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  1. If I have to explain this, you better not do it.
  2. A local auto store should read codes for free. They might not be doing it due to Covid.
  3. Can you put the rear of the truck on jack stands? Get the rear wheels just off the ground. Have someone in the cab and you under it. Just an idea.
  4. You might think I'm crazy but............ I have done this for a while. You spend hours detailing your pavement queen but the wheel wells always looked bad IMO. So I started doing this to my wheel wells as part of my detailing . It makes the wheel wells look nice and black for a while. After moving to the mountains and dealing with dirt roads and mud I continued to do this but added treatment to the undercarriage. I take 30 weight oil, any oil will do I guess, I just wanted heavier oil being I'm diluting it with paint thinner. Mix the oil with paint thinner, the real stuff not the white odorless thinner. My preference. Put in a 1 gallon garden sprayer. Spray it on the undercarriage. Yes you have to reapply it. But it's easy and cheap IMO. My trucks undercarriage looks good IMO considering the mud it sees. Yes, it can attract dust etc. Clean it off at the car wash and reapply. Don't do it in your driveway!! I park my truck in the street. You be the judge if this might work for you.
  5. Since the wife doesn't check the oil how about overfill of oil when she goes on a trip? The amount of oil I will leave to your discretion. I would think 8-12 ounces wouldn't hurt anything. I overfilled my 93(it was a V8) by this amount and sometimes half a quart, never had a problem.
  6. My experience isn't with the newer vehicles. When I added new songs to a flash drive I wiped the drive clean and reloaded all the songs. I also didn't use MP3. Probably doesn't matter though.
  7. You're talking about the Terrian you had the PVC problem with right? If it's any consolation, my 93 5.7l would use more oil the harder you ran it. It would use more oil keeping the RPM's higher. Holding it in lower gears, higher RPM's while climbing grades in the mountains to make better speed would do it. Just for info it had 373 gears and 4 speed trans. Compared to my 2012 it was a dog. So figure this. Tow my boat to Lake Powell through Eisenhower (I70 lots of grades)tunnel and the round trip oil usage is less than running it hard for 500 miles and not towing. That thing had a mind of it's own for oil usage. I checked it regular. It used oil for about 150 K miles while I owned it. Still ran great when I sold it but I did good maintenance. Oil changes 3 K , plugs ( stock plugs were changed at 35 K miles per owners manual), cap and rotor at 50 K miles with Accel copper contact parts. Not aluminum contact stock parts. The copper contact Accel parts lasted longer and provided better spark IMO. I used Dino oil only. Super Tech to Valvoline. It had good compression on all cylinders, was smooth and quiet with over 230 K miles on it when I sold it. I wasn't happy about the oil usage but it ran good the entire time I owned it and put over 200 K miles on it. I wouldn't worry about your Terrian. Sounds like it uses less oil than my 93.
  8. I looked today for fun at used trucks. Replacing my truck today with close to the same mileage and trim package would cost $6 - 8 K more than I paid for a 3 year old truck.
  9. I take all online reviews with a grain of salt due to the ****** factor, simple IMO. I pick my products I want to purchase by eliminating the dumb reviews first. Dumb reviews are the ones with no useful info. Hard to find useful info.
  10. I removed mine so I can get under it to do oil changes without jacking it up.
  11. If the cost of another truck is OK with you do it. Me, I would avoid more cost. :)
  12. REALLY? I'd consider the mentality of a sports fan.
  13. Just a coincidence after repairs. Rod knock IMO. How many miles. And for us curios minds, oil changes were done at how many miles?
  14. This has been discussed in the past. Same chance of getting a problem child from the US or Mexico. Roll the dice.
  15. True. Big money wins all the time IMO. The consumer is last on the list.
  16. Didn't know that you tried Google. Take a bolt and measure it with a caliper?
  17. 380 would be my guess Karnut. Ruger makes a popular model.
  18. What did you do with the vehicles you owned previous to this one if they didn't have an OLM. Agree with elcamino, stop fusing and use the old method. Write down the miles and change it at the mileage you're happy with. That's what I do. I do it because I won't run oil 7500 miles and I don't need a computer to tell me when to change my oil. You do it if you desire.
  19. Agree, the cost is prohibitive. My shield and CC choice. https://www.smith-wesson.com/firearms/mp-9-shield-m20-manual-thumb-safety
  20. IMO While a trigger can make or break a guns performance, it's not as much of an issue unless you're target shooting and trying to be as accurate as possible. You can upgrade your shields triggers. Check this out. https://www.apextactical.com/action-enhancement-trigger-for-m-p-shield-1
  21. I 'm a S&W fan. Like my M&P 9 mm compact. Are you going to Conceal Carry? Guns can be like fishing, never enough lures. Here are 163 9 mm choices. https://www.academy.com/shop/browse/shops/9mm-shop/9mm-firearms/9mm-pistols
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