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  1. Welcome to the site! Dealer should be able to provide instructions, but they should be in the box with the hooks.
  2. Welcome to the site. Any more info about your truck you can provide is always a great place to start for finding answers. First question, original battery?
  3. Amazon has Chevy's version, should be pretty close. ACDelco 19332031 Abalone White Tricoat (WA140X) Four-In-One Touch-Up Paint - .5 oz Pen
  4. Pretty sure the Chop Shop question was meant to be funny.
  5. Welcome to the site. Great looking truck!!! The wife's 16 Tahoe LTZ has handles that just need to be touched to lock or unlock vehicle, but the difference is it has the pushbutton start and matching fob. Maybe possible to get it too work after a swap, pretty sure someone on here would know.
  6. It was, not meant in a poaceous way. GM can spin the numbers anyway they want, refresh will mainly be determined on how sales go, if they increase, it will be 2022. If they continue to slide, it may be sooner.
  7. Someone has to be "that guy", 2022 will technically be the 4th year of the model run, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.
  8. Sometimes you just have to go "Eastbound and down" on some of the recommendations.....
  9. Welcome to the site. Take it to another dealer, if under warranty (or not) you can take it anywhere. They may not want to touch it if the other dealer has done warranty work on it, but they are competitors and might shed some light to get your future business.
  10. Not sure, but did you disconnect the battery at any time. These trucks are big rolling computers, maybe a disconnect might reboot everything like a restart on your PC.
  11. Good info, many have asked. Do you have, or can you provide any pictures (we are a visual creature), which would help greatly.
  12. Completely agree, they are nice to have, as much as we do not want to admit it, we are all distracted drivers with these new trucks. Lots of stuff going on inside with us, and even more outside of the vehicle with the other drivers, pedestrians, etc.….
  13. Should have taken them up on the offer, and given them a "perfectly awful/dissatisfied" customer survey. Then if they asked you why, you could have played dumb, and said you did not understand, it was a perfect score of zero!
  14. "Side Piece", gun or girlfriend??? if girlfriend, don't think she will like that nickname...….
  15. Yea, they get off track pretty quick, think of going to the bar early sober and bring up a random topic, look around and see how people are interacting. Stay there until closing, drinking the whole time, and then see how many fights have broken out, and how many are bonding, kind of sums up the site, fun at times! Washington has a mixed bag of environments, and we have 4 huskies, so even with the trucks garaged, the filters take a beating, plus like you said, feels good to do some stuff yourself.
  16. Well, at this point if the other functions on the stereo are working correctly, I would disconnect the battery for 30 minutes or so, just to reboot the truck and see if that works.
  17. Not sure if they are similar in features, but Apple lets you "forget this device", which sort of deletes it from your phone (MYlink). Then you can repair it with a fresh start, and that usually works every time to sync it up with the truck again.
  18. If it is the rack, it is all or nothing. Just had to replace on our 16 Tahoe, $2200.00 installed by dealer. Tried every angle with GM for assistance, got a free year of XM/Sirius for both our rigs. Something, I guess, but they did replace vacuum pump and torque converter for free at same time.
  19. Welcome to the site. Unfortunately you have a different system than the posters with the new 19 1500 body styles. You have the same as the 14-18 1500's. The 2020 will have the updated informant system in them. I would take it in under warranty and see what's up, pretty common problem.
  20. No problem, good looking set up. Best advice, for this site, think before you type (speak), and be ready for lots of opinions, some good, some bad. Just like life, perception and interpretation go a long way....
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