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  1. Relative bought a new Cummins Dodge 3/4 ton a while back. Lots of problems right away. Now drives a Denali Duramax. Happy camper.
  2. Rock Tamers are the best IMO for trailers. I have Weather Tech mud flaps and use my Rock Tamer when I tow my boat. Rural living with dirt roads. https://rock-tamers.com/
  3. I use an extractor for my trans fluid. Wouldn't think of it for motor oil. My extractor specifies fluid should not be over 100 degrees i believe.
  4. If companies can pay millions to CEO's, they can pay their workers. Go ahead, bash all you want.
  5. Not the same motor. My 2012 was idling rough on cold starts for 10 - 30 seconds. Removed MAF and cleaned carefully with denatured alcohol and a Q-tip. Fixed idle.
  6. I have never had Michelin's. But I do replace tires whenever I feel they need to be. Tires are a wear item that your life may depend on.
  7. Need a good scan tool and know how to read the info IMO.
  8. Well said. They analyze everything. I say again, a warranty is only as good as the shop, tech doing the work. Plenty of bad warranty work being done.
  9. Crap shoot. Good luck. I would also stay away from rims over 18 inches.
  10. I wouldn't buy a vehicle with that high mileage or one that has been modded. Stock vehicles only.
  11. Similar to what I have on SunShine01. Starfire SF 510 LT Tires https://www.tires-easy.com/tires/starfire-tires/s/sf-510-lt Cooper tire. No complaints. Drive rural mountains.
  12. Again? Personal choice. Roll of the dice IMO if needed. Anybody can justify their decisions on purchases. Be it warranty's or ? I buy used. My choice. Have never had a major failure.
  13. Sorry but, We drive computers with wheels. Never had a problem with a computer? Mechanically, anything can go wrong. Another thread confirming we do not live in a perfect world.
  14. Could be a partially plugged radiator. I would have changed the coolant earlier. Feel the rad. hoses when its idling. The bottom hose should be cooler if the rad. is good I believe.
  15. Thank you. Get tired of the whining when as you say millions of these trucks without issues.
  16. If there isn't a CEL that tells me the problem isn't with the ignition system or sensors. Could be fuel system. Easiest thing is to try a fuel system cleaner. BG44K Sea Foam Chevron Techron
  17. Being a retired construction worker and having had to use porta potties for years I'll just say what's new. South of the border their septic systems can't handle toilet paper so they pile it up on the floor here. We don't put trash cans in the stalls here. You could always tell there were newbies from south of the border by the toilet paper collecting in the porta pottie. The human race is supposed to be the superior race lol.
  18. I have used K&N air filters in my vehicles for years. I keep my vehicles for a long time. Usually 200 K + miles. I swap the air filters first thing after purchase. I probably have over 800 K miles using these air filters. Have one in my ATV also. Dirt bikes and motorcycles too when I had them. My reason is why keep buying and throwing away money for the paper ones. Works for me.
  19. J-man67 Thanks for that info. Nice to hear from a happy owner. :)
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