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    2015 GMC SIERRA CREW CAB 1500
  1. Service Stabilitrak/ABS

    I will bud, I picked up mine at Jerry Siener north salt lake they have always been great to deal with Tom the service advisor is a awesome guy. I now go to the Sandy location and they too are really a great bunch have always taken care of me and answered any questions I’ve had and told me whether or not it’s was worth spending the extra on certain services or if I could do it myself. I’m going in this week and I’ll let you know how it goes!
  2. Service Stabilitrak/ABS

    I have had this happen to me as well, it happened on a unpaved rather rocky road as I was going down hill with the hill descent control on. The first message that came on was "stibiltrack control needs service" after coming to a stop it went away then I continued down hill and applied the hill descent again on unpaved bumpy road and the same message came on again. but after getting back on paved road the message didnt come back on. This has only happened on this same strech of downhill in the same conditions. I'm due for a oil change and have free one with the dealer will bring it up with them and mention the above info and report back.
  3. Try looking in California they are more common out there, I priced out a regular cab with some upgrades for a 2017 and still totaled out to 45K ridiculous even though I have 2015 crew cab sierra z71 SLT minus the sunroof. I had 92 Chevy cheyenne that had the V6 with upgrades that was quick off the line, many thought it was a V8.
  4. It's pretty easy to do, I did the RC 2" in the front none in the rear. leveled my 2015 GMC sierra crew worst part was disconnecting the power steering motor and not breaking the clips. Like someone else mentioned look at a couple you tube videos and you should be good. 100 buck alignment job and your set!
  5. Your favorite tires????

    Rough Country claims you can fit up to 32" tire, I didnt go that big but what I did go with I'm happy with and BFG's have never disappointed ever. I know they don't have a milage warranty but as long as they are rotated regularly they will last 60000 mi's or up to 4-5 yrs
  6. Your favorite tires????

    Just my two cents because I went through this back in October. I went with the BFG KO2's but I did the rough country 2" level kit before hand, the tire size was 275/55/20 when I pulled the trigger on it I wanted 285/65/20 the difference was explained to me that was only millimeters in difference but price was an additional 80 bucks. I also bought them at Costco when they were on rebate 50 dollars off. total price was 1200 out the door. I live in a four season state and have already had snow fall and the tires did excellent. I also kept the original rims on the truck and it looks great and rides great.
  7. GMC headlight recall concern

    Question? So I did the Led swap instead of going through the dealer as well, plug and play and the light output was far better than stock for sure. My question to you is this: in changing the bulb to LED's when you hit the high beams beside seeing the stupid flap open did your bulb actually increase light output or get brighter? on mine the flap opens and that's about it no increase in lumens for a true high beam. and did you do the BCM thing everyone is mentioning? I love my truck but seriously am pissed about the light output for the headlights, my only other option at this point is adding a light bar which as nice as they are I don't want to screw with drilling and wiring issues.
  8. Great all season tire

    That’s it exactly! They will order what you want but won’t go bigger than 3 sizes I believe for liability issues I worked for them for 14 years sometimes they had good deals sometimes not. I’d get Them into price battles with discount tires too to price match.
  9. Great all season tire

    If you do go the BFG route go to Costco, I have a 2015 GMC Sierra crew cab with the 20” rims and put 275/55/20 on it but I have the RC 2” lift as well and they fit no problems I was going to put 285 and was told I can go as big as 32” but the price per tire was going to be 340 per tire. The difference between 285/275 is millimeters so at 240 a tire it was a no brainer and the truck looks great with the all terrain T/A’s. when all was said and done I was exactly 1200 out the door 300 less than discount tires or anyone else but do it when they are on rebate. They also give you a 30 day drive it or return it guarantee if you don’t like them
  10. Great all season tire

    just my two cents but on all my trucks from 93 96 04 08 2015 years Ive always run BFG all terrain T/A's always rotated regularly and they lasted me 5 yrs plus yes they are a little spendy but they are quiet and have always got me everywhere. sand snow mud rain.
  11. Congrats, check the shake, dump the stock bulbs get led or hids, tonnue cover and enjoy it.
  12. New to post but have used this forum many times for info. Anyway for what its worth the bosch icons are spendy but worth it considering its your vision, never had a issue with them and in utah heavy to light snow always cleaned everything off no streaks.

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