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  1. New truck mirrors

    As stated above you would have to get a 2020. It was not available on 2019s.
  2. There are a few threads on here about the brake pad monitor. Basically a lot of them are not to be trusted. Check the thickness of the pads yourself and not with the monitor. At 8k your pads should be almost new.
  3. Tonneau Cover ID

    I had no issues with mine either. Took it in for the recall and after I got it back checked it for leaks and it is stil tight. Cover works well for me.
  4. Tonneau Cover ID

    Had my recall done, and they changed the latches, hold downs and seals. i don’t think this top is available anymore. Someone on the forum said it is no longer being sold.
  5. Tonneau Cover ID

    That is the trifold hard cover option from GM. It is dealer installed. I have same one on my Silverado.
  6. I am glad to see the 6.2 and 10 speed in more models, but I ordered mine with exactly what I wanted, including the 6.2 and am very happy with it. I have driven rentals with the adaptive cruise control and didn’t care for it, so that is not a draw for me.
  7. 2019’s do not have turn signals in the mirror.
  8. Bed misaligned

    Mine is off a little bit, but I can live with it. Who knows what can of worms would be opened if I fool with it. My last car was a Corvette and that had a few misaligned panels and it was a headache to get it corrected, and it never got 100%.
  9. RST front turn signal bulbs?

    I installed these abt 1 month ago. No issues no hyper flash. They work and look great
  10. Engine temp

    I checked mine and it stays at the line before 210, so I am guessing that is around 200 or so. It is a 6.2 and I have the shutters.
  11. noise from roof - pop

    No noises from mine, but I also have the sunroof.
  12. Brake pads

    I wouldn’t rely on the digital info. Visually check them. I have 5200 miles and am at 93% and 95%
  13. Performance Upgrade Package

    That just doesn’t look right! Doesn’t seem lined up
  14. Another vote for Northsky Blue
  15. Also notice no changes at all

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