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  1. just a cheap shot in the dark... reflash the engine ECM with stock tune file. assuming you did a tune . but i would erase it and start fresh, wether its tuned or not. i remmember when my truck was newish 10K miles i would get some lights flash on the dash, stability control error message. i ignored it, seems to have went away and no CEL codes on her
  2. sounds like its fuel and ECU fuel mapping tuning issues, try a different engine tune file, might even try the stock OE engine tune file. see what happens
  3. GM dealer will make more $$$ selling your truck on the used lot after they clear all the troubles with it. there is no profit in the new models.
  4. any misfire symtoms yet on the plugs or injectors? what mods where done to the trans tune? what gears lock TCC in? is it stock converter or aftermarket? have you tried the trans re-learn, trans-clean, clear adapts, or trans purge with a GM technitians tool using GM protocalls?
  5. https://vidmax.com/video/142950-caught-on-cam-passenger-ejected-on-high-speed-chase-by-police
  6. the older i get the more this looks like a mistake, Lady Luck doesn't seem to be riding with me as much as I like these days. and the KIds on the road drive ridiculously, no one stops at intersections with stop signs. i seen too many crash scenes where people got t-boned on passenger side, only to get ejected out the drivers window, getting head smacked on the street and launched 200 feet from car usually isnt a walkaway and dust off event! permanent damage!
  7. reoprt it stolen, then set it on fire under an overpass in the ghetto 20 miles from your house...lol. if you want it to function normally, call the guys at EFI live and pay them to remotely tune it and disable all emmission equiptment. then you'll be a happy camper
  8. have you tried doing a trans reset, and re-learn to see if it clears any issues? there is also trans purge and trans clean function , they might help blow out any hiccups
  9. have you guys try disabling the TCC completly to test if this is the issue in the converter?
  10. yesterday I did a DoD deactivation on my truck via HPtuners, very simple 1 switch flip and its all v8 all the time. before this I was getting 14.5 mpg the previous week with DoD active. these past 2 days my mpg gauge is reading a full 1.5 mpg gain on v8 city driving now i also did go into the trans and removed as much slip from the clutches, so this might also be where i gained mpg so I'm now at a solid 16 mpg all day in the city ,while burning 91 octane..another benefit igained from removing the slipping clutches was a full 10 degree drop in trans temp. use to be 145 F, now I'm at 130 F degrees driving all day
  11. i think the oe 6l80 converter is fine , as long as you reprogram the tcc functions in the tcm. GM meeting MPG goals and emmissions ratings is almost a death sentence before you get 100K miles on a 6l80
  12. A8 or A10?? i heard one of the newer trans has it built inside
  13. ACE hardware or lowes has plastic sleeve bushings might work , easy to cut to size with utility knife and a drill bit, they have the clips too
  14. probaly ream it out and machine an insert and add a retension clip to reuse what you got, otherwise might have to buy entire cable from gm
  15. i think the next annoying thing with the autostop trucks will be when you go to replace a failed starter, did GM re-locate the starter instide the trans bellhousing? so now you have to pull the transmission to change a starter..
  16. damn, you 6.2 guys need to retorque those rod bolts.. or did the rod bolts still remain intact durring failure???
  17. i have a 2012 2500 HD truck, and it has no thermostat back then.. with the factory giant trans cooler and pulling 8000lbs trailer up steep grade mountain passes at 55mph i can hit 190 degrees. in the flats at 65mph it runs all day at 120-130 degrees
  18. what a nightmare.... why doesnt audi utilize the camless engine tech out of europe? i guess no one want to pay royalties to the designer...
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