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  1. Who's "performance chip"? PS: they stopped using chips back in the 90's lol
  2. It's all the same. The E85 stuff is just a sensor and programming, the long block itself will swap over no problems.
  3. CamGTP

    Gas Prices

    Shot up 15 cents overnight to $3.90 now. No where near as high as other states so I hear, big spikes on the west coast.
  4. A few of those first pictures look like Miller Chevs parking lot, I can see Graco in the background. I just don't remember if I've seen the truck around the area yet lol.
  5. You can't. The frame and wheel base is shorter on the short bed trucks. You'll have to widen your search area or start buying parts like new bed sides if you are replacing them because of rust.
  6. Lanny, did you read my post at all? I basically said exactly what you need. You have the engine/transmission/transfer case already. So you also need the wiring harness, fuse block and computer. Figure out the fuel system so you have the correct fuel pressure too. Then it's all the little crap like exhaust work, coolant hoses etc etc etc. Then get it tuned so it can run without the security system. Probably have to measure for driveshafts. This is all pretty straight forward stuff, nobody has the exact list because stuff is always different for every application.
  7. It's basically a Cooper Rugged Trek but in the Mastercraft line with a similar look, my work sells a lot of the Coopers but I haven't heard about any reviews in the winter yet. They will do everything you want in the dry and offroad but they might be loud because of the tread pattern. The size you want it also a Load Range F, so they are beefy tires and will be pretty darn heavy for a half ton truck.
  8. I paid $2.39 a gallon for "E85" the other day. I had to add the sensor to my truck and tune for it so it knows it can use it properly without issue. Best way to figure out if it's "factory" flex fuel is the gas cap or looking at the fuel lines on the frame for a sensor. The second crossmember or the transmission crossmember, I forget which one will have the wiring harness for the sensor on it in the 2014+ trucks. If the harness goes to nothing but a dummy plug it likely does not have the flex fuel feature. Don't remember seeing a truck with virtual flex fuel on these ones but I guess it's possible, they are very slow to react and often wrong when calculating alcohol content in the fuel based on the data from the oxygen sensors.
  9. CamGTP

    Gas Prices

    Was a cheap fill up.
  10. See if your friend with hp tuners can disable the torque converter clutch in the special functions when it feels like it's bogging down. I'd be curious if the clutch isn't disengaging and bogging the engine down.
  11. The engines are great, the CVT transmissions aren't so great. If you have documents of past repairs on that car it would be helpful. Those 6th gen sentra's had quiet a few problems with CVT failures past 80,000 miles. If the transmission has already been fixed or replaced, then you should be in the clear. I suppose you could even call a dealership with the VIN to see if there are any open recalls and if they'd have any prior knowledge of warranty work done to that vehicle.
  12. Doing the inner tie rods seems a bit overkill, I rarely ever see those go bad because we have steering racks. I've got zero play at 118,000 miles and my truck is lowered some. Otherwise just check the ball joints, nothing else you can really do for replacement parts at that point.
  13. Probably not much we can do to help because we didn't take it apart or know everything you touched. Engines need fuel air and spark, if it doesn't run you are missing one of the 3 things. So double check all your work to see what you did wrong.
  14. Pretty lame that they only are showing the High Country model and not the others.
  15. Nope. Nothing about a P59 controller will talk with anything on truck using a E38 with CANBUS. The best you could do would be to make the P59 a standalone computer, have zero gauges inside the truck, no abs/traction control, likely no airbags either because it will have no idea what is going on. Plus you'd have to unlock the P59 controller to make it work without the security system and figure out how to operate the newer transmission. Yank it the engine, sell it and get the correct 2007.5+ GEN 4 5.3 engine if you want a smooth swap parts wise. It will need tuning no matter what because of the AFM system on the 5.3.
  16. I only pre-fill diesel truck oil filters, never done it on my own gas vehicles. The bearing already got oil on them for the 2-3 seconds it takes to rebuild that 40-50psi of oil pressure, so I'm not concerned. Many vehicles the oil filter is sideways or a cartridge filter, so you can't prefill them anyway.
  17. If it can't vent the tank, it won't let you fuel the truck like normal.
  18. Hub centric rings work just fine if the bore isn't the same size. I just hate the cheap look of the plastic hub cover.
  19. CamGTP

    Gas Prices

    Nothing has been happening here, even with oil prices down around $85 a barrel and futures price of petrol down to $2.40-2.50 we are stuck around $3.70 here for 87 octane. 88 octane is $3.34 a gallon and E85 is still under $3.00 a gallon. The more rural I go the less fuel is, probably 20-30 cents cheaper.
  20. 33's fit no problem, the stock size on the new trucks is 275/60/20, they are 33's and people swap those rims or tires over all the time. The width of the 12.50 on a stock rim, couldn't say. Possible they will rub on turns and be very close to the control arms. Fuel mileage will also tank with wide tires like that.
  21. Yes, they do "fit" but what you have to do for the wiring for the tailights I am not sure.
  22. If you ask me, that is normal for these engines at idle. Direct injected engines at a real low idle of 525rpm. Random misfires while even driving with off throttle transitions and the AFM working can happen too.
  23. It doesn't matter, it doesn't require the additive and it won't hurt the mechanical locker if you did use a fluid with it.
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