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  1. OK Never heard of such a thing. It either starts or it don't.
  2. I would buy the lease out if I had the cash. If no cash, trade it and buy an older truck. My goal would be no payments.
  3. 4 inches and 15 degrees this morning. Really concerned about the lack of moisture due to fires. We have had 13 inches so far this winter and according to my records last year at this time we had 51 inches.
  4. Do UOA's include a test for how dirty the oil is? How much junk, carbon etc. is in the oil? Seems the tests are more for evaluating OCI's by tracking how much the oil has broken down. What about how much junk is in the oil and being recirculated through the engine. Removing dirty oil was a big factor for me doing 3K OCI's.
  5. One of my favs " Remove all the warning labels from products and let things sort it's self out."
  6. Thanks for posting this. Are all group III base stocks the same quality? If I understand it means it has less garbage in it than a group I. Is Amsoils group III more refined/cleaner base stock?
  7. Customboss, you're service may not be appreciated by some or by many on a daily basis, but never doubt that many appreciate your service along with the many others on a daily basis.
  8. I think they are paying $5k a month, no contract. I agree with you Karnut.
  9. I'm not looking forward to the day I can no longer repair or maintain our stuff. Having to pay for something I used to do and than the trust, quality of work factor doesn't set well with me. A friend and his wife just moved into an apartment/retirement facility with prepared meals and cleaning because of aging problems. He lived in the mountains by us and couldn't keep up their home anymore. The wife was tired of cooking and cleaning. They are in their 80's.
  10. Seems like this motor design is a poor one. My son has the same motor as I have mentioned. It's his daughters car and she lives with her mom. So the granddaughter swings by my sons house so he can check the oil etc. He replaced the head, remember? Since he replaced the head he has done 1 oil change, about 3k I think. He doesn't use mileage, he uses the computer. The oil consumption went down a little just before the first oil change. There are design problems in a lot of products, comes with a new design or just a poor design from the start. A case in point. My brother in law, a very smart and handy fella was making money on a design flaw in a brand of big screen TV. This was a Plasma TV highly rated for it's picture quality. This was a few years back. There were a lot of these non-working out of warranty TV's for sale on craigslist. He bought one not working, figured out the problem. He could fix it for a few dollars in parts, I think it was a resistor that failed and a few hours of his time. He was repairing them and reselling them. The manufacturer was charging a high price for a Printed Circuit Board replacement, so people just sold them cheap. GM's lifter problem also comes to mind.
  11. Did I miss something? Were you having problems? Rough idle, a miss? I get changing the plugs but unless their was another problem why wires and coils? Of course preventative maintenance goes a long way.
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