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  1. Have power tailgate and have no issues with it going up or down.
  2. I don’t know who made these for GM. The warranty parts were in a bag marked Made in China, so the cover may also be made there for GM
  3. I also have this. It is very easy to remove (but heavy) and store off truck for when you don’t want it on. Mine had recall and latches well and doesn’t leak. In a hard driving rain, the only place I got even a little trickle of water was the gap between tailgate and bed.
  4. Add 1 more to the club. Have the AAHD axle in 6.2 LTZ built 1/8/19. Doesnt have noise all the time, but it is there on long drives. Waiting to see them get an actual repair before I take it in.
  5. I had mine in yesterday for an oil change and told them about the brake wear indicator. They said they had to do a software update to re-program the brake system control module correct brake pad.
  6. I just had this today. Went to the store and phone and contacts all good. Did some shopping, and got back on the road and had the problem above. Went home, and later went back out and all was good again. Just another strange glitch to add to the pile I guess.
  7. I emailed about mine and got a call from GM and they told me to take it to the dealer to see about having it done. I explained to them that I had taken it to the dealer on an Onstar problem and they were unable to help me, and it took me 3 weeks on my own to resolve it. She took dealers name and she said she would look into it. About 4 days later she called me back and told me they had restored the message app to my truck. Took a little longer it seems, but I got it and thanks to the forum.
  8. Mine was in plastic bag under rear seat
  9. This is my first truck. My family has always had trucks. My brother and all my cousins have trucks. I was the odd one always having sports cars. Now that I have the Silverado, I am hooked on a truck and can’t see going back to a car.
  10. My bad!! I thought they were chrome. I am glad they are stainless capped. My last GM had chrome.
  11. They are chrome plated as most are.
  12. There are shutters behind the grill. Max tow option deleted the shutters
  13. I have had my truck in for service 3 times. Each time they ran the VIN and then showed me a list of updates applicable to my VIN. So far only 1 has been to update an item Imentioned to them. It is probably Dealer dependant on how and what they apply. They did tell me they check and will update any outstanding updates every service visit.
  14. I also have the same cover and I also only have minimal leakage at the tailgate seams. Perhaps they did not fit yours correctly. I don’t know what adjustments there are as the rails are screwed to the bed
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