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  1. The relationship with your dealer is paramount now days. Having owned quite a few different brands in my life, my best experiences have been with my current Chevy dealer, and no one has taken better care of me as far as fixing or replacing their products than GM. I think you are making a great decision, enjoy your new truck, welcome to the Generals family!!!
  2. That was a quote made with a fresh batch of sarcasm simmered in "being really factitious"..... That world does not exist, just ask what is wrong, she will tell you right away...……………..
  3. Two questions: 1st: Which brand (if any) would you be 100% confident in buying? 2nd: Most importantly, which brand will keep your wife happier if problems occur? Women never like to tell you "told you so". Sounds like you had good luck with Ram, why jump ship? I personally think the GM products are the way to go, but I am also biased.
  4. Sierra Tri - Mode Steps

    You are very welcome. Any luck on a set?
  5. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    I think you are within specs:
  6. New Here wanted to say hi!

    Good eye, missed the Fix Or Repair Daily photo bombing the Beautiful Chevy's. At least it is close to the curb for garbage pick up day.
  7. New Here wanted to say hi!

    HAHA, at least he has a Chevy in the "car hole" (garage), and some of his yard does look mowed. Wonder if he has an edger buried in all of that valuable garage belongings?
  8. New Here wanted to say hi!

    Welcome to the site! Nice combo, have the same pair in our garage at home (different colors). Speaking of garages, your neighbor has a lot of "crap" in theirs!!!
  9. Shark fin, look for wet spots on the headliner, especially around the visors, or the gasket on the sunroof can actually be the problem. The first run had a continuous gasket that would leak, they replaced it with one that has a cut in it, fits better and does not leak. The cut will be at the back of the gasket, very easy to see. There are also spots under the cowl in the fender wells that water can enter.
  10. Believe you answered your own question. Welcome to the site, and before you are attacked by the masses, you are talking about the "grade braking" system. HDC is an option with the Z71/Denali package for controlling your "very slow" downhill decent, kind of like a "crawl mode".
  11. New Silverado Owner

    You are a lucky man if your tax dollars are being used for good, we all need more of that. Even if it is just one thing, like controlling the weather, it is a good start...…..
  12. New Silverado Owner

    Not as much as you think. Talking mostly about severe weather the rest of you get, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail storms, 12 feet of snow and all of the other wonderful stuff.....
  13. New 24s and red tow hooks

    Looks awesome, Huge fan of the red tow hooks on this body style! 77 and sunny in the Seattle area today, what part of BC are you in?
  14. New Silverado Owner

    It was before Seattle became the USA's vagina. Just my opinion, but the area gives people no incentive to work or better themselves, state will just take care of them. As far as the natural beauty of the area, and overall weather, you can't beat it.
  15. Standard equipment on Ferrari's too: The Michelin TRX, (and the related TDX), is a radial tire introduced by the Michelin Group in 1975. It is one of the first volume-produced low-profile tires. Although technologically advanced, and reasonably successful, the tire's requirement for a non-standard rim ultimately condemned it to a relatively short commercial life. It has thus been called the " Betamax of the tire industry.
  16. I feel both of your pain, just lost both rear shocks on our 16 Tahoe LTZ. $1701.25 later and it rides like new again. I sure hope that they are making the shocks better, otherwise this going to get real expensive to own a really expensive truck.
  17. Welcome to the site! As Marv88 also said (kind of), I would steer away from the 19"s. Had them on my 2008 Highlander, and you are very limited by how many manufactures make that size tire. Doubt very much if you would be able to find a performance for summer and an all weather for winter, probably just the latter.
  18. New Silverado Owner

    Nah, my tax paying dollars now go to "safe injection sites", affordable housing, "tiny house" cities for the homeless, and the mass transit "mobile toilet" for the street people who currently live in the "tent cities" under the freeway's and everywhere else the can roost.
  19. Traded my 1500 for 2500HD

    Congratulations, nice looking truck!!!
  20. GM Buyback Experience

    I am, Both times GM has made the deals so good that I could not jump brands and have it make sense finically. 14 was for the most part a POS, 16 was great until broken push rod, and botched job on installation of replacement engine. 18 has been awesome, I could be bitter, but it has actually been nice to be able to see the changes through the run of the body style and have a lower payment now than when I started back with the 14. Kind of like I leased the prior 2 trucks. Not sure if the other brands would have stood behind their trucks like GM and go to the extents that they did to keep me in one.
  21. GM Buyback Experience

    Having gone through a trade allowance on my 14, and a full blown buy back on my 16, 12 to 16 weeks is a realistic time frame. The sooner you start the process the better, get the claim number, and be patient, you will speak to numerous departments before it is all done. Your best allies will be the staff and ownership at your dealer. They can make things happen if they choose to.
  22. New Silverado Owner

    Welcome, congratulations on your new to you truck, and your upcoming addition to your family!!!! 96 and sunny in Seattle today, I will trade you this day for your rainy one.....
  23. What kind of oil

    You will see replies for Amsoil, Mobil 1, anything cheap at WalMart, and so on. To be compliant, try to use a synthetic that is Dexos 1 approved for your balance of the powertrain warranty. I have been using the new AC Delco synthetic at the dealership, seems to be a good oil, either made by Mobil, or Phillips 66.
  24. 2018 LTZ Just died

    You never mentioned, was the engine running "rough" when it finally died? Like a misfire, or possibly something broken internally?
  25. 2018 LTZ Just died

    Did you have a flashing CEL? Any way to contact On Star to see if they can do a diagnostic test?

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