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  1. I, too, have this situation with my 2019 Chevrolet Silverado. When my truck is turned off, the trailer lights on my horse trailer continue to flicker repeatedly every 10-15 seconds forever. I’ve resorted to unplugging the trailer to avoid any draw on my battery. NEW: I read not to long ago on this forum site that GM had come up with a fix. Some type of new computer module? My Chevy dealership had never heard of it so I had to furnish them the #specs from the Forum article I had read. It’s as yet, not a formal recall. Anyone know any more news on this issue?
  2. I am having the same trouble with my trailer lights flickering on/off at regular intervals when my truck (2019 Chevy Silverado) is off and trailer wiring still attached. Truck dealership told me to turn off the theft deterrent mode but that didn’t help. Only manually unplugging my trailer from the truck stops the light flickering. Dumb invention if you ask me!!! Frustrated in Ohio!!
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