and complimented. I will say that even scuffed up, the brushed steel/aluminum look was more desirable than the stock chrome. at least to me.
  3. Tailgate letters

    That’s exactly the picture I was looking for. Thanks for the picture and replies. I think this will Be the one I order. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Tailgate letters

    i appreciate the reply. the chevy link states they are vinyl. you mentioned yours are plastic. i prefer vinyl as i don't want a raised plastic object with visible edges. yours looks the best in my opinion so far though. love the black on black.
  5. Tailgate letters

    Are these BD trims? and if so, are these the flat or domed? thanks in advance!
  6. Trailboss, Rst help

    You just described my TB. It has a few options, but overall more of a "stripped down" LT TB.. for MSRP of 52 ha. I went into it wanting the convenience 2 and tech packages, but the dealer discounted the one i bought by almost 7k with little haggling back in early feb, so i bit. with my 2014 LT trade, i ended up financing under half the msrp and was really happy with the options on the 19 in the end. I didn't consider other trims as i really wanted one i didn't have to modify suspension for once, and i love the black front and lack of chrome, the the TB was really the only one i was considering. No regrets at all.
  7. when going on long roads trips, i always take a spare fob, just in case. Ive found wrapping the key fob in aluminum foil and throwing it somewhere in the cab blocks it from being picked up by the vehicle. i haven't personally tried it with the 19 chevy, but it worked on my focus ST, 2007 vette, 370Z, and now my focus RS. I'm pretty certain it would work on this as well. haven't gotten to test it yet though.
  8. A few drops get in here and there from high pressure car washes. Nothing that will get any contents wet though. In my 2014 with the same cover, I drove through a few blizzards and rain storms in both the Colorado Rockies and the Oregon coast with a full bed of personal items without issue. I was worried about the power release tailgate but it works without a single issue. I don’t have the power up though. Just release. No drilling or modifications. Each rail bolts onto the inside bedsides with three clamps. Then the cover bolts into the cab side of the rails. Extremely easy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Remote key start question

    Just a heads up for everyone interested: if you call onstar and ask for just the remote key fob part of the app, its 9.99 a month. it won't be selectable from any menu on the site or app to purchase, but they will offer it over the phone.i still consider it a ripoff, but its a cheaper option for what used to be free for 5 years.
  10. I installed the Access Tonnosport. Their website lists part number 22020369 for the short box for $351.05. Searching that part number on amazon, i found the same cover for $270.45 and free shipping. arrived in 3 days, even though it wasn't prime. the exact product name on amazon is "ACCESS Covers 22020369 NEW". The page doesn't have any descriptors or fits or reviews, but the matching part number was enough for me to take the chance at saving $80, plus ordered from the vague amazon page for the same cover for my 14 standard bed back then. Looking through GM's accessories on their direct website, their rollup looks very similar to this one and is even a few bucks cheaper. who knows. Installed the cover a few days ago and its perfect, and the box listed it as 2019 silverado 5'8" bed w/o multipro. Its low profile, installed alone in under 20 minutes with just a 1/2' wrench, rolls up easy for entire bed access, and its cheap enough. the same one on my 14 went through almost 5 North Dakota winters with moderate open/close use and was still 90% when i traded the pickup in a few weeks ago. the only thing that was wearing out was the little velcro pieces that attach to the two aluminum cross bars. the strips holding the back bar were getting a little less sticky.
  11. Rear window leak

    I may have missed it when reading through all posts, but have any solid rear windows been found to leak? my 2014 had the power sliding rear and would have a few drops make their way in center of the sliding section during high pressure washes, but less than 10% of the time. not bad enough to think twice about. I now have a 19 trail boss with the solid rear window and curious if anyone with the same window has found any leaks. Ive had the truck for 2 weeks now and its been far too cold here in ND for any liquid form of h2o ha.
  12. Love my Husky weatherbeaters. They fit perfect and clean up like new. They catch all debris and snowmelt from this North Dakota winter and nothing has ever touched the carpet. They were cheaper that WT and also american made. I believe they have a lifetime warranty. I have the front and one piece rear in both my truck and my focus ST. Pics of them in my car and truck
  13. Onstar Remotelink

    Mine stopped working two weeks ago. Called in and the onstar dude on the phone was very rude. Told me my account number was wrong and from one of my older onstar vehicles. I told him numerous times this was my first. He wouldn't listen, wouldn't help, and said I'd receive a call within 10 days by a tech support guy. I thought I was on the phone with tech! He said I was. It was very aggravating. I called back 10 mins later to speak with someone else and they passed me around and the 4th person finally took the time to help out. She discovered that my account had been closed for no reason what so ever and that my vehicle info and my name had been moved to a brand new account but with someone else's billing address in a state id never lived in. It was basically like day one setting up an account. Over an hour of phone frustration but it finally started working again. Not sure what they're doing over there, if it was a software glitch or human error, but I wish I'd gotten the the first guys name. I'd love to leave negative feedback. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Same setup I have but just a different tire. everything fits fine and they really fill the wheel wells nicely. Post pics when they're on! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Yours look great. I probably have 10 to 15 coats on my cars wheels and I don't use much to keep them looking nice so I've never noticed any weakening but thanks for the heads up. I also use the armor all tire gel but found the turtle ice interior spray works great. I also use it on my tires to keep them black but I don't use tire shine on the tires themself. I rub a little into the rubber to keep the tires moistened and black, but then wipe down to eliminate shine. Just my personal preference. Plasti has such a bed rep because so many people don't take the time to do a good job. Nice to see another set of great looking wheels. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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