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    Over $5.00 a gallon in the Seattle area.
  2. Welcome to the site. Batteries from the factory are prone to not have a long life, it just happens. You will receive messages from On Star for a period of time, until they clear out of the system, even though work has been done and completed, just an annoying flaw in their system. If you do have a draw, why do you think that it would not drain two batteries? How low did your tender say it was? Did you try starting at that level to see if it would? Two batteries are usually set up when you have numerous accessories that are going to be a huge draw on the electrical system, not just for a daily driver.
  3. Think the color was the Stripper Limited Edition version. Included glitter in the interior that you can never get rid of. Lots of explaining to do when you bring home your new truck and show the wife
  4. How many times a week does his wife remind him of this
  5. then come on the site b!tching that it drones and has obnoxious helicopter sound Then what is he going to talk about after it is done then???
  6. the impotence of moly Sounds like that element may be a little "limp"
  7. Thought This Was an OPEN PUBLIC Forum??? It is, that is why we replied. Maybe sell the truck? No point in driving something you do not like/trust. No manufacturer makes 100% perfect vehicles, but good luck with your next purchase.
  8. Welcome to the site. Could you share some more info about your truck? Are you the original owner, year, model, trim level, mods, miles, and any other thing you can think of? Otherwise we will all just be guessing like you are.
  9. Maybe start with pulling back the rubber boot to expose the wiring loom on that door to make sure all of the wires look good.
  10. Welcome to the site. Do you know if the mirrors came with the truck from the factory, or were added by a prior owner?
  11. Check your drivers side front door jamb. There should be a QR code, scan it with your phone, it will pull up most of the RPO's that your truck came with. Should be Class IV from the factory. Look for RPO Z82 and Z85.
  12. Is there some sort of prize involved if we answer correctly?
  13. Welcome to the site. Assuming the plugs and coils are original to the truck, I would most definitely go with OEM.
  14. Just click on the quote tab to directly respond to an individual, or the + sign for multiple replies.
  15. Definitely need to get a new translation app, maybe one that has punctuation ability too.
  16. As I need a Good Working Truck as I take It to My Property and That is 3.25 hours to get there! Maybe this, buyer's remorse because his property is so far away
  17. Sorry in advance
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