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  1. Are those the painted factory hooks? Mine came with new hardware, so I just used a sawzall and cut the bolt on the drivers side, then used the new one with the hooks, pretty simple.
  2. 8 speed transmission ?

    Off topic, but do you feel comfortable with your lawyer’s decision to leave your truck at the dealer? The dealer is not the one who would buy back the truck, that would all be handled by GM, the manufacturer. I would be afraid that they would have it towed off of their lot so they would not be held responsible for it.
  3. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    You are very welcome, very cool color👍!
  4. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Good looking truck! What color Is that?
  5. What is meant by this icon on dash

    You need to watch more TV, those are the sells pitches for each company. The dash is Chevy’s subliminal message that they use in their advertisements.
  6. What is meant by this icon on dash

    That’s why you can discover even more new roads👍, if it were a Toyota, you would just go places😬
  7. What is meant by this icon on dash

    Discover new roads, because you get such good gas mileage🤔. Chevy’s sales campaign.
  8. Oil

    Whoa, when was your house vandalized??? Looks like someone broke in and put a bunch of Ducks and Gators crap all over your walls! Any suspects😂🤣😂👍😂👍
  9. IMO, too much chrome on the front, bumper, grill, just looks strange on the 1500's. Color matched gives you some contrast between the pieces, and just flows better with the body lines. Always make sure to check the sticker in the glove box for your RPO codes to make sure you are buying what you think you are. Welcome to the site!!!
  10. Looking for Private Offers

    I was able to get one through here for my 16, but thinking they have not been around for the last couple of years, because I have seen others asking, but no replies.
  11. Z71 Grill Emblem Ad

    Remember this forum is like your yard/garden in the spring, you have to weed out the bad answers to find the good ones..... Post pictures if you find what you are looking for, you will have a one of one truck because it is yours and you did it up like you wanted too!!!
  12. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Welcome to the site, congratulations on the new truck. Looks like you are in one of the parking garages in downtown Seattle with that beam clearance.
  13. Is there a link on this post that I am missing?
  14. Well played, sir, buy I usually picture it more like this in my mind
  15. Is this the engine build in the new Hot Rod magazine, article where they are talking about getting rid of the VVT system also?
  16. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    You are very welcome, enjoy your new truck!
  17. 18 Sierra Grill insert removal??

    That looks pretty cool!!! Where di you find that piece?
  18. You are correct, V is the 2.5 inch receiver, IV is a weight distribution set up. III comes with the truck from the factory with your Z82 tow package which has the 2 inch version.
  19. Power steering leak cannot fix

    It is your steering rack and pinion housing, it is made of a very soft metal. Even with new fittings on the lines, they will not seat once the metal is at the state of leaking. Had to replace the rack on my 99, 04, and 2008.
  20. Oh, the four square, Monroney sticker. The one in your glove box is your bible for figuring out what you have. You requested a build sheet, so the codes will tell you what each one means. The window sticker just lists standard/optional features in some detail.
  21. When you say dealer sticker, are you referring to the sticker with your option/build codes in the glove box?
  22. You can try this, not sure how long you have had the problem though, Cleaning the System If the FCA system does not seem to operate properly, cleaning the outside of the windshield in front of the camera sensor behind the rearview mirror, and cleaning the front of the vehicle where radar sensors are located, may correct the issue.
  23. To really see if it is working, you are going to have to get closer to the car in front of you. I take it you have never seen the flashing red lights on the windshield when you are really close, they get your attention.
  24. Agreed, he woke up today, so that alone is a great selling point to stay with a Chevy/GMC product, he knows first hand that they are safe.
  25. You should work for the board of tourism for Florida, is that a typical Friday or Saturday night? Come to Florida for the sun, and stay for the deception in the bars, who knows what you will end up with!!!

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