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  1. I also downloaded and read the owners manual before I picked it up. Made the delivery experience much better since I was familiar with controls and settings before heading out.
  2. Trailer TPMS sensors?

    Mine were in console
  3. Hopefully the constraints will be lifted soon and the order will get going. You would think that it would not be constrained due to the fact that it is likely the most profitable model in the Silverado lineup.
  4. Just drove to Florida and back. Saw 4 Chevys on the way down and only 1 GMC on the way back. Thought I would have seen a lot more.
  5. Gear shifter on the column

    3500 miles on mine and it is tight. No shake or movement
  6. Rear Camera Fish Eye Look

    Also give the computers a few seconds to sync up, don’t shift into reverse as soon as it starts. Had this happen and now give it a few seconds and has not happened againp
  7. GM Floor Liners

    Went to the beach and naturally sand got in the car. The sand stayed in the liners and nothing on carpet. Easy cleanup and definitely vote for GM liners
  8. My Goodyear’s are Wrangler Trailrunners 115S. I have Z71 if it makes a difference
  9. I would check out the Z71 OFf-Road and Protection package to replace the Z71 Off-Road package. It includes the floor mats as well as the spray on bed liner and in my case was cheaper than ordering separate
  10. I wish it was offered on the Silverado
  11. 2019 LTZ 6.2 Z71 crew cab short bed 1577 lbs
  12. Glad to hear you got them and everything worked out.
  13. I also have the GM hard trifold. Works fine and doesn’t leak, is dry inside.
  14. You should also have them. They are standard on the HC. Call your dealer

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