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  1. Grew up in Michigan, the only way to prevent rust is put it in the garage all winter.
  2. I'm no sports guy by a long shot. Don't understand sport fanatic's. But I gotta want the Bengals to win seeing I was born in Canton OH.
  3. diyer2

    Gas Prices

    Went to town yesterday, $4.15, 85 octane.
  4. Every Amsoil product I have used has performed better than the off the shelf products I have used for over 50 years. Motor oil, motor was quieter, transmission fluid, smoother shifts, differential I'm assuming better without testing. No testing done to prove my opinion but my hearing and butt sensor works well enough.
  5. Well IMO the lawyers influence on the system is why we are where we are at. A cog that helped write the laws we deal with.
  6. Rigged for sure. Have an accident and you are forced to get a lawyer and loose 40 % of your money. What is 18 inches long and hangs around an a$$hole? A tie on a lawyer. Sorry I have a bad disposition for lawyers having dealt with them for years when my Dad was injured on the job. Also involved in a lawsuit against a big corporation.
  7. Well the cost of an EV for short trips just makes no sense. So I keep a gasser for my long trips and use the EV for short ones.
  8. The road to our house can be a challenge in winter for 2WD or FWD. 4X4 truck and AWD SUV, our daily driver is my way to fly. Until we leave the mountains,this will be the norm.
  9. This sites one and done posters are more numerous than the other sites I belong to. Nature of the beast? I think those posters come here out of frustration from a search, then fix the problem or don't like the answers because they are looking for a definite solution. Anybody's guess. Facebook, I tried a local page for our subdivision in the rural mountains of Colorado, I lasted a short time. Thus when I found this meme I thought it was perfect..............
  10. How much does this noise bother you? Switching to a 100% synthetic oil like Amsoil or Redline would make it quieter IMO.
  11. 10 degrees 3 inches overnight. Way down on snow this winter.
  12. Well Karnut IMO, the difference is you trust your dealer having done business with them for years. Owning a business and using a dealer for purchases and maintenance means the dealer wants you back, they made money. Plus you get a write off. Big difference from the average consumer. Same scenario as a local jewelry store we frequent, great service and great prices because we spend money there. I don't trust anybody. The day I can't maintain all my stuff including our home will be a hard pill to swallow for me.
  13. My issue is if I don't do it myself, how do I know what fluid they used.
  14. diyer2

    Gas Prices

    $3.65 in town yesterday for 85 oct.
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